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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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LAMMA 2021

LAMMA 2021

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VIDEO: LAMMA 2017: Innovation competition winners

The depth and breadth of agricultural innovation rose to the surface once again at Lamma 2017. Geoff Ashcroft talks to this year’s innovation award winners.

Environmental new product or innovation award, and overall Lamma innovation winner

Witham Oil and Paint won the environmental award for its Prolan environmentally protective lubricant, which is available in heavyweight greases through to super-fine sprays.

VIDEO: Environmental new product or innovation award

Suitable for use on metals, wood, rubber and electrical components, it uses lanolin derived from sheep’s wool, to provide long-lasting protection through hydrophobic properties to repel moisture and halt corrosion. Lanolin is also a natural non-toxic moisturiser and protector.


“We were delighted to get such recognition for this relatively new product,” said Nigel Bottom, Witham Group managing director. The versatility of Prolan makes it suitable to a wide range of on-farm uses, and with NSF approval as a food-grade lubricant, it is safe to use within dairy, vegetable processing and fishery sectors.”


“Prolan won’t wash off with a cold-water jet wash – it needs steam or a degreaser to remove, so its long-lasting credentials make it a must-have treatment for those looking to prevent corrosion.”

Environmental product pic

Prolan lubricant is suitable for use on metals, wood, rubber and electrical components.

Environmental winners pic

Nigel Bottom (left) and Matthew Forbes.

Farm Machinery and Equipment Innovation Award

The Farm Machinery and Equipment Innovation Award in association with Farmers Guardian, was awarded to Ubiqutek’s Touch Pro, a professional hand weeder which uses electricity to kill weeds.

VIDEO: Farm Machinery and Equipment Innovation award

“We are absolutely thrilled to have our techhnology recognised for an award,” says Andrew Diprose, executive director of the Birmingham-based firm. “We are looking to extend the concept from a hand-weeding device to a field scale machine, so that commercial growers can take advantage of electrified weed control.”


The Touch Pro uses a 32 amp electrical feed, either from mains power or a generator, to power its probes. Touching the offending weed with the electrified probe causes near instant destruction of plant cells, with electrical current running from leaf to root to effect a systemic kill.


A first-time exhibitor at the Lamma show, Ubiqutek says it has been over-whelmed with the level of interest from growers and manufacturers. “There has been a lot on interest from organic crop producers, and also from those who are struggling to combat those weeds with a high resistance to chemicals,” he said.

Machinery and Equipment product pic

Ubiqutek's Touch Pro electric weeder.

Machinery and Equipment winners pic

Left to right: Andrew Diprose, Trevor Robinson, Rob Diprose and James Holdgate.

Crop production equipment award

Pace Mechanical Handling won the crop production award for its Orion CBC complete bag control system.

VIDEO: Crop production award

With electric motors gaining encoded measuring devices, the firm says the device offers fully automatic bag stitching with a level of repeatable accuracy which delivers 100 per cent productivity.


“We were over the moon to win an award,” said Nick Cesare, managing director of Pace Mechanical Handling. “We like Lamma’s grass roots approach to agriculture, and to win an award adds an element of prestige to us and our customers.”


The Orion CBC can handle a wide variety of paper and polypropylene sack materials to pack a broad range of products including potatoes, vegetables and animal feeds.


“Our pneumatics also use a centrifugal fan to create a vacuum, rather than relying on a more complex compressor. It is mechanically simple, yet very robust.”

Crop production product pic

Pace Mechanical Handling's Orion Complete Bag Control system.

Crop production winners pic

Pace managing director Nick Cesare.

Technological award

Irish manufacturer Acres Machinery, based at Roscommon, won the new technology award for its Supercrop1; a three-in-one crop wilting machine which can rake, condition and ted mown grass.

VIDEO: Technological award

“I am extremely happy that we won such an award on our first visit to Lamma,” said David Doran. “It is great to be recognised for a technological innovation.”


The trailed Supercrop1 uses a conditioning rotor to lift and aerate a swath, before placing it back on the ground. It is fed from two rake attachments which extend the working width to 6.2m, enabling the machine to gather multiple rows or a crop that has been spread.


Supplementary tedding is available, from a pair of hydraulically driven tedding rotors which can be lowered into the flow of crop leaving the machine.


“We’re looking to expand the range, and to offer the raking elements as a front-mounted attachment to suit baling contractors,” he said.

Technological product pic

Acres Machinery's Supercrop1.

Technological winners pic

David Doran.

Livestock equipment award

With innovation and safety in mind, Northern Engineering received the livestock equipment award for its Cow Tipper.

VIDEO: Livestock equipment award

“We are really excited to have been given an award for our Cow Tipper,” said Joe Quinn Sr, managing director of Northern Engineering. “It boosts operator safety, cow comfort and convenience.”


The fully hydraulic roll-over cattle-squeezing side crush, incorporates a side-opening panel for vets to perform caesarean operations, offers rubber matting and padding to improve animal comfort and carries a sluice box to contain manure and preventing it from flowing beneath the animal.


Ratchet handles and chains are used to secure the animal’s legs during hoof trimming, and a mesh-style toolbox places the grinder within convenient reach of the operator.


“We have been surprised by the high level of interest that show visitors have shown in our Cow Tipper,” he said. “We’ll be coming back next year.”

Livestock product pic

Northern Engineering's Cow Tipper roll-over crush.

Livestock winners pic

Kate and Joe Quinn.

Certificates of merit

  • Environmental new product or innovation award: Manitou for its active eco mode for its varioshaft transmission, and to Wellvent for its touch control system.
  • Farm Machinery and Equipment Innovation Award: Heath Engineering for its Super Spike bale spike.
  • Crop production equipment award: Plot Feeds for a cylindrical grain drier, and to Tractair for its central tyre inflation system.
  • Technological award: Amazone for its Argos twin system, and to Agricision for its lightbar guidance system.
  • Livestock equipment award: Rappa Fencing for its Series 12 mobile yard, and to Shearwell Data for its automatic drench gun.
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