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Massey Ferguson expands grassland portfolio ahead of baling season

Ahead of the baling season, Massey Ferguson has had its new combi-baler working publicly for the first time, as well as a new mower. Alex Heath finds out more...

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Massey Ferguson expands grassland portfolio ahead of baling season

Following the acquisitions by Agco of a number of big brands in the green harvest world, the parent company of Massey Ferguson and Fendt has been busy fettling its offering in both red and green liveries.


Initially the ranges of mowers, tedders and rakes acquired with the purchase of Fella in 2011 had a soft release, with no changes made to the machines.


The acquisition of the Lely grass division, completed in 2017, saw the standalone fixed and variable chamber round balers sold in Agco liveries almost instantly.


However, both ranges had several flaws and shortcomings in their respective offerings, something Massey Ferguson says it has worked hard to address.


Chief among these updates is a new combination round baler and a new vertical lift mower.

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BASED on the Lely Tornado, the company showed its MF RB3130F ProTec fixed chamber round baler wrapper combination working for the fist time.


While the variable chamber combi-baler has been offered for a while now, the fixed chamber required some fettling in order for it to compete with the best.


Bale diameter is 1.25 metres and width is 1.23m.


The biggest point of difference between the ProTec and the Tornado is the transfer mechanism between baler and wrapper. Users of the old model reported bales becoming stuck in the chamber or not resting correctly on the wrapping table.


As a result, the company has lowered the pitch of the baler from 18 degrees to eight degrees, reducing the unloading height. A roller from the bottom of the 18 roller chamber has also been relocated into the back door to assist with bales exiting.


In addition, load gauges on the back door show the operator the shape of the bale in the chamber so they can fill the chamber accordingly.


If one side is exerting more pressure on the sensors the driver is alerted to fill the other side of the chamber more by driving down the swath offset, rather than centrally.



TO keep the bale square and centred, a new transfer arm dictates the speed at which the bale exits, coupled to two active guide plates which help to position it in the centre.


For hilly conditions the arm slows the bale down, while the back of the wrapper can lift to reduce the chance of the bale shooting off the back.


New wrap cutting knives use a mechanism which forces the wrap onto the knife, rather than forcing the knife into the wrap. The revolving gear has also been uprated. Two extra rollers on the wrapping ring are said to provide better grip.




ITS Hydroflexcontrol protection system is included on the ProTec as standard.


This system allows the floor to drop by 50mm to protect the rotor from lumps and blockages, with pressure governed by springs.


A slip clutch further protects the rotor’s driveline by offering a soft start once the blockage is clear.


A drop floor is also standard, which allows the rotor to clear itself in most cases, increasing operator safety.


Under the panels of the baler are 12 wrap holders.


The baler is controlled through the company’s E-Link Pro console, fully integrated with IsoBus, or can be run through an IsoBus-compatible tractor screen.


It also shows the rear view camera, placed above the wrapping unit, making manoeuvring the 5.9-metre long baler easier.



THE baler itself is the same as the company’s standard version, with split drive for alternate rollers, either side of the baler, said to give 16 per cent longer chain life than running all rollers from one side.


Similarly, a power split gearbox reduces the amount of power needed to run the baler. The lefthand side is responsible for the rollers, while the right is in charge of powering the pickup and rotor.


A heavier duty drawbar has also been added, to deal with the weight which will be upwards of eight tonnes when fully loaded.




ITS cam-less pickup has a standard width of 2.25 metres with 2.40m an option and features five tine bars. The crop press roller above has been reinforced, and a crop rake added for evening out lumps.


The rotor and cutting unit can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives, which the manufacturer says are the longest on the market. Chop length for each knife configuration comes in at 90mm, 67mm and 45mm respectively.



Vertical fold mowers

Vertical fold mowers

MF HAS now developed a vertically folding mower to complement its range, complete with a redesigned mower bed.


Its new bed moves away from the Fella design, which used a shaft across the rear of the bed, fitted with bevel gears to run the discs.


Instead, a more common approach with spur gears in the bed is used. This is said to reduce the pitch of the bed, giving a more level cut across its width.


Discs will shear off for protection.


The mower gets the company’s TurboLift hydraulic suspension system, which uses the lifting ram to provide ground following capabilities.


When lifted up and returned to work, the mower automatically sets the pressure to the predetermined level.


Working widths for the DM316TL-V and DM367TL-V are 3.1 and 3.6 metres respectively, using six and seven discs each.

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