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Massey Ferguson launches new 5S tractor range with styling and tech from its bigger stablemate

After the launch of its 8S Series tractors, Massey Ferguson has started rolling out its design and controls to other ranges, with the 5700S set to be replaced by the new 5S Series. Alex Heath reports.

Massey Ferguson has launched the 5S tractor series, following in the footsteps of the previously launched 8S Series in the summer of 2020. The new range comprises five models spanning 105 to 145hp. The line-up replicates the current 5700S Series, which it will replace, with a 10hp power increase for the smallest model and a 15hp increase for the rest of the range.


Designed with loader work in mind, the manufacturer adds that the tractor is also capable of carrying out arable work thanks to an increase in power and precision farming packages over the outgoing 5700S Series.


All models use Agco Power’s, 4.4-litre, four-cylinder engines, meeting Stage 5 emissions regulations with the manufacturer’s ‘All-in-One’ emissions after treatment package, with selective catalytic reduction, diesel oxidising catalyst and soot catalyst housed under the cab. Maximum torque is generated at 1,500rpm, with 550Nm developed in the largest model, the 5S.145.


Longer service intervals now extend oil and fuel filter changes to 600 hours, while under the bonnet, the manufacturer says the airflow has been redesigned for improved cooling efficiency, in addition to a reversing fan option.


With availability due during spring 2021, the range will start at £73,000. 

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There are two transmission choices; the 16 by 16 Dyna-4, or 24 by 24 Dyna-6 semi-powershift. Both come with the firm’s ‘Brake-to-Neutral’ function, allowing drive to be disconnected from the wheels by pressing the brake pedal. Creeper gears are an option on all models, offering speeds down to 70 metres per hours with 34-inch tyres or 80m on 38-inch tyres.


Depending on spec, levels of transmission automation differ. On Exclusive and Efficient models the transmissions come with AutoDrive as standard and are controlled via the Multipad joystick. AutoDrive provides automatic changing of the four or six steps in fieldwork, as well as the ranges when in transport. Essential versions with Dyna-4 have MF’s T-Lever transmission control with speed matching function, which automatically selects the most appropriate powershift ratio for the speed when gears are changed.

Cab and specs

Cab and specs

While the cab frame is the same as the outgoing model, the internal operating environment has been revamped. The most notable inclusion is the same armrest that was introduced in the 8S, bringing with it the Multipad joystick. This provides control over a number of functions including forward/reverse shuttle, linkage and spool valves.


The Multipad can also be equipped with a micro-joystick to operate two rear spool valves (or any other spool valve when Datatronic 5 is fitted). Loaders are operated by a separate joystick that sits alongside the Multipad. While on tractors with Datatronic 5, this is placed to the right of the console.


Rear linkage lift capacity is increased to 5,700kg across the range, while the optional front linkage has been beefed up, increasing from 2,500kg to 3,000kg capacity. The range has a gross vehicle weight of 9,500kg.


The suspended front axle has also been redesigned, enabling it to carry the extra weight of the front linkage and provide a four metre turning radius. For comfort, the front axle features electronically-controlled hydraulic suspension, which uses two long stroke cylinders and three accumulators to absorb shocks.


Spec-wise, there are three options. Top of the range, Exclusive models are ‘fully loaded’ with 110 litre/minute hydraulics, up to four double acting spools at the rear, hydraulic joystick, Multipad control, AutoDrive transmission, automatic air conditioning, cab suspension, air suspended seat and Datatronic 5 touch-screen terminal.


Efficient specification is similar, but has two electric and two mechanical spools at the rear, standard air-con and an air-suspended seat, while the Datatronic 5 terminal becomes an option.


Essential models switch to using the manufacturer’s T-lever gear control on a short armrest, with the hydraulic joystick an option and AutoDrive replaced by Speedmatching on the Dyna-4 transmission. It has a 58 litre/minute hydraulic pump and two rear mechanical spool valves with the option of two more.



Design of the new tractors replicates that of the 5700S Series, with a slim, steep nosed bonnet, designed for visibility. The manufacturer’s Visio roof options also provide a clear view of the attachment through the whole lifting range, it says. All models sit on a 2,550mm wheelbase.


As well as being supplied ‘loader ready’, the MF 5S is available complete with a factory-fitted loader from the manufacturer’s MF FL range. This includes the parallel lift MF FL.4121, capable of lifting 1,720kg at the pivot point, to 4,060mm. A new quick coupler now connects both the hydraulics and electrics together, said to speed up the coupling process.

Precision and connectivity

Precision and connectivity

MF Connect telemetry is an option on all MF 5S Series models, allowing users to monitor their entire machinery fleet, showing the machines’ current positions, routes travelled as well as a range of operating information.

The IsoBus compatible touch-screen, Datatronic 5, monitors all tractor functions and cam control any IsoBus compliant implement, says the manufacturer.


All elements of the manufacturer’s precision farming suite run through Datatronic 5. These include automatic steering, as well as section control and rate control, which can now handle up to 36 sections and five products.

MF TaskDoc is pre-installed in the terminal, enabling the creation of field records, application maps, fuel usage logs, job reports as well as the ability to keep an accurate account of all inputs to every hectare.


A Pro version enables this data to be transferred, via the data sharing platform, Agrirouter, to the farm’s management software. Alternatively, these functions can also be controlled on an optional nine-inch Fieldstar 5 touch-screen terminal.

Range overview








Agco Power, 4.4-litre, four-cylinder


Dyna-4 16 by 16 or Dyna-6 24 by 24 semi powershift

Maximum power






Maximum torque






Rear lift capacity




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