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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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LAMMA 2017: Arable and root crop equipment

Given the show’s location, arable equipment features very strongly at LAMMA.


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LAMMA 2017: Arable and root crop equipmentLAMMA 2017: Arable and root crop equipment
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Fendt combines and balers

Fendt’s UK debut of its combine and baler ranges were the focus on the Bavarian firm’s stand.

Several combine models are available, from the largest hybrid threshing X-Series, with a seven-cylinder 496hp engine, 10.5-metre header and 12,500-litre grain tank, to the smallest 176hp E-Series combine, fitted with a 5,200l grain tank and 5.5m header.

To complement its range of combines, the manufacturer will also offer five large square baler models. Bale sizes range from 80cm by 90cm in the 990 model, to the 12130 model, featuring a 120cm by 130cm chamber. All models feature a 2.26m-wide pick-up reel.

New Holland square baler updates

Along with its updated Roll Baler 125 and 125 Combi round balers, the firm showed its new flagship, large square baler Big Baler 1290 Plus, for the first time in the UK.

Bale chamber length has been increased by 80cm over the previous large square baler, with New Holland claiming an increased bale density by up to 10 per cent.

Aiming to improve durability, heavier duty packer shaft and drive chain have been fitted, along with a reinforced slip clutch.

A number of new sensing and controlling systems are also featured on the IsoBus compatible baler, including the firm’s IntelliCruise, which the manufacturer says automatically regulates tractor forward speed to maximise baling capacity.

Plus balers are available now, with prices starting from £137,108.

Claas Quadrant square balers

Featuring heavier duty drivelines and components, new electronics, and an extended options list, Claas has heavily revised its line-up of six string, large square balers for 2017.

Producing bales measuring 120cm by 70cm, the new Quadrant 5200 and 4200 replace the current 3200 and 2200 models, while the larger Quadrant 5300, producing 120cm by 90cm bales, replaces the 3300.

In order to achieve greater bale density and higher overall output, bale chambers on all three new models has been strengthened and the length increased by up to 15 per cent.

Standard on the Quadrant 5300/5200 and optional on the 4200 is the firm’s new Automatic Pressure Control system which automatically maintains target chamber pressure.

Heath Super Grab

British manufacturer Heath Engineering made its first appearance at Lamma this year, showcasing its latest bale handling equipment.

The firm’s Super Grab uses two sets of curved Hardox tines to grab bales, with hydraulic rams providing clamping action on the bales. The powered tines remove the need to shove into the bales, as with conventional spikes, making stacking and unloading safer. Up to four, 120cm by 120cm bales can be held by the grab.

Offering a more simple operation, the firm also showed its Super Spike. The spike features a 1.5 tonne carrying capacity, folding bottom tines for safer transport and a hydraulically extending safety frame.

Prices start from £3,000 for the Super Grab, while the Super Spike retails at £1,800 with hydraulic folding.

Horsch mounted Maestro precision seeder

Offering precision planting at reduced working widths, Horsch showed its new mounted Maestro drill.

Eight or 12-row models are available; the former is available in 70cm, 75cm or 80cm row spacing, while the latter in 45cm or 50cm spacing. All coulters feature an individual 70-litre seed hopper and seed meter. The firm claims a coulter pressure of 300kg can be achieved, which enables working speeds of up to 12kph.

To allow fertiliser application while drilling with the mounted Maestro, the firm also showed its new 1,600-litre front mounted Partner tank. The mounted drill can be used with or without the front fertiliser tank.

Price for a 12-row starts from about £42,000, with the Partner 1,600 front tank and ancillaries costing an extra £23,000.

Monosem Monshox coulter damping

Toucan Machinery showed Monosem’s new Monoshox coulter damping system designed to enable a wider range of crops to be sown at accurate depth and spacing when working at higher drilling speeds.

The system, featured on the popular NG Plus planter, uses an automotive-style shock absorber to supplement the parallelogram linkage and twin springs currently used to protect the coulter against shocks, for more accurate drilling depth.

