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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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LAMMA 2017: Aftermarket additions

With no-end of spares, components and aftermarket accessories, Hall 4 was the place to be at LAMMA if you’re interested in farm improvements.


Agricision onTrak guidance

Designed to offer a cost effective guidance solution, British company Agricision showed its onTrak device.


With the ability to be quickly swapped between vehicles, onTrak uses a combined receiver and lightbar, operated via an iPhone or iPad. Featuring a waterproof casing, the unit is magnetically placed on a tractor’s bonnet, putting the lightbar in direct line of sight. Setup and control of the unit is via a free downloadable app.


To work, the operator begins by inputting the implement width and then sets an A-B line. A single green light shows you are on course, with red lights to indicate you have wavered. GPS correction signals are obtained from any freely available satellite, providing a working accuracy of 20cm pass to pass. It does not need a data connection or require a subscription.


The device is available now to order for delivery in March, priced at £675.

Patchwork BlackBox Air

Patchwork has updated the BlackBox GPS console using an Android App.


The BlackBox AIR uses tilt correction, GLONASS and GPS with EGNOS to obtain a true ground position even on rolling ground and can be used with an Android tablet supplied by Patchwork or the customers’ existing tablet, by downloading the App.


Patchwork highlights the importance of slope correction - as little as a 3 degree slope will create an error of 13 cm, and by 10 degrees the error is 43 cm, and without slope correction, the GPS system provides incorrect guidance.


Features of the App include area measurement, field boundary measurement and auto detection, and operators can store farms or fields and boundaries. The system supports straight and curved 3D guidance modes.

Lemken IsoBus solutions

Taking centre stage on Lemken’s stand was its IsoBus control solutions for its high specification implements. The ‘single terminal’ strategy allows the firm’s CCI 200 control box or a suitable tractor terminal to control a variety of its implements. If available, IsoBus functions can also be assigned to a tractor’s joystick/buttons.


Main machines which can be controlled are Lemken’s Juwel 8 Turn Control plough, its Sirrus 10 and Vega 12 sprayers and its Solitair 9 seed drill. For the plough, this allows all of its adjustable elements to be altered from the seat. Sprayer-wise, IsoBus offers section, individual nozzle and variable rate control. Similarly, section and variable rate control is afforded on the drills.

JJ Metcalfe direct drill replacement points

JJ Metcalfe has added a range of direct drill conversion points for Horch Sprinter/CO, Vaderstad Seedhawk and Simba Freeflow drills – the narrow design leaves an undisturbed strip between the rows.


The 70mm Freeflow point has a replaceable tungsten tip and adjustable seed tube, and on the Horsch drills the 12mm knife point replaces the Duett coulder for greater reliability.


Each coulter costs £78, giving an overall cost of £1250 to replace 16 points.

Ryetec Rabaud Xylog 600 wood processor

Ryetec showed the Xylog 600 wood processor from Rabaud, designed for high output firewood production.


Timber up to 6m long and 600m diameter can be fed into a 20-way axe to produce 200mm logs, with power supplied via a tractor pto or its own 75hp Deutz engine. A winch or timber crane can be fitted for loading to make a true one-man operation and the unit can be tractor towed or installed as a static unit.


This unit has been sold to a large farming operation with a timber drying enterprise, and retails at £105,000.

McConnel 75 Series hedge cutter

Aimed primarily at the contractor market, McConnell showed a pre-production model of its 75 Series hedge cutter range, which will be officially launched later this year.


Coupling up to the heavy duty trimmer is only possible with the firm’s five-point axle mounting system. The standard telescopic arm offers maximum reach of 6.4m – arm options include increased reach to 8.0m, variable forward reach and telescopic variable forward reach models.


Hydraulic system boasts a 75hp pump, allowing the 75 Series to be fitted with the manufacturer’s largest two meter cutting heads.


Control is through McConnell’s Motion Control, but the manufacturer says the Evolution control is popular as it offers up to eight proportional controls on the programmable joystick.

