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Third win in a row for Audrey at Suffolk

IT was the third dairy inter-breed win in a row at Suffolk Show for the Holstein champion, Easthaugh Audrey 70.

Angela   Calvert

Angela   Calvert

By Wyndford Amazement, the fifth calver is owned by breeder, Eddie Brigham and Designer Holsteins, Instonegate, Essex, it is currently giving 60kg daily having calved in March.


The judge, Robert Proctor, Thetford said ‘it is a great cow which is very youthful after having five calves and is a great credit to the breed.’


Standing reserve was the any other breed champion, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy, a home-bred Ayrshire second calver from John Smith, who set up his own Ayrshire herd five years ago which runs alongside the family’s 180 Holsteins at St Osyth, Essex. Three weeks fresh it is giving 45kg daily and goes to Royal Norfolk next.


Burnbank Jenny

It was another repeat performance in the beef rings where Burnbank Jenny, the four-year-old Limousin cow, from Paul Barwood and Anita Padfield, Great Yarmouth, which was also taking the supreme title at the show for the third year running. By Wilodge Fastrac, it has already been inter-breed champion at Nottinghamshire County this season and was shown with its second calf by Ulm at foot. It was joined by its herd mate, the two-year-old Limousin bull, Trueman Mozart, a Trueman Jagger son, to win the inter-breed pairs, and then by the same exhibitors Limousin heifer, Burnbank Natalie, to take the inter-breed group of three.


Wissington Nelson, a 16-month-old Charolais bull, by Wissington Highflyer, which was any other breed champion, claimed the reserve beef inter-breed rosette for John and Jenny Rix, Colchester. It was shown by stockman, Darren Knox, whose heifer, Balbithan Nancy, joined to it take reserve inter-breed pairs.


The Lincoln Red champion, Yarn Hill Vulcan, a two-year-old home-bred bull from Iken Hall Farms, Woodbridge, took the native title.


The show hosted the South Devon National Championships with the championship going to Philip Laity and his son, Oliver, who made the trip from Cornwall, with their home-bred 2014-born bull, Z Polkinghorne Bentley, a son of

Carzise Bentley 2.


Reserve was Connor Whitehead, Telford, with Z Eyton SAS Loita 10, a two-year-old heifer, by Hawkley SAS Intrepid.



Morley Maverick Hampshire Down and inter-breed champion

In the sheep rings in was an inter-breed win for Morley Maverick, a home-bred Hampshire Down shearling ram owned by Eleanor and Annabel Jones, Wymondham. Breed champion at the show last year as a lamb and a winner at the national show and sale last year, it was on its first outing this season and was shown by their father, Andrew, as they were busy taking end of year exams.


Inter-breed judge, Tom Stayt, Chipping Norton, said the ram was very correct, handled exceptionally well, had a very good skin and a tremendous backend for a native breed.


Reserve was the Charollais champion, a home-bred shearling ram from Carol and Geoff Watson’s Sulwood flock, Kettering.


Bezurrell Actress 317 British Lop and inter-breed champion

It was a double triumph for Hayley Lake from Dereham in the pig inter-breed taking champion and reserve. Supreme went to her five-year-old British Lop sow, Bezurrell Actress 317 bred by Giles Eustace which is in-pig with its eighth litter.


Reserve was her July 2017-born home-bred, British Saddleback gilt, Blacksmiths Dinah. All six of the of the commercial pig classes were won by Pietrain crosses from Peter Mortimer who runs 120 sows at Metfield, Norfolk.





Inter-breed (R. Proctor, Thetford) Supreme, Designer Holsteins and E. Brigham, Easthaugh Audrey 70 (Holstein); reserve, J. Smith, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy (Ayrshire).


Holstein (A. Birkle, Loughborough) Sup., Designer Holsteins and E. Brigham, Easthaugh Audrey 70; res., Smith Farms, Lodgekeymer Marjory.

Jersey (A. Birkle) Sup., Moonshine Jerseys, Moonshine Glam Com Dance; res., C.B. Smith, Kinder Amity Primrose.

Any other breed (A. Birkle) Sup., J. Smith, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy; res., Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses, Sharnford Morey Mint (Guernsey).



Inter-breed (M. Read, Horncastle) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny (Limousin); res., J. and J. Rix, Wissington Nelson (Charolais).


Dexter (F. Thomson, Bracknell) Sup. and male, K. and L. James, Sedgefern Black Prince; res. and fem., K. and L. James, Sedgefern Magnolia; res. male, R. Creighton, Endway Boy; res. fem., J. Angel, Seraphine Pandora.

Red Poll (S.A.S. Mahon, Norwich) Sup. and male, G.P. and S.J. Barnes, Hopeham Fauzie; res. and fem., V.J. Getty, Lavenham Brook Kirstie; res. male, G.P. and S.J. Barnes, Hopeham Gusto; res. fem., V.J. Getty, Lavenham Brook Starlight.

Aberdeen-Angus (O. Tunney, Northwich) Sup. and fem., Shadwell Estate Co, Shadwell Red Fleur T938; res. and res. fem., Shadwell Estate Co, Shadwell Jayne Erica L506; male, Park Wall Aberdeen-Angus, Park Wall Peter Pan T005; res. male, Overbury Hall Angus, Overbury Hall Peregrine.

Hereford (E.N. Thorne, Milford Haven) Sup. and fem., P.R.J. and L.R. Vincent, Pulham 1 Starlet 7; res. and male, P.R.J. and L.R. Vincent, Pulham Providence; res. fem., C. Bidmead, Rockland Tiara P4; res. male, GW Farms, Admiral 1 Dell Plum.