Monosem explains that the shock forces grow as speed increases, so the shock absorber complements the springs and ensures the coulter stays at the right depth.

The company offers drill frame designs from two to 18 rows and drills are custom built to the buyer’s needs.

Vaderstad TopDown updates

Lamma saw the launch of Vaderstad’s latest generation TopDown cultivator, in working widths from three to nine metres.

Updates include a new double SteelRunner packer option, a reinforced frame, new hydraulics and stronger tine arms.

TopDown has 12.5cm (5in) disc spacing, 27cm (10.6in) tine spacing, an adjustable hydraulic stone release up to 700kg and it can cultivate to depths of 30cm (12in). With DeepLoosening points, depth increases to 40cm (15.7).

Up-front, the machine gets an aggressive TrueCut 470 disc module for cutting and mixing soils. Enhanced hydraulics with enlarged accumulators ensure more intensive loosening, distributing and mixing, irrespective of the conditions on the field, says the manufacturer.

The levelling board has also been fettled, featuring improved working angles, while the new adjustable packer double SteelRunner creates an effective full depth reconsolidation and clod breaking function, says Vaderstad.

He-Va Contour roller

On display at the show was the firm’s updated 6.5m Contour 650, shallow disc cultivator.

Mounted and trailed models are available, with working widths from 3.25-7.75m – wider working widths will be available later in 2017.

The rear press roller is now 12.5cm wider than the disc working width at either side, to reducing soil ridging. Clearance between each row of discs and roller has been increased, to reduce the chance of blockages.

A number of options are available, including an additional V profile rear roller, a twin U-profile rear roller and the firm’s front Shattaboards to break down clods.

Price for a 6.5m Contour 650, as on display at the show, starts at £39,104 plus VAT.

J Brock and Sons Sub-V subsoiler

J Brock and Sons introduced the Sub-V subsoiler, which uses a v-shaped frame and a patented rearward folding system to give a transport width of 2.5m for models from 4.5 to 6m, suitable for tractors from 250-600hp.

The folding system – which opens the wings out as the tractor reverses - is said to save frame weight over traditional folding mechanisms, making the implement easier to pull. The v-shaped frame also gives a straight pull through the machine and out through the wings at a 30 degree angle.

The subsoiler can be used with the packer folded on top of the frame to loosen without consolidation; depth control is hydraulic and the 15, 20 or 25mm legs, fitted with tungsten tips are shearbolt protected.

Alpego Aratri ploughs

Completing its portfolio of tillage equipment, Alpego UK showed a new range of ploughs sourced from Italian manufacturer Moro Aratri.

Designed for the dry conditions of southern Italy, several versions of the heavy-duty plough are available, including mounted in-furrow, mounted and semi-mounted on-land/in-furrow models and wagon ploughs.

Standard features include one-metre point to point distance, a floating lower linkage crossbar, a hydraulic transport/depth wheel system and hydraulic vari-width adjustment.

On-land/in-furrow ploughs also feature a pivoting headstock, allowing the plough to be transported like a trailer.

Other touches include road lights, auto-memory for the turnover system, discs on the last body and shearbolt protection.

Options comprise a quick removal system of the top link for transport, auto-reset protection, the firm’s Compact folding system for transport, plus slatted and plastic mould boards.

Amazone Cayros ploughs

Following the takeover of Vogel and Noot’s plough factory, Amazone has extended its plough offering with the introduction of the new Cayros range.

Complementing its existing Cayron ploughs, the new range offers several mounted models from three to six furrows, suitable for tractors from 100-380hp.

Various levels of equipment can be specified, including mechanical or hydraulic furrow width adjustment, shearbolt, half-automatic coil spring or fully automatic hydraulic leg protection, and a choice of five plough bodies including a slatted mould board.

Ovlac semi-mounted ploughs

After taking on the distribution of Ovlac ploughs from the now defunct Reco, machinery distributor Halse South West is expanding its plough range with the introduction of semi-mounted models.

