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Native breeds dominate a scorching hot Norfolk Show

Attracting 80,000 visitors over two blazing hot days, Royal Norfolk Show saw farmers and public alike flock through it’s gates. Louise Hartley reports.

Louise   Hartley

Louise   Hartley
Beef champion Shadwell Rose from the Shadwell Estate, Norfolk.

Exhibitors worked hard to keep themselves, and the animals cool at last week’s Royal Norfolk Show, held on the hottest July day since 2002.


Tremendous weather attracted huge crowds who watched inter-breed beef judge, David Thomlinson, Carlisle select two native breeds for his champions.


For his top title he tapped out the September-2013 born Aberdeen Angus heifer, Shadwell Rose from the Shadwell Estate, Norfolk.


Led by Tom Biela, the Netherallen Peter Pershore daughter, out of a home-bred cow was breed champion at The Royal Three Counties this year and was native champion at Norfolk in 2014. It is part of the 75-head Aberdeen-Angus herd, managed Robert Clark.


Mr Thomlinson gave his reserve honours to the Lincoln Red bull, Brackenhurst Shogun from Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.


Part of the university farm’s Brackenhurst herd, the rising two-year-old is a Market Stainton Matador son and was native breed champion at Nottinghamshire County Show. 


Shown by Neil Hodgson,  it has bred bulls to 5,500gns for the supreme champion at the breed society sale at Newark. 

Sheep champion

Native domination continued in the sheep lines, with a Hampshire Down and Norfolk Horn leading the show. Judge, Darren Cassie, Lutterworth said the winning sheep caught his eye as soon as he entered the ring.


From Harry Middleditch, Sudbury the home-bred shearing ram was fresh from being crowned the breed’s National champion in Stratford upon Avon. This is the second breed title the family have won in the last five years at Norfolk but the first inter-breed title.


A four-shear Norfolk Horn ewe from Catfield Hall Estate, Great Yarmouth stood reserve, shown by estate manager Trevor Dodson.

Dairy champion

The dairy lines saw Peter Prior and Cat Moody, Essex secure their third Holstein and inter-breed dairy title, this time with the home-bred second calver, Designer Outside Bonheur.


Scored VG87 as a two-year-old, it calved in April and has already clinched inter-breed champion at Suffolk and South of England shows this year.


Judge, Peter Berresford, Derbyshire gave his advantage to the Holstein over a Brown Swiss in reserve for it’s udder attachments and mobility.


From David Burroughs, Beccles the fifth lactation Brown Swiss, Rebil Plaintiff Ruth is classfied EX95. Calving in April, it was Any other breed champion here last year and was led by Liam Banns.


Pig champion

In the pig ring Hayley Lake, Dereham secured her third inter-breed title with her Traditional champion, the British Lop gilt, Guist Actress. Born in October-2014, it is due to go to the boar in six weeks.


The Modern champion from Stuart Roberts Northallerton was close behind in reserve, taking the section title for the second year running. The rising three-year-old Hampshire sow is back in pig with it’s fifth litter and was breed champion at Lincolnshire Show this year.





Inter-breed (Judge, D. Thomlinson, Carlisle) Supreme, Shadwell Estate, Shadwell Rose (Aberdeen Angus); reserve, Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Shogun (Lincoln Red).


Inter-breed group (D. Thomlinson)


Any other rare breed (N. Turner, Lincolnshire) Sup., L.J. Dowley, Theberton Abagail, William Clarke Livestock, Heathbrow Tristar and William Clarke Livestock, Sterling Grace’s Wilhemina (British Simmental); res., T.P. Radford, Lily 2 of Kelby, J. Whitehouse, Princess Raquel of Mercaston and J. Whitehouse, Fleur of Janes Fold (Highland).


Aberdeen Angus (R. Bishop, Berkshire) Sup., Shadwell Estate, Shadwell Rose; res., Shadwell Estate, Shadwell Rosa Erica.


Beef Shorthorn (E. Mills, Gloucestershire) Sup., A. Haigh, Catriona Rosebud Helen; res., A.V. and A.K.S. St. Joseph, Tollesbury Bollinger.


British White (C.L. Barran, West Sussex) Sup., A.I. Dunn, De Beauvoir Majestic; res., Delamore Farms, Bulby Lupin.


Dexter (S. Adcock, Staffordshire) Sup., S.R. Creasey, Langley End Acomile; res., C. King, Beechleigh Jr.


Hereford (C. Davies, Kidderminster) Sup., T.D. and W.T Livesey, Normanton 1 Lionel; J. Speirs, Pepperstock 1 Jade L166.


Highland (A.R. Turner, North Yorkshire) Sup., S. Tedbury, Bean Ruadh 1 of Hardham; res., M.A. Brunt, Callum Sedladair Dubh 6 of Killochries.


