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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Natives lead the way as Aberdeen-Angus tops beef line up

Native breeds had the edge on the continentals in the supreme championship line-ups for cattle, sheep and pigs at a rainy Royal Three Counties Show.

Interbreed beef and Aberdeen-Angus champion, Rodmean Bonnie Lass, from Angus Neish.
Interbreed beef and Aberdeen-Angus champion, Rodmean Bonnie Lass, from Angus Neish.

Taking the inter-breed beef title was the leading Aberdeen Angus, the three-year-old home-bred Rodmead Bonnie Lass, from Angus Neish, Warminster, and shown with its bull calf, Rodmead Ben, at foot.


Described as “very stylish and modern”, Lancashire judge, Phil Halhead, put the black cow only marginally ahead of the best of the Limousins, three-year-old Dinmore Madonna, from Paul Dawes, Leominster, in a repeat of last year’s reserve placing.


Though what could have been Malvern’s fifth overall rosette in six years was not to be for Dinmore herd manager, Richard Bartle, continental championship saw a reversal of last year’s line-up with the British Blonde, Doncombe Madhu, from Bristol’s David and Sue Knight this time around finishing one step behind Madonna.


The six-year-old home-bred Ashrose Rita 20 from Wendy Finucane’s Carmarthenshire-based Murray Grey herd took the reserve place for native breeds.


Top honours in the dual-purpose inter-breed line-up went to the Red Polls, with Jeff and Anthea Daw, Newcastle Emlyn, taking both the supreme and reserve championships with home-bred entries. Leading the way was their four-year-old second calver, Wheatfield Future.


The Dexter champion, Linford Sparrowhawk, from Kathryn Wheeler, Hereford, was runner-up.


Pure dairy classes were led by the Jersey champion and last year’s runner-up for the supreme title, home-bred Olympic Response Belladonna from Bristol’s Lynn Robertson and daughter, Becky. The heifer calved in October and is giving 28kg a day.

Reserve inter-breed beef and Limousin champion, Dinmore Madonna, from Paul Dawes.
Reserve inter-breed beef and Limousin champion, Dinmore Madonna, from Paul Dawes.
Interbreed dairy and Jersey champion, Olympic Response Belladonna, from L. and B. Robertson.
Interbreed dairy and Jersey champion, Olympic Response Belladonna, from L. and B. Robertson.

Next was the Holstein leader, the home-bred red and white, Panda Autumn O’Kalibra, and eight months calved from Molly Westwood, Chumleigh, Devon.


For Northern Ireland-based judge, Mark Smyth, the quality of the entries for the supreme sheep rosette was such that it was largely “a case of tossing a coin”.


In his final reckoning it was heads-up for the Suffolk and terminal sire champion, a home-bred shearling ewe from Tom and Aimee Mogford, Tiverton, Devon.

Runner-up and best of the non-terminal breeds was a two-year-old Kerry Hill ram from Jim Rowe and Tom Webb, Leominster.


A Bleu du Maine yearling ewe from Percy Tait, Worcester, was reserve for the non-terminal title, with a Charollais yearling ewe from Charles Sercombe, Melton Mowbray, runner-up among the terminal breeds.


The strong pig turnout saw a three-year-old home-bred British Lop sow, Bezurell Actress 374, from Giles Eustice, Hayle, Cornwall, taking the overall rosette ahead of Clowen Model 27, a July 2018-born Welsh gilt from Julian Collings, Launceston.


A Berkshire boar from Chris Impey, Tonyrefail, Glamorgan, was the reserve traditional title taker, with a Landrace gilt from Alice Newth, Shepton Mallet, runner-up among the modern breeds.


Inter-breed sheep and Suffolk champion, a home-bred shearling ewe from T. and A. Mogford.
Inter-breed sheep and Suffolk champion, a home-bred shearling ewe from T. and A. Mogford.
Reserve inter-breed sheep and Kerry Hill champion, a ram from Jim Rowe and Tom Webb.
Reserve inter-breed sheep and Kerry Hill champion, a ram from Jim Rowe and Tom Webb.
pig pic

Inter-breed pig and British Lop champion, Bezurell Actress 374, from Giles Eustice.

Beef results

Inter-breed (Judge, P. Halhead, Lancashire) Supreme and native, A. Neish, Rodmean Bonnie Lass (Aberdeen-Angus); reserve and continental P.R. Dawes, Dinmore Madonna (Limousin); res. native, W.J. Finucane, Ashrose Rita 20 (Murray Grey); res. continental, D. Knight, Doncombe Madhu (British Blonde).

Inter-breed dual purpose (A. Kirk, Leicestershire) Sup., J.R. and C. A. Daw, Wheatfield Future (Red Poll); res., K. Wheeler, Linford Sparrowhawk (Dexter).

Hereford (M.J. Clark, Gloucestershire) Sup., R.J. Hutchings, Fisher 1 Prospect; res., S.C. Hartwright, Solpoll 1 Perfection.

Aberdeen-Angus (A.P. McLaren, Northamptonshire) Sup., A. Neish, Rodmead Bonnie Lass; res., Glympton Farms, Glympton Pride Jean.