On-land or in-furrow versions will be available with up to nine bodies and a point to point clearance of 1.05 metres.

A choice of 72, 78 or 90cm underbeam clearance is available, as is a choice of three different leg protection options; shearbolt, leaf spring or hydraulic.

All models can be specified with either manual or hydraulic working width adjustment. Depth and first body adjustment can also be hydraulically adjusted.

Double mould board support stays are fitted as standard, with a variety of mould boards available including plastic and slatted.

Spearhead stubble Master rotary mulcher

Taking centre stage on Spearhead’s stand was its latest generation flagship Stubble Master rotary mulcher.

Available in working widths from 5m to 12.1m, standard features include gearbox and clutch protection, balance beam axles for better weight distribution, a flat deck to avoid debris build up and hydraulically folding wings.

New features for 2017 include strengthened hinge connections between decks, improved rear axle pivot points, larger and more robust wheels and tyres, and a simplified hydraulic system.

Spaldings toppers

Expanding on its range of Spanish built flail mowers, Spaldings showcased new rotary toppers imported from Spanish manufacturer TMC Cancela.

Two models are available; a single-rotor DX-200 with a working width of 2m, and the folding triple-rotor DXP3-3650, offering 3.6m working width. Folding action is provided by a cable and pulley mechanism using a single hydraulic cylinder; wings are locked in place by a latch for transport. Both models feature Comer gearboxes and rotors can be fitted with two cutting blades or slashing chains.

Features include front and rear chains to prevent stones flying out and rubber castor wheels at the rear.

Pricing is £3,225 for the 2m DX-200, and £10,612 for the 3.6m folding machine.

Weaving to chop it up

Shown alongside the UK manufacturer’s new double-disc drill, the CropChop knife roller aims to cut thorough dense cover crops.

Two CropChop models are available; three-metre rigid, and four-metre hydraulically folding, both models are suitable for front or rear mounting. Two 380mm diameter rollers feature staggered boron steel blades to cut through the crop. The machine’s steel frame comes with a steering damper as standard.

The firm claims the staggered blade arrangement provides minimal soil and weed seed movement to compliment direct drilling systems. The firm also says the need for chemical desiccation is reduced.

Prices for a three metre model start at £3,800 plus VAT.

Mzuri low disturbance coulters

Available for fitment to new and existing machines in single or twin rows, Mzuri showed a new low disturbance coulter for its range of strip-till ProTil drills.

The new coulters use a single point, reducing machine wear and, more importantly, soil disturbance. Their new design also helps to improve seeding depth accuracy, says the manufacturer.

Coulter legs feature auto-reset and integrated seed outlets.

The manufacturer also showed its Rezult straw rake. Featuring 71cm (28in) long tines, the rake generates a light tilth to stimulate weed germination and disturb slug habitats, before a non-selective herbicide is applied.

Price for a three metre Pro-Till 3T with low disturbance coulters, front discs and a split fert/seed tank starts from £64,540.

Claydon trailed Hybrid drills

Extending its range of Hybrid trailed strip-till drills, Claydon has developed three-metre and 4.8m versions.

The new T3 and T4.8 complement three other models with working widths of four to eight metres.

All trailed Hybrid drills can work in any tillage regime, from plough-based to direct drilling, says the manufacturer, and a 50:50 split hopper allows seed only or seed and fertiliser to be delivered.

Minimum power requirement is 150hp for the T3, with the drill towed by the tractors lower link arms.

For customers who already own a mounted 3m Hybrid M3 drill, a kit is available to convert it to a trailed drill.

Dales Agri Sales LDS Panbuster subsoiler

Dales Agri Sales introduced the LDS Panbuster from Erth Engineering, offering a subsoiling solution for no-till systems or where low disturbance is required to avoid bringing up black-grass seeds.

Supplied in five leg format, the subsoiler can be used with three or four purpose-designed narrow legs in place, and is said to have a low draft requirement even in heavy soils – 150hp is sufficient for the four-leg version.


