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New Holland updates core T5 and T6 tractor models

Continuing to update its tractors, New Holland’s latest product launch focussed on its core models, the T5s and T6s. James Rickard gets under their skin to find out how these machines have developed.

James   Rickard

James   Rickard
All new T5 models now get powershift transmissions, more power and the option of front suspension.
All new T5 models now get powershift transmissions, more power and the option of front suspension.

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Following on from its larger T7 and T8 tractor updates, New Holland continues to develop its range, this time turning its attention to its bread and butter machines, the T5 and T6 ranges.


As with most manufacturers, the updates coincide with the latest round of emissions regulations - EU Stage 4. While most of the updates are fairly evolutionary, particularly for the T6, the T5 on the other hand has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. This includes more power, a front axle suspension option, the inclusion of a semi-powershift transmission on all models, and integrated loader/transmission controls.

T6 models get more options allowing them to be specced up or down to a greater degree.

While not so elaborate, main developments for the T6 comprise the inclusion of more four-cylinder models, now five, and the reduction of six-cylinder models, now down to one.


In addition, to reflect its versatile nature, the range also gets several option updates allowing it to be specced up or down to a greater degree than the previous generation.


Aesthetically, both ranges receive new family styling, filtered down from the larger machines. Orders for the new tractors will be taken from May/June, with a dual offering of both previous and new generation machines, until the end of the year.


First UK showings of the new models will be at this year’s Scot Grass and the Cereals Event.

T5 developments

Offering up to 24 per cent more torque back-up compared to previous models, the T5 five uses a 3.4-litre, four-cylinder engine courtesy of FPT.


Unlike larger tractors in the firm’s range, the compact nature of the T5 means there is not the space to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) only, which means a certain amount of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is also employed.


Power ratings are slightly up for all three models, now ranging from 99hp to 117hp, compared to 99hp to 114hp as before.

Taken from the T6 range, the 16 by 16, semi-powershift ElectroCommand transmission is available on all three T5s, with the 12 by 12 synchromesh and 24 by 24 DualPower options dropped from the range.


With the powershift transmission comes automatic shifting of gears, a function which can be turned on or off.


Taking the T5 into new territory is the option of IsoBus with the ability to control/monitor machinery via the firm’s IntelliView terminal.

In collaboration with its loader supplier, Stoll, loader framework has been made wider, increasing stability and space around the bonnet and front-end.


Integrated loader controls can be specified as either mechanical or electrical, with the latter integrated into the armrest of the seat.


In addition, transmission controls are incorporated into both joystick options, with the ability to de-clutch and shift up and down four gears. Unfortunately, the de-clutch button does not allow you to change between groups of gears as do the main transmission controls and the secondary controls mounted on the right hand console.


Shuttle aggression can now also be altered in three stages via a rocker switch on the console.

For comfort, front suspension can now be specified, which brings with it a beefier axle, increasing the tractors gross vehicle weight to eight tonnes.


Cab suspension has also been refined by positioning the mounting points wider apart on the tractor’s trumpets, serving up more cab stability.


Even with cab suspension, overall tractor height is no taller than the predecessor.

At the rear, life has been made a touch easier by grouping more spool valves to the left hand side of the tractor, and lift capacity has been upped to 5,420kg.


At the opposite end, front linkage options now span up to a 1,850kg capacity, and a 1,000rpm pto can be specified. To get the power down, up to 600/60 R38 tyres can now be fitted.


A new LED lighting package provides up to 145 per cent more light compared to halogen lamps. Telescopic mirrors are also a new addition as is a 200 degree wiper which clears a larger area of the windscreen.

T5 range


Maximum power (hp)







T6 updates

To meet Stage 4 emissions regulations for the T6, the manufacturer has adopted the same Hi-eSCR concept, as it calls it, as used on the larger T7 tractors, essentially only using diesel exhaust fluid and SCR to reduce emissions.


However, this proves a challenge when it comes to lower powered six-cylinder engines, hence why two, six-potters have been dropped in favour of four-cylinder units, which are easier to emissionise in this power bracket, says the manufacturer.


While previous T6, four-cylinder models featured a ‘short’ wheelbase, for the new four-cylinder variants, the manufacturer has stuck with a similar wheelbase to that of the six-cylinder.

This has been achieved by inserting a 25cm spacer in between the engine and transmission. According to the manufacturer, this offers the stability and balance of a six-cylinder, but with improved fuel economy and the same agility as the previous four-cylinder. If a tighter turning circle is required, the firm can fit its SuperSteer front axle.


One of the biggest problems with the T6 was its small diesel tank. To address this and give the tractor more range, up to 230 litres of fuel tank capacity is now available. Various modular tank options allow segments to be removed allowing narrow track widths to be achieved or hedgecutter brackets to be fitted to the rear axle, for example.

When it comes to options, the T6 is not found wanting. On top of what is already offered, new options include the availability of autoguidence and IsoBus right across the range, a new generation headland management system for AutoCommand models, a second IntelliView 4 terminal, a series of new seats and a 16 light, LED package.


In addition, a new electric joystick for control of a loader or mid-mount spools is available, integrated into the seat’s armrest.


Like the T5s, the T6s can be fitted with a wider-framed loader and the rear spools have been tidied up, putting the majority towards the left hand side of the tractor.

T6 range



Rated power (hp)

Maximum engine power with management (hp)


4.5-litre, four-cylinder




4.5-litre, four-cylinder




4.5-litre, four-cylinder




4.5-litre, four-cylinder




4.5-litre, four-cylinder




6.7-litre, six-cylinder



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