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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Machinery special: Latest loader launches heading to the UK market in 2020

The recent German Agritechnica machinery show played host to a number of loader introductions, with many making their way to January’s Lamma Show and the UK market in 2020.


We take a look at some of those developments...




REPRESENTING JCB’s range of high performance wheeled loaders, the Staffordshire manufacturer has given its two top S Series models a hike in power and torque.


Complemented by a new power management system called dynamic mode, this allows the latest 419S and 435S to be better tailored to the job at hand, therefore being more efficient, says the manufacturer.


In the 435S’ case, the default ‘comfort’ mode will see the machine operate at 230hp (its old maximum power rating), ideal, the firm says, for re-handling tasks and transport.


For more heavy duty jobs such as silage clamp work, dynamic mode can be selected, which releases 252hp, increasing the power to weight ratio to 17hp per tonne.


Similarly, the new 419S goes from a 144hp default setting to 195hp in dynamic mode. Previous power level for the 419S was 170hp, with JCB saying the new lower and higher power levels allow the machine to be more flexible.


Torque levels are also up, a 5 per cent increase for the 419S and a 25.5 per cent jump for the 435S.


Power is still supplied by 6.7-litre Cummins engines for both, which now meet Stage 5 emissions compliance. New aggressive branding completes the updates.



BIG news for Merlo at this year’s Agritechnica was the showing of its latest high capacity telehandler, the Turbofarmer 65.9.


Boasting a lift capacity of 6.5 tonnes and a lift height of nine metres, the new machine is undergoing final evaluations and is set to replace the 55.9 model.


Power comes from a 170hp, 4.5-litre, four-cylinder, FPT engine, driving the firm’s CVTronic hydrostatic transmission.


The latter features two hydromotors, which engage/disengage depending on work load.


At low speed both motors are used to achieve a high pushing force, while at above about 14kph, one motor gradually disengages to make the machine more efficient at high speed. Top speed is 40kph.


Cab suspension is standard, though this can be de-specified, and new styling, panel work and component layout is said to improve visibility around the machine.


For instance, the engine is mounted at an angle, with the rear of the engine tapering towards the centre of the machine.


This creates better sight lines to the right rear quarter of the machine.


A new hydraulics package offers 170 litres per minute of flow, while improved valve and pipe work enables faster hydraulic actions with less heat build-up.


Access to oil distribution is also better, via a rear hatch.



UPDATING its skid-steer loader range, Bobcat has launched new versions of its M Series S450, S510 and S530 models, featuring increased tipping loads, operating weights, power ratings and torque levels.


Power ratings range from 49 to 55hp. New stage 5-compliant engines provide 37 per cent more torque and offer faster recovery from overload, says the manufacturer.


This also means the engines can be run at lower RPM, saving fuel and reducing noise. Extended engine maintenance intervals are also a bonus, with the first service now being after 500 hours.


All three skid-steer loader models offer a two-speed option which boosts the maximum travel speed from 11.4kph in low range to 14.8kph in high range (S450) and from 11.8kph to 17.3kph (for the S510 and S530).


Operating weights range from 2,436kg to 2,952kg, with a tipping load of 1,823kg (up 86kg) for the top model.


A new high-flow hydraulics option offering up to 101 litres/minute of flow is also available for the S510 and S530 models, making them better suited to powering attachments such as sweepers and dispensers, for example.


In addition, a hydraulic bucket positioning option keeps the loader bucket level as the lift arms are raised and lowered. Bobcat has also extended its choice of factory installed tyres for the three models.



CLAAS has expanded its Scorpion range of telescopic handlers with the addition of a new nine-metre lift model.


The new 960 adds to the large platform 746 and 756 Scorpion models, bringing with it a lift capacity of six tonnes.


This is 20 per cent greater than the previous generation 9055 model.


Hydraulic capacity is provided by a 200-litre/minute load sensing system, rated at 270 bar.


As with the 756, the 960 is powered by a four-cylinder, 4.1-litre, Deutz engine developing 156hp.