The smooth rear roller is used to power the legs out of the ground at the headland and for depth control, with the Panbuster working from 20-35cm deep. Prices are from £7,950.

TRP Carre inter-row cultivator

French maker Carre has extended its inter-row mechanical weeder range to include a version equipped with the Precicam – an integral ‘magic eye’ camera system to identify plant rows and steer the hoe.

Sean Stanfield, of importer TRP, says: “This version is intended for use in wheat crops, in addition to sugar beet and maize. As an integral unit, rather than buying the Precicam as an add-on toolbar, this latest weeder is much more accurate, lighter and cheaper to buy.

“With seed drills now offering much more accurate inter-row and intra-row spacing, it makes this type of weeder a much more viable alternative to an RTK-guided model,” he says.

Available in working widths of four to 13 metres, the Carre inter-row cultivator uses a double optic camera system to provide 3cm (1.18in) accuracy either side of a row. An optional finger-sensing mechanical steering system is available for use in dense weed patches, says the firm.

Kongskilde Stonebear stone picker

Kongskilde’s updated Stonebear 260 has a wider working width at 6m and larger rotors, while the five tonne hopper also features a high tip mechanism to unload into trailers.


Capable of moving stones up to 50cm diameter, the Stonebear’s traditional use has been for land reclamation or turf farm seedbed preparation, but Kongskilde reports new interest to remove stones accumulating in min-till seedbeds.


Capable of working to 7cm deep, the machine has also been strengthened and restyled; weighing five tonnes empty it needs 150hp plus. Price is £44,000.

Sumo DTS toolbar drill

Sumo has developed a toolbar version of its DTS direct drill, with a 4m hydraulically folding frame and 1 tonne capacity front hopper.


Designed to offer the same disc and tine combination at a more competitive price than the trailed version, the toolbar model also offers improved traction and allows a smaller tractor to be used, while creating a more compact outfit.


Sumo's 4m DTS toolbar is priced at £46,213.

Cousins Surface cultivator

Cousins of Emneth presented a streamlined version of its Surface cultivator, designed to work to 5cm deep and at high speed to encourage germination of weed seeds and volunteers.


Three rows of tines at 166mm spacing are used rather than four, and a single packer replaces the previous double version, making the implement easier to pull and more keenly priced.


Models are from three to six metres working width and a 4m model, which requires about 150hp is priced at £25,000.

Standen Uni-Plus stone separator

Standen Engineering has update its Uni-Plus stone separator which a dedicated 1500mm wide model replacing modified 1700mm machines.


Drive is now via tracking v belts for improved power transmission, the chassis can operate at a steeper angle for better separation and a 30deg steering angle can be achieved. Standen suggests that the improvements to the separator which uses 10 rows of polymer starts over a secondary separating web for soil processing significantly cuts costs.


Options include a VariFlow clod crushing web and hydraulic boulder box.


The Uni-Plus is priced at around £50,000 depending on specification.

Kongskilde shearbolt onland plough

Kongskilde has added a shearbolt version of its on-land/in furrow mounted plough available in five, six and seven furrow versions, designed for wider tractors.


Specification includes hydraulically adjustable furrow width and individual furrow compensators which allow the front to be adjusted for greater penetration on heavy soils, helping to keep it in the ground. Rear mounted depth and transport wheel has a reinforced arm, mounted outside the frame to give more space for residues.


The XRWS 7980 can also be purchased in the more familiar Overum blue and is priced at £43,000 for the seven furrow version.

Pottinger seed box

As an alternative to its more complex Tegosem air seeder, Pottinger now offers a simple box applicator which can be used to establish a variety of crops.


Quick and simple establishment of cover crops behind the combine is seen as one of the main uses of the box, which can handle seeds such as mustard, phacelia and clover.


Seed metering is all mechanical drive to its fluted metering rollers. At 3m wide, the box can pretty much be fitted to any make of cultivator via a universal clamp mounting system.

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