Beef Shorthorn (R.S. Johnson, North Yorkshire) Sup., Stanford Park Farm, Kassam of Longfield; res., R. Bartle, Dinmore Zoe Katrina.

Belted Galloway (J. Ward, Dumfriesshire) Sup., M. Arbib, Howemill Oreo; res., M. Arbib, Howemill Mustang Sally.

British Blonde (A. Davies, Carmarthenshire) Sup., D. Knight, Doncombe Madhu; res., Middleton Farming, Nantygelli Nicholas.

British Charolais (G.C. Robinson, Cambridgeshire) Sup., A. Orr-Ewing, Foxacre Ninette; res., S.M. Corbett and Daughters, Teme Nude.

British Limousin (A. Edwards, Carmarthenshire) Sup., P.R. Dawes, Dinmore Madonna; res., P.R. Dawes, Dinmore Noueuse.

British Simmental (C. Martindale, Shropshire) Sup., C.H. Evans and Son, Wroxall Glinko-Zilla; res., J. Lewis, Deerhurst Ivy.

British White (D. Wright, Powys) Sup., J. Brain, Hartsdesire Bumble Bee; res., K. Harding, Woodbastwick Doublet.

Devon (R. Grove, Oxfordshire) Sup., Stonegrove Livestock, Stonegrove Snowdrop 26; res., J. May, Boskenna Donal.

Highland (R. Chilton, Powys) Sup., M.J. and V.M. Monk, James Dubh Of Chadwich; res., S.L. Jordan, Dark Sapphire of Walton.

Longhorn (S. Gray, Herefordshire) Sup., D, Howden, Pointer Diamond King; res, B. Facon, Gentons Sara.

Murray Grey (M.T. Yeandle, Dorset) Sup., W.J. Finucane, Ashrose Rita 20; res., W.J. Finucane, Oakley Percucsian 3.

South Devon (D.E. Camp, London) Sup., K.V. and M.A. Plain., Z Foxhole Clover; res., Bures Farm Partners, Upper Norton Starling.

Any other beef breed (J. Ward, Dumfriesshire) Sup., E. and P. Evans, Onley Mervyn (Salers); res., E. and P. Evans, Onley Merry Poll (Salers).

Gloucester (J. Westaway, Dorset) Sup., C.G. Freeman, Fenton Hereward The Wake; res., C.G. Freeman, Noent Dawn Sun.

Dexter (P. Le Cornu, North Yorkshire) Sup., K. Wheeler, Linford Sparrowhawk; res., C. King, Avalon Lady Clair.

Red Poll (A. Kirk, Leicestershire) Sup., J.R. and C.A. Daw, Wheatfield Future; res., J.R. and C.A. Daw, Wheatfield Immy’s Osprey.

Commercial (P. Parrott, Buckinghamshire) Sup., J.M. and S.M. Rowlands, Meagham Markle (Continental cross heifer); res., G. Brooke (Continental cross steer).


Dairy results

Inter-breed (A. Cope, Staffordshire) Sup., L.J. Robertson, Olympic Response Belladonna (Jersey); res., M. Westwood, Panda Autumn O’Kalibra Red (Holstein).

Holstein (A. Cope) Sup., M. Westwood, Panda Autumn O’Kalibra Red; res., L.J. Robertson, Panda Exceptional Fools Gold Red.

Jersey (A. Cope) Sup., L.J. Robertson, Olympic Response Belladonna; res., Z. Cambridge, Brightfuture Rumour Has It.

Guernsey (A. Cope) Sup., M. Dawes, Hartland View Ivor Semone; res., M. Dawes, Edgehill Latimer Holly.

Sheep results

Inter-breed (M. Smyth, Co. Londonderry) Sup. and terminal sire breeds, T. and A. Mogford (Suffolk); res. and non-terminal sire breeds, J. Rowe and T. Webb (Kerry Hill); res. terminal breeds, C. Sercombe (Charollais); res. non-terminal breeds, P. Tait (Bleu du Maine).

Beltex (D. Lewis, Carmarthenshire) Sup., A. Groucott; res., A. Mutch and Son.

British Berrichon (C. Hillhouse, Worcestershire) Sup.; L.A. and M.A. Holtom and Son; res., B.C. and J.W Evans.

Blue Texel (M. Sivill, Denbighshire) Sup., P.C. Tippetts; res., S. Lloyd.

Bleu du Maine (L. Daff, Renfrewshire) Sup., P. Tait; res., S. Shone.

British Charollais (A. Thomas, Leicestershire) Sup., C. Sercombe; res., J. Curtis.

Clun Forest (J.E.T. Jones, Powys) Sup., I.T. Davies and Son; res., E. Spice.

Dorset Down (J. Tory, Dorset) Sup., B. Lugsden; res., H. Stamp.

Hampshire Down (K. McCarthy, Co. Down) Sup., J.M. and G.J. Galbraith; res., D. Middleditch.

Leicester Longwool (B.R. Field, North Yorkshire) Sup., D. Stanhope; res., S. Glover.

Lleyn (D.R. Jones, Powys) Sup., K. King; res., P. and S. Eckett.