Lincoln Red (M. Reed, Lincolnshire) Sup., Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Shogun; res., J. and S. Loveday, Hettie.


Longhorn (B. Llewellyn, Dyfed) Sup., C.G. Burton and Son, Riverlands Oink, res., C.G. Burton and Son, Riverlands Noodle.


Red Poll (M.R. Cheetham, Cheshire) Sup., V. Getty, Lavenham Sir Caradoc; res., V. Getty, Lavenham Rhiannon.


South Devon (P. Rowe, Cornwall) Sup., A. and C. Farms, Upper Norton Nazerene; res., Hadley Farms, Knightcote Demetrius 6.


Sussex (G. Pearson, Kent) Sup., Chandler and Dunn, Snowdrop 137 of Goldstone; res., Chandler and Dunn, Goldstone Poll Regent 11.


Any other native breed (B. Llewellyn, Dyfed) Sup., J. and S. Wareham, Wareham’s Pansy; res., J. Crane, Troytown Annie.


British Blue (S. Hough, West Yorkshire) Sup., V. and G. Bowring, Bedgebury Image; res., J. and W. Laight, Witham Bank Jadore.


British Charolais (J. Haw, Dorset) Sup., R. and D.L. Harper, Moathall Gina; res., D. Knox, Drumshane Jadore.


British Limousin (I. Turner, Derbyshire) Sup., M. Dickens and Family, Dinmore Istria; res., G.R. Fountaine, Calverton Jewel.


British Simmental (D. Lowry, Lanark) Sup., L.J. Dowley, Theberton Abagail; res., William Clarke Livestock, Sterling Grace’s Wilhemina.


Any other continental breed (S. Hough, Lanark) Sup., C. Fox, Manor Lane Diva; res., Moores Livestock, Baileys Jacob.


Commercial (B.E. Williams, Brecon) Sup., A.D. Bishop, Starstruck; res., J. and S. Wareham, Munchkin.




Inter-breed (P. Berresford, Derbyshire) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Designer Outside Bonheur (Holstein); res., E.S. Burroughs and Son, Rebil Plaintiff Ruth (Any other breed).


Holstein (A. Cope, Staffordshire) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Designer Outside Bonheur; res., C.R. Cawston, Poringland Ruby 7.


Jersey (J. Dickinson, Nottinghamshire) Sup., Barnowl Jerseys, Barnowl Visis; res., Braymeadow Jerseys, Skye Shy Dawn.


Any other breed (M. James, Pengawse) Sup., E.S. Burroughs and Son, Rebil Plaintiff Ruth (Brown Swiss) res., Wyatt and Son, Twells Susie 62 (Dairy Shorthorn).




Inter-breed (D. Cassie, Lutterworth) Sup., D. Middleditch (Hampshire Down); res., Catfield Hall (Norfolk Horn).


Suffolk (P. Derryman, Devon) Sup and res., M.J. and J.A. Pinney.


Hampshire Down (T.I. Hunter, Lincolnshire) Sup. and res., D. Middleditch.


Jacob (J. Emberton, Worcestershire) Sup., C. Richardson; res., A.R. and J. Smith.


Lincoln Longwool (M. Parker, Lioncolnshire) Sup. and res., M.D. and J. Coney.


Norfolk Horn (E. Clover, Cambridgeshire) Sup., Catfield Hall; res., I and L. Stephen.


Southdown (H. Turner, Surrey) Sup., H. Lutkin; res., A. Redhead-Higgins.


Texel (A. Minnice-Hughes, Powys) Sup., T, Bustance; res., H.S. Ashley.


Coloured Ryeland (S. Bradbury, Pembrokeshire) Sup. and res., Ryeside Ryelands.


Charollais (C. Thomas, Coventry) Sup. and res., G.C. and C.J. Watson.


Shetland (R, Douglas, Fife) Sup., Collinson and Associates; res., C. Klinger.


Primitive (C. Cassie, Lutterworth) Sup., B. Pearson (Castlemilk Moorit); res., M.J.G. Peace, (Hebridean).


Any other British Down breed (S. Farquhar, Ledbury) Sup., B. Dixon (Ryeland); res., L. and P. Newman (Shropshire).


Any other British Longwood breed (T. Lugsden, Suffolk) Sup., T. Ranger (Wensleydale); res., S. Holditch (Wensleydale).


Any other native breed (T. Ward, Powys) Sup., S. Hutley (Whitefaced Dartmoor); res., N. Whitehead (Lleyn).


Any other continental breed (C. Thomas, Coventry) Sup., J. McInnes Skinner (Bleu de Maine); res., Parkhill Texels (Beltex).


Butchers lambs (B. Glaves, North Yorkshire) Sup., A. Redhead-Higgins; res., B. Lockhart.

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