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Dairy Shorthorn takes win at Royal Cheshire Show

With its newly acquired regal status the Royal Cheshire Show benefitted from two days of sunshine and strong entries across the board, despite movement restrictions having some impact in the cattle lines.

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Take a look at this year's Royal Cheshire Show results

The Dairy Shorthorns once again held their national show at the Royal Cheshire, and it was the champion from these classes which led the overall dairy judging.

The winner was Churchroyd Peggy 19, from the Collins family, Lower Dewsbury, Yorkshire. This was in fact a third consecutive breed win at Cheshire for the third calver. She was shown six weeks calved, and heads to the Great Yorkshire, to defend her breed title won there last year.

The inter-breed judge Edwin Griffiths, Yorkshire, said: “She is on tremendous from today, she carries her udder high and wide and is full of milk and bloom.”

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British Blue's lead the way at Aberystwyth and Ceredigion Show British Blue's lead the way at Aberystwyth and Ceredigion Show
Derbyshire County Show cancelled due to flooding Derbyshire County Show cancelled due to flooding
Third Malvern interbreed win for Herefordshire Limousin herd at Royal Three Counties Show Third Malvern interbreed win for Herefordshire Limousin herd at Royal Three Counties Show

Holstein winner

Holstein winner

Reserve inter-breed dairy was Hawksmoor Lianne 71, a second calved Holsteins from Rob Clare, Market Drayton, Shropshire.


The Holstein section had been affected by TB, and the recent European Holstein show, which put some exhibitors under movement restrictions. And in fact Mr Clare saw his whole show team of six qualify for the championship judging. Showing the young cow for the first time she was six weeks calved and giving 52kg.


The Brown Swiss breed celebrated 25 years of showing at the fixture, and the winner was Farrick Denver Tammy, a senior cow, from Farrick Farms, Preston, Lancashire.

Beef inter-breed

Beef inter-breed

Fresh from success at the Royal Three Counties Trueman Grazia, a Limousin cow from Paul Dawes, Hereford, took the inter-breed title when selected by judge David Thomlinson of Cumbria.


Grazia, was bought to join the Dinmore herd in November last year from her owners in Holland. She was bred in Northern Ireland by Henry Savage and Sons and she is the mother of the record priced 140,000gns Trueman Jagger. She was shown with her September-born heifer calf at foot. The winner will next head to the Royal Welsh, and National Limousin show at Carlise.

Reserve beef inter-breed

Reserve beef inter-breed

Reserve was another cow and calf outfit – this time from the British Blues. The cow, Birdswood Glamour, from John Okell, Cheshire, was being shown for the first time.


The South Devon and Red Poll breeds had also chosen the Royal Cheshire as the venue for their national shows this year.


Winner in the South Devons from an entry of around 80 was Mells Park Foxtrot exhibited by Mells Park Trust, who had travelled from Frome, Somerset.


And in the Red Polls the champion was Watergate Foxglove, a heifer from J. and A. Hunt, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Sheep inter-breed

Sheep inter-breed

The sheep winner was a Suffolk shearling ewe from Keith Thomas, Stone, Staffordshire. She had previously been shown as a ewe lamb, picking up some first place rosettes, but this was her first championship. Sired by Burness Barbican, the ewe is part of Mr Thomas’ 30-ewe flock.


Runner-up was another shearling ewe, this time a Charollais from Geoff Biddulph, Macclesfield, Cheshire which was also being shown for the first time.

Pig inter-breed

Pig inter-breed

The pig championship was won by a Hampshire boar, Coalyeat Peterbilt, from John Sutcliffe, Ulverston, Cumbria. This boar was champion at last year’s Great Yorkshire and Great Ecclestone shows and reserve at Anglesey. It’ll head to the same shows again this year.


Reserve went to a Large White boar from Stephen Lockett, Northwich, Cheshire.

Royal Cheshire Show results


Inter-breed (Judge, E. Griffiths, Yorkshire) Supreme, I. Collins, Churchroyd Peggy 19 (Dairy Shorthorn); res., R.J. Clare and Partners, Hawksmoor Lianne 71 (Holstein).

Inter-breed heifer (E. Griffiths) Sup., R.J. Clare and Partners, Hawksmoor Vaakje 23 (Holstein); res., I. Collins, Churchroyd fay 11 (Dairy Shorthorn).

Dairy Shorthorn (I. Harries, Carmarthenshire) Sup., I. Collins, Churchroyd Peggy 19; res., R. Kite, Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16.

Ayrshire (J. Adamson, Lanarkshire) Sup., M. and P. Barnett, Twemlow Helena 19; res., Messrs Oultram and Co, Plover.

Holstein (B. Tomlinson, Leicestershire) Sup., R.J. Clare and Partners, Hawksmoor Lianne 71; res., R.J. Clare and Partners, Hawksmoor Donna 35.

Jersey (NO JUDGE NAME GIVEN) Sup., M.E. and A.W. Wright, Fourcrosses DJHB May Pine; res., B. Ford, Honeyfields Lets Dance.

Brown Swiss (NO NAME GIVEN) Sup., Farrick Farms, Farrick Denver Tammy; res., Farrick Farms, Farrick Leyla.



Inter-breed (D. Thomlinson, Cumbria) Sup., P. Dawes, Trueman Grazia (Limousin); res., J.Okell, Birdswood Glamour (British Blue).

Junior Hereford (P. Cobley, Leicester) Sup. and male, R. and R.I. Shaw, Hallwood 1 Knight; res. and fem., R. and R.I. Shaw, Hallwood Sapphire 5.

Limousin (C. Jerman, Powys) Sup., and fem., P. Dawes, Trueman Glamour; res. and res. fem., P. Dawes, Dinmore Jestelle; male, P. Dawes, Dinmore Lancelot; res. male, T. Atkinson, Arradfoot Leonardo.

