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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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LAMMA 2017: Grassland and forage equipment

Grassland and forage equipment is not lost on LAMMA, with an impressive line-up of mowers, tedders, rakes, balers, foragers,.....


Krone EasyCut front mower

Krone showed its latest EasyCut front mower, which now uses a pull type, over the top frame to offer greater contour following.


Available in 3.2-3.6m working widths, the mower uses the same disc bed and conditioning unit as the existing push type front mower. The mower bed offers greater travel to follow contours, as it is suspended and pulled from the frame, rather than pushed from the rear.


The firm says the pull type frame also offers simpler machine attachment and setup, as chains are not required to set working height. The firm also says the push type mower is still available.


Retail price for a pull type Easy Cut F320CV starts from £17,385.

Vicon 736T mounted mower

Vicon took the wraps of its Extra 736T - the first of a new range of tractor-mounted mower conditioners - at Lamma. With a 3.6m working width, the mower features an all-new suspension system called QuattroLink.


Said to be derived from race car technology, QuattroLink uses a four-point linkage system, centrally mounted, to carry the bed. This geometry affords 700mm of vertical movement and also 30-degrees of transverse oscillation, while maintaining a constant ground pressure during work, says the firm.


Vicon adds that the suspension system has been designed to provide increased mower bed stability at higher forward speeds, plus break-away protection that extends across the full working width, allowing the mower bed to lift backwards and upwards.


The Extra 700 series currently includes the 3.2m 732T and 3.6m 736T, with prices starting from £16,226.


Hi-Spec AutoCut trailed triple mower

Continuing to build on its range of grassland equipment, Hi-Spec has produced a trailed triple mower and front mower combination.


Developed in conjunction with County Tipperary contractor John Kennedy, responsible for the firm’s Kompactor push off trailer, the new AutoCut mowing unit has been specifically designed to be used with smaller tractors. By pulling the weight rather than having to carry it, the firm says less bulky tractors can be used.


Featuring rear wheel steering, the rear mowers are able to follow the tractor’s path both on the road and in the field.


Still under evaluation, three models have been built so far; two plain cut and one with nylon finger conditioner. When it goes into full production in another 12 months, two working widths will be available; 9.8m and 10.5m.

McHale single belt Fusion 3 Vario

McHale showcased its latest variable chamber, Fusion combi-baler, which now uses a single belt.


Replacing the existing three-belt model, the firm says the machine has been developed to reduce losses when working with chopped crops. A new hydraulic motor has also been fitted to improve bale net tensioning.


Aiming to improve crop flow, the manufacturer has increased the size of the chopping rotor by 50mm and nearly doubled the size of the pickup’s augers. Also with crop flow in mind, the drop floor has gained a damping system to allow lumps to pass through with less strain on the machine.


At the rear-end, the wrapping units now start moving before the chamber door has closed, and the orbiting speed has also been increased.

Lely Storm trailed forager

Aiming to increase machine output, Lely UK showcased its latest Storm P300 trailed forager.


Maximum power rating has been increased over the existing Storm 130 forager, with the Storm 300 coping with up to 300hp up front. Hydraulic drive to control the foragers spout, header-lift, drawbar offset and pick-up hitch is all from the tractor’s hydraulic system – control is via IsoBus connection as standard.


Measuring 2.2m wide, the pickup reel is cam-less, and is driven mechanically. The firm says higher outputs can be achieved with the heavier duty flywheel drive, and more aggressive feed roller, which now features four compression springs instead of two.


Retail price for a Storm 300 with metal detector fitted starts from £51,495.

Vredo Overseeder updates

New from JC Machinery is a revamped version of its popular Vredo Overseeder range.


Improvements begin with the lid and rear of the seed hopper, which now both have more rounded shapes. The curved edges encourage the funnelling of seed towards the cam wheel, says the manufacturer, providing greater accuracy.


Lid chains have also been replaced by gas struts, allowing the lid to close smoothly, making the machine safer when filling the hopper.

A new option is a seed grill to protect the agitator shaft, which also serves as a sieve to filter out any unwanted debris.


Finally, the gear box, which is also used to set the seed dosing rate, now gets a new spindle adjustment making calibration of the seeder easier, while improving accuracy, says the manufacturer.

TRP Carre Prairial

The Prairial EQ from TRP is a new derivative of the Carre Prairial grass rejuvenation machine – it gains a set of Hardox raking tines in place of the standard grass rejuvenation blades.


TRP importer Sean Stanfield reckons the ease with which these elements can be swapped extends the implement’s appeal to a wider audience - those with sand-dressed surfaces such as gallops and arenas.


In standard guise, the Prairial EQ also gets additional hard-facing on its raking element, and the inclusion of a levelling brush.

New Holland forage analysis

New Holland showed its latest forager technology development, offering on the go forage analysis.

Using near infrared (NIR) technology, the £8,420 system is optional on all new self-propelled FR Forage Cruisers.

Mounted on the forager’s spout, the sensor fires NIR light into the crop flow, which is then detected as it is reflected back. This is analysed to indicate crop nutrients such as dry matter, crude protein, crude fat, starch, neutral detergent fibre, acid detergent fibre and ash, which are recorded while harvesting. The firm claims an accuracy of +/- two percent.

Stored data can then be transferred via a USB key or suitable wi-fi or GPS connection to a farm PC.

Agricultural Supply Services Rapid Plate Meter

Agricultural Supply Services is importing the Rapid Plate Meter, designed to make grass yield measurement quicker and more efficient.


Rather than walking round the field taking measurements with a traditional plate meter and recording the data manually, operators use a quad mounted skid unit and measuring wheel. The depth of the sward is translated into a grass yield which is transmitted via Bluetooth to a mobile phone App and exported to pasture management software to aid decisions on grazing, feeding and ensiling.


An upgrade allows geo-location via the phone and automatic paddock recognition.


As well as increasing workrates, the Rapid Plate Meter is said to make measurements more accurate since more readings are taken per hectare. The price is £2650.

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