Drive is through a three-speed 40kph hydrostatic transmission, featuring a main 45-degree wide-angle hydro-pump and a second 32-degree variable displacement pump to provide greater tractive and pulling power.


The drive system also gets the firm’s Smart Roading system which automatically adjusts the engine speed when accelerating and once maximum road speed is reached.




As an option, the 960 is also available with Class’ Dynamic Power feature, whereby the engine speed is automatically regulated depending on joystick movement.


A four-wheel drive lock-out is also available on both the new 960 and the 756, which for road work enables the four-wheel drive system to be switched off, reducing tyre wear and fuel.



PART of a 13-model wheeled loader line-up covering operating weights from 12 to 36 tonnes, Doosan has launched a new model, the DL280-5.


Designed with agriculture in mind, the 15 tonne machine is powered by a six-cylinder, 5.9-litre Doosan engine producing 172hp. Power is managed via three different working modes: Economy, Normal and Power, enabling the machine to adapt to various jobs.


As standard, an auto shut-down feature reduces the idle time of the engine, to prevent the overconsumption of fuel and wasted operating time.


Operators can set the timing for this function using the LCD display in the cab.


Fitted with ZF-made limited slip differential axles, front and rear, power is sent to the wheels using a four-speed ZF automatic powershift torque converter transmission.


A manual differential lock can be specified, and up to 750/65 R26 tyres can be fitted.




Lift is provided by a closed centre hydraulic system with a 210-litre/minute flow rate.


Z-bar loader arm linkage is said to offer a high breakout force and maintain a parallel lift throughout the cycle. Loader arms are also fitted with a suspension system to smooth out operations.


Visibility-wise, the machine comes fitted with rear cameras as standard, and extra wide-angle mirrors can be specified.



SCHAFFER will have several new models hitting the UK market in 2020, some of which will be getting their UK debut at the Lamma Show.


This includes its 23e compact electric loader. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the machine is capable of 20kph, with its emission-free running said to be ideal for working indoors.


At the other end of the scale, the firm’s large 8620T pivot steer, telescoping loader will be on display, now available with the option of a more powerful 136hp engine.


Getting the most updates though is the compact 6680T (pictured), now equipped with the firm’s latest SCV Plus cab.


Taken from the 8620T, this brings with it more space, improved layout and better air circulation.


Built on a beefed up chassis, the telescoping pivot steer machine has a 3.1 tonne lift capacity (when fully ballasted) and a maximum lift height of 4.45 metres to the carriage’s pivot point.


Power comes from a Stage 5, 75hp Deutz engine, driving a hydrostatic transmission, and a new 20 inch rim option allows tyres of 400/70 R20 to be fitted.


Two cab options allow different overall heights to be achieved, 2.46m or 2.63m.



IT has been a busy year for Manitou when it comes to loader developments.


Agritechnica saw a new compact telehandler, the MLT 420-60H, added to the line-up, while a prior UK event revealed an extended range of Manitou-branded pivot steer and skid steer loaders, built by sister manufacturer Gehl.


This widens the portfolio for Manitou’s agricultural dealer network and sees a total of 26 new machines added, including 11 skid steer loaders, eight tracked loaders and seven articulated loaders, with all models built at the company’s three North American factories.


The extended line-up is more than just a paint-job, as four new machines make their way into the UK. These include three tracked loaders, and a new a telescopic pivot steer badged the MLA-T 516-75H.


Skid steer loader models range from the 24hp 850R with its 386kg operating capacity, up to the 120hp 4200V, which boasts a 1,905kg operating capacity.


While R denotes radial lift, V suffix refers to a vertical lift pattern, which maintains forward reach as the bucket is raised.


The upcoming Lamma Show will see the firm’s MLT 630-105, a telehandler capable of lifting three tonnes to 6.1 metres showcased, as will be the MLT 737-130PS+ that can lift 3.7t to 6.9m.


This features a completely new cab offering easier access, better visibility, and increased operator convenience, says the manufacturer.

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