Highland (D. Rowbottom, Grantham) Sup. and fem., G.J.H. and I.E.A. Rainey, Donella Ruadh of April; res. and male, G.J.H. and I.E.A. Rainey, Logan of April; res. fem., G.J.H. and I.E.A. Rainey, Isal 1 of April.

Lincoln Red (C. Mylius, Newport-on-Tay) Sup. and male, Iken Hall Farms, Yarn Hill Vulcan; res. and fem., A.W.J. and E.L. Bainbridge, Hobart Lobelia; res. fem., J. and S. Loveday, Polly.

Longhorn (A. Blockley, Bradford) Sup. and fem., A.K. Clark and Sons, Trelawny Quincy; res. and res. fem., S.E. Coleman, Chalkney Quirky; male, T. and S. Farms, Colne Valley Jupiter.

South Devon (M.R. Rowe, Liskeard) Sup. and male, Laity Farms, Z Polkinghorne Bentley; res. and fem., C. Whitehead, Z Eyton SAS Lolita; res. male, Roden Livestock, Z Eyton SAS Leo 1; res. fem., M.E. and T.E. Broome, Welland Valley Claudia 9.

Limousin (J. Watson, Berwick-on-Tweed) Sup. and fem., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny; res. and res. fem., W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Lucy; male, Barwood and Padfield, Trueman Mozart.

British Simmental (J.M. Wightman, Stirling) Sup. and fem., D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Gypsy Rose; res. and male, D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Imperial; res. fem., D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Girlie’s Ivy; res. male, L.J. and E.L. Dowley, Theberton Genesis 15.

Any other pure breed (O. Tunney) Sup. and male, Wissington Charolais, Wissington Nelson (Charolais); res. and fem., D. Knox, Balbithan Nancy (Charolais); res. male, Barwood and Padfield, Bedgebury Legend (British Blue);

res., fem., Chandler and Dunn, Snowdrop 137 of Goldstone (Sussex).

Commercial (J. Ludgate, Thame) Sup., T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Ayana; res., T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Midnight.




Inter-breed (T. Stayt, Chipping Norton) E. and A. Jones (Hampshire Down); res. C. and G. Watson (Charollais).


Suffolk (D. Rossiter, Kingsbridge) Sup. and male and res. male, T. Stocking; res. and fem., R. Partridge and Son; res. fem., G. and E. Beddie.

Coloured Ryeland (T. Bradbury, Narberth) Sup., K. Dolden; res., J. Stone.

Hampshire Down (H. Robinson, Donaghadee) Sup., E. and A. Jones; res., D. Middleditch and Son.

Jacob (G.A. Jones, Stockbridge) Sup. and fem. and res. and res. fem., A.R. and J. Smith; male and res. male, C.A. Coe and Son.

Norfolk Horn (D. Whybrow, Letchworth) Sup. and fem., E. and S. Clover; res. and male and res. male, Catfield Hall; res. fem., D. Layt.

Southdown (S.J. Crook, Brant Broughton) Sup., E.J. Cresswell; res., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer.

Wensleydale (J. McHardy, Cupar) Sup. and fem., C.A. Coe and Son, res. and male, and res. male; res. fem., S. Holdich.

Other longwool breeds (J. Hampstead, Boston) Sup. and male and res. and fem., C. Sander (Leicester Longwool); res. male, F.R.L. Byatt (Teeswater); res. fem., A. Allen (Romney).

Other down breeds (S. Driver, Glossop) Sup. and fem., res. and male and res. fem., B. Lugsden (Dorset Down); res. male, J.H. Kemball (Dorset Horn).

Other native breeds (J. Geldard, Kendal) Sup. and male and res. fem., B. Lugsden (Border Leicester); res., and fem. and res. male, Whitehead Sisters (Lleyn).

Charollais (J. Geldard) Sup. and res. C.J. and G.C. Watson.

Texel (………) Sup., T. and J. Prentice; res., S. Cobbald.

Other continental breeds (S. Driver) Sup., J. McInnes Skinner, Millennium Bleu; res., R. and R. Sharp (Beltex).

Butchers lambs (J. Ludgate, Thame) Sup., R. Spry (Charollais); res. J. McInnes Skinner (Millennium Bleu).




Inter-breed (C. Impey, Tonyrefail) Sup., and sup. white breed, H. Lake, Bezurrell Actress 317 (British Lop); res. and sup. coloured breed, H. Lake, Blacksmiths Dinah (British Saddleback); res. white, T. Cook, Portbredy Maple Leaf 3867 (Large White); res. coloured, P.E. Churchyard and Son., Breckles Majestic Eagle 4 (Large Black).


Breed classes (A. Warriner, York)

Large Black - Sup., P.E. Churchyard and Son, Breckles Majestic Eagle 4; res., D. Cullington, Broccwood Princess.

Gloucester Old Spot - Sup., Mr and Mrs Glockling, Millfields Josephine 255; res., T. Cook, Millfields Rufus 248.

Oxford Sandy and Black - Sup., K. Cullington, Broccwood Dandy 9; Barley Fen Crafts, Tan Alison 13.

Berkshire - Sup., Mr and Mrs Glockling, Tentrees Suzanne 313; res., M. Keymer, Tentrees Ambassador 316.

Hampshire - Sup., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Balsham Precious 20; res., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Balsham First Turn.

British Saddleback - Sup., H. Lake, Blacksmiths Dinah.

British Lop – Sup., H. Lake, Bezurrell Actress 317; res., H. Lake, Broadland Harmony 2.

Middle White – Sup., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Solitaire Woodlands Lady; res., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Solitaire Mischief.

Large White – Sup., T. Cook, Portbredy Maple Leaf 3867; T. Cook, Portbredy Primrose 4632.

Welsh – Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Theresa 24; res., D. Finch, Siskin Theresa.


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