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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Mystyle Maitoi tops beef lines at Westmorland

ORGANISERS and competitors alike were blessed with a day of sunshine and blue skies, after a week of torrential rain, at this year’s Westmorland Show.


Tapped out as beef inter-breed was the Limousin heifer Mystyle Maitoi from new entrant breeder Ben Richardson, Dufton, near Appleby. An AI calf of Ampertaine Elgin, it is out of the 7,500gns cow Roxburgh Ideal.


After winning its first big title of its career, the 15-month-old was praised by judge Bob Adam, Angus, for having ‘everything it needed’, including size, shape and good locomotion.


Reserve to Maitoi was the any other breed champion, the April 2016-born Galloway heifer Lilac of Balgray from David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite, who run 40 pedigrees at Lockerbie.


A home-bred daughter of Ballavair Black Magic, it was shown in-calf to Troloss Impeccable.


Galloway heifer Lilac of Balgray from David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite.

Tom Stable of Bolton Manor Holsteins, Ulverston, led the home-bred fourth calver Bolton Manor Damion Sadie 3 to victory in the dairy championship.


Last calved in April and shown giving 48kg, it has been a class winner at the Great Yorkshire Show for the past two seasons and is currently classified EX94.


Bolton Manor Holsteins, Ulverston, take dairy champion with Bolton Manor Damion Sadie 3.

The red and white championship went to P.D. and B.S. Lawrence, Grange over Sands, with the cow Newera Adventure Seal Red, which went on to take reserve dairy supreme.


In its third lactation and giving 45kg daily, it was also reserve overall dairy champion at Cartmel Show in August.


Reserve dairy was P.D. and B.S. Lawrence's Newera Adventure Seal Red.

Sheep competitors were out in force, with three overall titles up for grabs.


Lowland terminal champion was the home-bred Blue Texel shearling gimmer Rookie Blues Anna from father and son team John and Adam Gargett, Carlisle. By Hackney Excell and out of a ewe by Turbo Blue, Anna has been successfully shown this season, but this was its best result to date.


Reserve was a Charollais two-shear ewe from David Norman of the Kirkhouse flock, Cockermouth. Third at the Great Yorkshire and reserve inter-breed at Penrith, it also claimed overall supreme honours at Cockermouth and Dalston shows.


Lowland terminal champion Rookie Blues Anna from John and Adam Gargett.

In the Lowland non-terminal crowning, a Mule shearling gimmer from Richard Batty, Selside, came to the fore. A winner at Cartmel show earlier in the year, it was bought at Kirkby Stephen auction last year for £340.


Coming in behind was a seasoned Teeswater two-shear ram from the Horners, of the Howe Wath flock, Danby. Bought as a lamb, it has notched up a series of longwool and inter-breed titles this summer.


A Mule from Richard Batty takes the Lowland non-terminal tri-colours.

Overall upland champion was an Jacob ram from Clive Richardson, Ulverston, while reserve prize went to Y. Brown, Darwen, who was exhibiting an aged Kerry Hill ram.


Clive Richardson's Jacob is Upland champion.

In the pig ring, Brian Merry, Northwich, took the traditional rosette followed by the overall title with the Middle White gilt Pinehurst Alma Rose 11.


Reserve champion of champions at the Great Yorkshire, it was also breed champion at Royal Bath and West Show. Reserve was Stuart Roberts and J. Fairclough, Northallerton, with the Hampshire gilt Raisinhall Anna 3.




Inter-breed (Judge, M. Eavis, Shepton Mallet) Supreme, M. and D. Stable and Son, Boltonmanor Damion Sadie 3 (Holstein); reserve, P.D. and B.S. Lawrence, Newera Adventure Seal Red (red and white).

Junior inter-breed (M. Eavis) Sup., G.M. and D.J. Pye, Bayview Topeka Grace 16 (Jersey); res., M. and D. Stable and Son, Son Boltonmanor Lady Coral (Holstein).

Dairy Shorthorn (J.J. Teasdale, Kirkbean) Sup., G.A. and D.W. Dent, Winbrook Peeress Rose 19; res., J.R. Handley, Beaconview Ann 3.

Holstein (C. Wilson, Thursby) Sup., M. and D. Stable and Son, Boltonmanor Damion Sadie 3; res., Messrs Dennison, Denmire Doorman Marie Ann 4.

Ayrshire (W.R.C. Christophers, Truro) Sup., D. and C. Sanderson, Sanderson Burdette Buntie 20; res., R. Armstrong Plaskett Jolly 247.

Jersey (J. Dickinson, Doncaster) Sup., G.M. and D.J. Pye, Bayview Branson Parade 17; res., G.M. and D.J. Pye, Bayview Fantom Design 2.

Red and white (E. Fearon, Cartmel) Sup., P.D. and B.S. Lawrence, Newera Adventure Seal Red; res., G. and M. Rudd, Jenkin RT Dolly.




Inter-breed (R. Adam, Forfar) Sup., W. Richardson and Son, Mystyle Maitoi (Limousin); res., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Lilac of Balgray (Galloway).

Native champion (R. Adam) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Lilac of Balgray Galloway (Galloway).

Inter-bred pairs (R. Adam) Sup., J.D. Loftus (British Simmentals).

British Blue (E.R. Jenkins, Crymych) Sup., H.C. Jewitt, Springhill Kosher ET; res., R. Pattinson, Topside Isla.

Simmental (I. Green, Fochabers) Sup., D.J. Saunders, Newbiemains Fantasy; res., J.D. Loftus, Blackpool Gwenth.