Oxford Down (J.G. Owen, Denbighshire) Sup., J.W. and M.F.S. Brown; res., M.G. Johnson.

Shropshire (P. Derryman, Devon) Sup., E. Russell; res., H. Clay.

Southdown (E.J. Cresswell, Norfolk) Sup., J. Long; res., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer.

Suffolk (W. Fleming, Lanarkshire) Sup., T. and A. Mogford; res., D.G. Jones

Texel (B. Booker, Carmarthenshire) Sup., Cattistock Texels; res., L. Smith.

Zwartbles (F. Brown, Co. Durham) Sup., S.J. Inns; res., R. Heigh

Badgerfaced Welsh Mountain (M. Evans, Carmarthenshire) Sup., A. Groucott; res., D.P. Jones.

Black Welsh Mountain (H. Williams, Carmarthenshire) Sup., D. and R, Rowlands; res., M.D. and D.L. Evans.

Border Leicester (J. Watkins, Herefordshire) Sup., B. Lugsden; res., A. Lyons.

Cotswold (J.W. Brigg, Warwickshire) Sup., S. Parkes; res., D. Stanhope.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset (W.L. French, Cornwall) Sup., R. and D. Rossiter; res., D. Lewis.

Jacob (S. Dodsworth, Cumbria) Sup., M. Bridger; res., L. Trumper and Family.

Kerry Hill (G. Roberts, Denbighshire) Sup., J. Rowe and T. Webb; res., J. and P. Owens.

Ryeland (M. Pink, North Yorkshire) Sup., K. and T. Wright; res., J. Morgan.

Coloured Ryeland (S. Hipps, North Yorkshire) Sup., S. and Z. Unwin; res., T. Preece.

Teeswater (C. Birch, Derbyshire) Sup., D. Stanhope; res., D. Stanhope.

Wiltshire Horn (J. Jeyes, Warwickshire) Sup., Middleton Farming; res., W. Roberts.

Any other hill breed (R.J. Hebditch, Somerset) Sup., M.R. Thomas and D.P. Bevan (North Country Cheviot); res., D. Owen and K. Davies (North Country Cheviot).

Any other lowland breed (R.J. Hebditch) Sup., Bures Farm Partnership (Millennium Blue); res., P. Tait (Rouge).

Fleece (S. Spencer, BWMB Yorkshire) Sup., Y. Hoskins; res., H. Cross.

Lamb Carcase: Sup., T. Goldsmith (E3L Texel x Texel); res., B.J. and S.M. Powell (E3L Beltex x Lleyn); native breeds: H. and S. Rogers Farming (U3L Suffolk x Mule); res., P.D. and A.D. Baxter (R3H Suffolk x Mule).

Pig results

Inter-breed (J. Cloke, West Midlands) Sup. and traditional breeds, G. Eustice, Bezurrell Actress 374 (British Lop); res. and modern breeds, J.F. Collings, Clowen Model 27 (Welsh); res. traditional breeds, C. Impey, Fairoaks Namatjira 4 (Berkshire); res. modern breeds, A. Newth, Prestcombe Cordelia 18 (Landrace).

Gloucester Old Spot (T. Bretherton, Lancashire) Sup., The Elms School, Elmschool Gerald 17; res., O. Lightfoot, Pebblesford Sambo.

Berkshire (T. Bretherton, Lancashire) Sup., C. Impey, Fairoaks Namatjira; res., S. Barnfield, Kilcot Royal Lustre 39.

British Lop (T. Bretherton, Lancashire) Sup., G. Eustice, Bezurell Actress 374; res., G. Eustice, Bezurell 428.

British Saddleback (D. Beeby, Cheshire) Sup., A. Newth, Prestcombe Golden Arrow 30; res., M. Georgiou and L. Perkins, Gwyndy Lucy 21.

Large Black (M.C. Snell, Somerset) Sup.; J. Holroyd, Addison Matilda 15; res., J. Holroyd, Addison Malcolm 5.

Large White (D. Finch, Essex) Sup., O. Lightfoot, Perrytree Berry Catalina 2; res., M.A.C. Brown, Whitecross Beautiful 18.

Middle White (D. Beeby) Sup., M. Paddock, Eaves Revival; res., M. Paddock, Eaves Fair Lady 16.

Oxford Sandy and Black (M.C. Snell) Sup., A. Packford-Garrrett, Maltkiln Elsie; res., J. Furber, Appletree Elsie 5.

Tamworth (D. Beeby) Sup., S. Nicholas, Fairybank Roseleaf 2; res., B. Warren, Courtbleddyn Jacqueline 60G.

Welsh (M.C. Snell) Sup., J.F. Collings, Clowen Model 27; res., H.D. and E.M. Roberts, Gwynys Winchat 3302.

British Landrace (D. Finch) Sup., A. Newth, Prestcombe Cordelia 18; res., A. Newth, Prestcombe Vega 29.

Duroc (M.C. Snell) Sup., O. Giles, Tedfold Top Drawer 20; res., C.L. and R.L. Holthom, Spring Nancy.

Pietrain (D. Finch) Sup., A. Newth, Prestcombe Pauline 8; res., O. Lightfoot, Perrytree Milan 6.

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