Charolais (D. Wyllie, Staffordshire) Sup., Messrs Nicholas and Heath, Hockenhull Jewels; res., H.G. and J. Evans, Fronhevlog Joseph.

British Blue (E. Haste, Devon) Sup. and fem., J. Okell, Birdsmoor Glamour; res. and male, N. Pritchard, Norton Juggernaut; res. fem., J. Okell, Cromwell Jelly Baby; res. male, K. Allen, Woodseats Kaiser Chief.

Aberdeen-Angus (R. Bishop, Berkshire) Sup., O. Tunney, Haughton Lola Iris 1; res., R. and D. Ashworth, Stoneylane Delia.

British Blonde (K. Jackson, Yorkshire) Sup., T. Atkinson, Felltop Joyce; res., I. Richardson, Warmingham Iola.

Longhorn (B. Wragg, Cheshire) Sup., B. Llewellyn, Carreg Ola; res., A. Jones, Tudor Rose Jewel.

South Devon (G.H. Tully, Devon) Sup. and fem., Mells Park Trust, Mells Park Foxtrot; res. and res. fem., R.K. Rundle, AI Kestle Dahlia 73; male, M.E. and T.E. Broome, Wellend Valley Pioneer 5; res. male, A.L. Pascoe, Carzise Claudius 4.

Commercial beef (A. Jones, Anglesey) Sup., J. Hollingsworth, Jeannie; res., R. Whitfield, Black Jack.

Any other beef breed (D. Wyllie) Sup., P. Dawes, Westhide Zoe (Beef Shorthorn); res., A. Fisher, Nidderdale Hyundi.

Red Poll (E. Mackey, Co Wicklow) Sup. and fem., J. and A. Hunt, Watergate Foxglove; res. and male, Messrs Paddock and Marsden, Chorlton Lane Albert res. fem., T. Mancey, Moreton Lady Africa; res, male, J.R. Williams, Pinguis Duke.

Dexter (V. Schofield, Cumbria) Sup., C. King, Topster Sweet May; res., L. and J. Horton, Daybreak Blizzard.

Any other dual purpose breed (P.V. Robinson, Cheshire) Sup., J. Todhunter, Alisa Nell; res., A. Fisher, Nidderdale Hyundi.



Inter-breed (T. Stayt, Oxfordshire) Sup., K. Thomas (Suffolk); res., G. Biddulph (Charollais)

Charollais (T. Hunter, Yorkshire) Sup., G. Biddulph; res., A. and J. Walton.

Jacob (R. Locker, Berwickshire) Sup., K. Gaskell; res., Messrs Wood and Dickinson.

Suffolk (N.D. Howl, Northamptonshire) Sup., K. Thomas; res., G. Biddulph.

Texel (H. Woodmass, Cumbria) Sup., F.A. Nairey; res., D. Pickervance.

Shropshire (S. Johnson, Staffordshire) Sup. and res., A. Harvey.

Beltex (R. Slade, Herefordshire) Sup. and res., J. Bevan.

Any other continental breed (I. Nixon, Cheshire) Sup. and res., O. Crossen.

Any other native breed (B. Kidd, Cheshire) Sup., Y. Brown; res., S. Percival.

Butchers lambs (I. Bates, Cheshire) Sup., J. Barlow; res., S. Jones.




Inter-breed (J. Brett, Derbyshire) Sup., J. Sutcliffe, Coalyeat Peterbilt 204 (Hampshire); res., S. Lockett, Bartington King David (Large White).

Modern inter-breed (J. Brett) Sup., J. Sutcliffe, Coalyeat Peterbilt 204 (Hampshire); res., S. Lockett, Bartington King David (Large White).

Traditional inter-breed (J. Brett) Sup., J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda (Large Black); res., B. and M. Mulkeen, Garfield Rosette 73 (British Saddleback).

Duroc (B.J. Card, Dorset) Sup., A. and J. Walton, Deva Nancy 914; res., A. and J. Walton, Deva Nancy 1073.

Hampshire (B.J. Card) Sup., J. Sutcliffe, Coalyeat Peterbilt 204 (NO RES)

Landrace (B.J. Card) Sup., Messrs Richardson and Wood, Finnington Vega. (NO RES)

Large White (B.J. Card) Sup., S. Lockett, Bartington King David; res., S. and A. Booth, Chapel Lady Mollington.

Pietrain (B.J. Card) Sup., D. and S. Pawson, Castlehills Jepi 2. (NO RES)

Welsh (B.J. Card) Sup., C. Walton, Coed Leo 108; res., G. Bemand, Leysterspring Impish 3.

Berkshire (B.J. Card) Sup., G. Wickstead, Boswick Louise 21; res., G. Wickstead, Boswick NamaAbel.

British Lop (B.J. Card) Sup., M. Carus, Wirralstone Supreme; res., Oakbank Farm, Oakbank Queen 8.

British Saddleback (B.J. Card) Sup., B. and M. Mulkeen, Garfield Rosette 73; res., I. Sutcliffe, Coalyeat Rosette 299.

Gloucester Old Spot (B.J. Card) Sup., S. Whitley, Birchfield Bluebell 402; res., S. Whitley, Birchfield Rufus.

Large Black (B.J. Card) Sup., J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda; res., Messrs Richardson and Wood, Mariposa Dorothy 4.

Middle White (B.J. Card) Sup., Messrs Paddock and Marsden, Eaves Captain 5; res., O. and M. Giles, Tedford Fairlady 75.

Oxford Sandy and Black (B.J. Card) Sup., J. Matthews, Hopecottage Dandy 355. (NO RES)

Tamworth (B.J. Card) Sup., M. Carus, Kerribella Jacqueline 3. (NO RES)


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