Shelbourne Reynolds hedge cutter stabiliser

Shelbourne Reynolds now offers a drawbar stabilizer link to improve the stability of three-point linkage mounted hedge trimmers, tackling the issue of trimmers moving on the linkage which can affect cutting quality and increase stress on the tractor.


The company suggests that this gives the stability of an axle bracket mounted machine without the expense or inconvenience of a bracket mount. The price is £75.

Spaldings toppers

Expanding on its range of Spanish built flail mowers, Spaldings showcased new rotary toppers imported from Spanish manufacturer TMC Cancela.


Two models are available; a single-rotor DX-200 with a working width of 2m, and the folding triple-rotor DXP3-3650, offering 3.6m working width. Folding action is provided by a cable and pulley mechanism using a single hydraulic cylinder; wings are locked in place by a latch for transport. Both models feature Comer gearboxes and rotors can be fitted with two cutting blades or slashing chains.


Features include front and rear chains to prevent stones flying out and rubber castor wheels at the rear.


Pricing is £3,225 for the 2m DX-200, and £10,612 for the 3.6m folding machine.

Spearhead stubble Master rotary mulcher

Taking centre stage on Spearhead’s stand was its latest generation flagship Stubble Master rotary mulcher.


Available in working widths from 5m to 12.1m, standard features include gearbox and clutch protection, balance beam axles for better weight distribution, a flat deck to avoid debris build up and hydraulically folding wings.


New features for 2017 include strengthened hinge connections between decks, improved rear axle pivot points, larger and more robust wheels and tyres, and a simplified hydraulic system.

Simon Richard Muthing mulching flails

Simon Richard Ltd now offers the Vario MMS mulching system for the HM, PRO and M model flails.


The system uses a purpose-designed hood, in conjunction with high rotor and cutting speeds and a fixed shredding bar, to spread cut material evenly behind the roller. Suitable for chopping rape and maize stubbles, as well as maintaining grassland or headland grass strips, the Muthing MU-L series is the top of the range for tractors from 120-400hp, available in front and rear mounted combinations.


Simon Richard suggests that the company is seeing increased interest in mulching of stubbles for crop hygiene and in mechanical destruction of cover crops.

Dromone safety chain

Aiming to prevent a run-away trailer, Dromone showed its latest trailer hitching safety system.


The system secures a chain to the trailers drawbar and to the tractors hitch plate using two brackets, which should stop the trailer from running away, in the unfortunate event of accidental unhitching.


Developed to meet the stringent trailer regulation in Ireland, the firm says farmers and contractors in the UK are now fitting the system for added piece of mind when towing heavy loads down busy roads.


Included in the £300 package is a length of certified chain, two hitch-plate brackets and one loop to weld onto the trailer drawbar.

Heath Super Grab

British manufacturer Heath Engineering made its first appearance at Lamma this year, showcasing its latest bale handling equipment.


The firm’s Super Grab uses two sets of curved Hardox tines to grab bales, with hydraulic rams providing clamping action on the bales. The powered tines remove the need to shove into the bales, as with conventional spikes, making stacking and unloading safer. Up to four, 120cm by 120cm bales can be held by the grab.


Offering a more simple operation, the firm also showed its Super Spike. The spike features a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, folding bottom tines for safer transport and a hydraulically extending safety frame.


Prices start from £3,000 for the Super Grab, while the Super Spike retails at £1,800 with hydraulic folding.

Easy petrol post driver

No second guesses were needed for the latest products showcased on Easy Petrol Post Driver’s stand at the show.


Manufacturer in Australia, the hand-held post driver weighs in at 15kg, and uses a 1.3hp Honda four-stroke engine to provide 1,700 blows per minute to the post. Maximum post diameter is up to 102mm (4in), with a range of adaptors available to take smaller posts or square metal stakes.


To reduce vibration and operator strain the firm has fitted springs to the handles in either direction, and has had the tool tested against HSE hand-arm vibration syndrome regulations.


The driver retails at £1,485+vat, with a range of accessories available to allow soil sampling and long posts.

Rhino hand-held post driver

Manufactured in the US by Rhino and imported into the UK by Eurogate International, a range of hand-held post drivers were showcased.