Aberdeen-Angus (N. Wattie, Alford) Sup., J. Walsh, Buckhurst Lady Heather R154; res., J. Walsh, Buckhurst Jury Erica S184.

Limousin (J. Callion, Dromore) Sup., W. Richardson and Son, Mystyle Maitoi; res., W. Richardson and Son, Graham’s Lilly.

Charolais (P.W. Vasey, Wetheral) Sup., T. Atkinson Glenrock Melanie.

Highland (A. Hill Agrs, Much Wenlock) Sup., R. Phillip, Sara of Hellifield; res., S. Haley, Margaret 1 of Seam.

Red Poll (J. Broughton, Brogborough) Sup., H.R. Arthan, Chorlton Lane Fella; res., J.R. Williams, Pinguis Emily 16.

Hereford (J. Graham, Portadown) Sup., A. and P. Massey, Hollyvale 1 Neville; res., H. Whittaker, Coley 1 Nova 351.

Longhorn (G. Towers, Welford) Sup., N. Luckett, Wellhead Quicksilver; res., N. Luckett, Wellhead Paxos.

Beef Shorthorn (J. Frame, Wiston) Sup., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends King; res., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends Jido.

Any other breed (G. Towers) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Lilac of Balgray (Galloway); res., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Mandela of Balgray (Galloway).

Commercial (J. Richardson, Dufton) Sup., N. Chappelhow and M. Morley, Jessie; res., D. and L. Watret, Black Beauty.




Supreme (C. Holding, Selby) Sup., B. Merry, Pinehurst Alma Rose 11 (Middle White); res., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Rasinhall Anna 3 (Hampshire).

Best modern (C. Holding) Sup., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Rasinhall Anna 3 (Hampshire); res., A.J. Walton, Deva Thunder 1230 (Duroc).

Best traditional (C. Holding) Sup., B. Merry, Pinehurst Alma Rose 11 (Middle White); res., S. Whitley, Birchfield Dolly 1043 (Gloucestershire Old Spot).




Best lowland non-terminal (Panel) Sup., R.A. Batty (Mule); res., G. Horner (Teeswater).

Best lowland terminal (Panel) Sup., J. and A. Gargett (Blue Texel); res., D. and J. Norman (Charollais).

Best upland (Panel) Sup., C. Richardson (Jacob); res., Y. Brown (Kerry Hill).

Beltex (D. Thornley, Swadlincote) Sup. and male and res. male, H.C. Jewitt; res. and fem. and res. fem, M. and E. Jennings.

Blue Texel (A. Bishop, Eldersfield) Sup. and res., J. and A. Gargett.

Charollais (R. Gray, Lanark) Sup., D. and J. Norman; res., J.K. Foster.

Hampshire Down (T.I. Hunter, Fotherby) Sup. and res., G. and J. Galbraith.

Suffolk (M.A. Evans, Denbigh) Sup., R. Hiddleston; res., J. and C. Airey.

Bluefaced Leicester (J. Porter, Reeth) Sup., P.D. and P.J. Ellis; res., J.A. and C.A. Gibson.

Border Leicester (W. Broatch, Lockerbie) Sup. and res., Messrs Grant and Wight.

Coloured Ryeland (P. Gray, Halifax) Sup. and res., S. and J.E. Fisher and M.J. Hoggarth.

Lleyn (J. Blakey, Thropton) Sup., H. and M. Dugdale and Son; res., D. Knowles.

Masham (D. Harker, Middlesmoor) Sup. and res., J.K. Gorst and Sons.

Mule (C. Ryder, Blubberhouses) Sup., R.A. Batty; res., J.H. and J. Wilson.

Ryeland (J. Scott, Sowerby Bridge) Sup., T. Roberts; res., Messrs Robinson.

Teeswater (R.W. Franklin, Bridgewater) Sup. and res., G. Horner.

Zwartbles (C. Anderson, Ingue) Sup., T. and G. Blamire; res., R. and J. Lambert.

Badger Face Torddu (A. Hemmings, Llandeilo) Sup. and res., I.K. and A.M. Grisedale.

Blackface (W. Renwick, Yarrow) Sup., H.W. and G.R. Birkbeck; res., N.I. Allonby.

Dalesbred (C. Price, Keasden) Sup., J. Carr; S.J. Wright.

Derbyshire Gritstone (N. Davis, Turnditch) Sup. and res., S. and P. Scrivin.

Hebridean (H. Brewis, Sherington) Sup., C.G. and K.E. Heeley; res., D. Braithwaite.

Herdwick (N. Hardisty, Ennerdale) Sup., A. Hartley; res., B. Dickinson.

Jacob (R. King, Prestatyn) Sup. and res., C. Richardson.

Kerry Hill (L. Barnard, Welham) Sup. and res., Y. Brown.

Lonk (J. Whitwell, Clitheroe) Sup., E. Howard; res., S. and P. Scrivin.

Rough Fell (E. Beck, Tebay) Sup. and res., P. Capstick.

Shetland (M. Parkin, Fullwood) Sup., B. and J. Watson; res., S. Tyson and R. Willan.

Swaledale (J. Thorpe, Hawes) Sup., A. Lancaster; res., J.D. and M. Capstick.

Rare non-primitive breed (L. Arrowsmith, York) Sup., D.S. Coupland (Oxford Down); res., H. Rogerson (Portland).

Any other pure breed (D. Eglin, Bulkington) Sup. and res., Thornbank Farms (Poll Dorset).

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