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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Live Happerley Challenge - Day 3: Attila the hen and a tasty pie!

Two FG reporters, Abi Kay and Alex Black, have taken up the Live Happerley Challenge, where they eat only food and drink they can trace to seed or birth for one week.


See how they get on in their daily blog...

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Live Happerley Challenge - Day 3: Attila the hen and a tasty pie!



First thing’s first, I should probably tell you what my lucky dip tea ended up being last night.


Someone with a better memory than me got pork out of the freezer which came from Tatham, Lancashire.


We had it cooked in some veg stock I made up earlier, flavoured with garlic from Dorset. To go with it, North Yorkshire potato mash with Shropshire butter and broccoli from Murcia, Spain.

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I also had a few Lancashire crisps as a snack while we watched Masterchef after our meal. It was pretty tough going trying to get my fella not to eat the entire bag in one sitting. They are SO good.


For breakfast today I had the tastiest scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten! I went to go and see a friend, Denise, who has a backyard flock last night and she gave me some of her eggs.


Her chickens live with her in Bury, and she breeds them to get different coloured eggs – so I got a real mix!

Unfortunately, I only got to her place at the end of the day after work, so the chickens were already winding down and getting ready for bed, but they have a huge yard to play in outside with an undercover area when it’s wet, as well as a massive field to make the most of.


They have some amazing names though – the German cockerel is called Merkel, or Merky for short, and one of the bossier hens is called Attila… the hen.


They apparently also have a ‘pecking order’ on their perch, with the left-hand side being for the VIPs!

For lunch, I kept it simple and had a sweet potato from Malaga with some butter and cheese from Goosnargh, Lancashire (mega close to the office)!



Tea time is going to be another wait and see job today I think. I took out a couple of chicken breasts and some lamb mince, so I’ve got options.


I’m tempted to copy Alex and make a pie with the mince as she’s given me some of her traceable flour!


I’m also going to give making my own bread a go tonight.


Last night, I celebrated British Pie Week in style, making the most British pie I could, with flour from Wessex Mill and butter from Garstang near Preston making up my pastry with Lancashire cheese and leeks from St Helens making up a tasty filling.


I even decorated it for my challenge.




I started the day again with scrambled eggs today.


This morning, I’ve been up in Kendal at a seminar, which proved more difficult than anticipated, surrounding by people drinking coffee and eating biscuits and sipping water instead.


However, I did take the opportunity to head out a bit earlier and make my way to Tebay services on the M6.



For anyone who’s not been, the services has a farmshop and a café which are always a highlight to visit if I’m ever heading up to Cumbria or Scotland.


I bought myself some apple juice, yoghurts and a few other goodies.


I had more of my leek, carrot, cabbage and cauliflower soup for lunch, with a slice of homebaked bread.


Tonight, I’m going for some of the ‘superfood’ Quinoa, grown in Essex by Peter Fairs. I’ve only had it once before and never cooked it. I’ll be having it with a chicken breast and some kale and grated carrot.


After tea, I’m going to have one of my yoghurts, made with Scottish milk from Rora Dairy, with a spoonful of honey from just down the road in Bolton.


I’ve been craving yoghurt all week so really looking forward to that one!

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