While the firm offers a range of pneumatic powered drivers capable of driving posts up to 180mm (7in), the need of a high-capacity air compressor and heavy design mean Rhino’s smaller, petrol powered models are more suitable to the agriculture market.


The firm’s largest petrol model, the Rental-Pro, uses a Honda four-stroke engine to provide 26 Joules of force to the 2kg anvil, and drive posts up to 102mm (4in) into the ground.


List price for the Rental-Pro is about £2,000.

Michelin Axiobib 2 tyre

Michelin previewed its new Axiobib 2 VF (very high flexion) tyre, introduced to fill a gap between the XeoBib and AxioBib ranges by offering VF650/ 65 R42 and VF540/65 R30 size for 160-320hp tractor – the 42in rim having proved the size of choice for operations such as ploughing, says the company.


This model gives increased carrying capacity, even on narrower rims and can work at higher speeds. VF tyres are designed to work at 40% higher loads and at 40% lower pressure and Michelin says that the longer contact patch also reduces the amount of weight that has to go down through the tyre for optimum traction.


The Axiobib 2 is expected to be with OE customers by the middle of the year and available for retrofitting soon after.

Air-Seal tyre sealant

Air-Seal Products has changed the formulation of its tyre sealant to use food-grade Proplyene Glycol rather than Ethylene Glycol, making it more environmentally friendly.


The company points out that using a sealant extends the life of the tyre and reduces fuel consumption as well as avoiding punctures, also reducing the environmental impact of tyre use. Air-Seal is applied via the valve using a pump from a 20 litre pail and once sealed, tyres can still be retreaded; when the tyres are changed the product can be recycled.


Water-based, Air-Seal has an infinite shelf life and is priced at £230 plus £85 for the pump.

Wroot Water bio-filter

Wroot Water has introduced a bio-filter kit for easier treatment of sprayer washings.


A stacked succession of bulk containers filter washings from the sump before waste water is piped out up to 50m away to a drip pipe for disposal on a grassed area. The pump is controlled on a timer that works for a 2-3 minute period 3-4 times an hour.


Designed to offer a simpler, cheaper alternative to a biobed, the kit is permitted under EA waste exemptions to treat up to 15,000 litre of spray waste per annum. It is priced at £2,750.

Cooper Pegler CP15 Evolution knapsack sprayer

Hozelock Exel has developed the Cooper Pegler CP15 Evolution knapsack sprayer with a design intended to maximise operator comfort.


A new harness features wider, padded shoulder straps, chest fastening and wider waist strap, said not only to spread the weight of the knapsack when spraying but also to increase stability when pumping. The end result is that 70% of the sprayer’s weight is carried on the hips and only 30% on the shoulders.


Another new feature is two large grab handles on the top of the tank, making handling easier when filling and rinsing but also offering a convenient tie down point in a pick-up. The price is £130.

JCB mini excavators

JCB is now offering mini excavators up to 3 tonnes through its 60 agricultural dealers in the UK, a move designed to improve coverage and offer specialist attachments such as earth drills.


The range includes the 800kg and 1000kg 8008 CTS and 8010 CTS Micro excavators, with a travel width of 700mm. There are four models in the 1.5-2 tonnes range, the two smaller units with a fixed width undercarriage, while the larger, more powerful excavators have a hydraulically extending track frame.


At the top of the min excavator line-up, the 2.5-3.5 tonne 8025 ZTS and 8026 CTS models can be transported behind a 4x4 or pick-up.

Willowbrook Plant Terex backhoe loader

Willowbrook Plant showed the new Terex TLB 870 backhoe loader, aimed at the rental or agricultural contractor market.


Power is supplied by a 74hp Deutz engine, and the backhoe uses a Husco hydraulic valve system where the 124 litres/min pumps are only activated on demand for loading or digging, saving fuel. The boom and dipper from the previous H2000 series have been retained but the redesigned loader arm has more sweep for greater capacity and breakout force.


Other enhancements include a new roof canopy with LED worklights; despite being at the entry level of the company’s range specification includes servo controls and air conditioning.

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