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Richaven herd dominates UK Dairy Expo 2015

Over 7,000 visitors, 135 trade stands and 430 cattle descended on Borderway Mart for the UK Dairy Expo, which this year also featured the one-day conference, Total Dairy Expo. Louise Hartley reports.


Two international judges took centre stage at the fourth annual UK Dairy Expo, which saw Richard Bown, Worcester clinch the inter-breed, Holstein and Ayrshire championships.


Mr Bown, dominated the Holstein breed, taking both the champion and reserve champion positions.


Top of the line-up, was the intermediate champion Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6 VG89, a second calver which was later tapped out as inter-breed champion by judges, Hank Van Exel, California and Barclay Phoenix, Canada.


Calving in December and giving 54kg daily, the home-bred cow is out the former AgriScot SuperCow Richaven Shottle Squaw VG88 and by Braedale Goldwyn.


In reserve was the senior champion Richaven Rapture Rebecca, an EX93 third calver. It is also home-bred, out of Richaven Champion Rebecca and by the home-bred bull, Richaven Rapture.


Standing reserve overall and intermediate champion at last year’s UK Dairy Expo, it was also reserve breed champion at AgriScot in 2013 and has just been named reserve junior cow at the All-Britain awards.


Yielding 47kg daily, it is projected to give 11,500kg in this lactation after calving in October.

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Mr Bown also led the Ayrshire championship with the fourth calver Loukat Lucky. Twice breed champion at AgriScot and supreme inter-breed at the Livestock Event two years ago it is also a twice nominated All-World cow.


Bought as fresh milking heifer from Alex Craig, Cheshire it is by Ardrossan EV Kates Trident and out of City View Pansy.


Richard Baynes, Northumberland secured reserve with the home-bred second calver Marleycote Brown Nell 20. Standing second in its class here in 2014, it was also heifer champion at the Great Yorkshire Show.


It is a Palmrya Tri-StarBurdette daughter out of Marleycote Brown Nell 17.

Dairy Shorthorn

Dairy Shorthorn

The day got even better for Mr Baynes, with the Dairy Shorthorn champion being a Marleycote-bred cow, now owned by the McLean family, Northern Ireland.


Led by John McLean, Marleycote Priness Jill 31 secured a hat trick of championship titles here at the UK Dairy Expo.


Shown in its third lactation after calving in November and giving 45kg daily, it was champion at the Ulster Winter Fair and champion at Balmoral Show twice.


Richard Baynes completed the line-up, taking reserve with Marleycote Songstress 17. The VG87 second calver is a Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette daughter out of Martleycote Songstress 17 and was reserve here in 2014, behind the same cow.

Red and White

Andrew and Jane Whittaker, Shrewsbury took top spot for the Red and White breed, with daughter Steph and partner, James Doherty then securing the Jersey championship.


Red and White honours went to the home-bred Knowlesmere Adventure Dream Red, a fresh second calver giving 50kg daily. By Riverdane Adventure Red, it is out of Knowlesmere Rampage Dream Red.


It’s January-2014 born heifer calf, Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red took top spot for the breed in the junior championship.


Standing reserve was Robert Veitch, Ayrshire with Riverdane MB Strawberry. The fourth calver was purchased in November as a batch of 60 cows for Mr Veitch’s new robotic system from Richard Bown, Worcester.


Giving 47kg daily it is an EX90 Dudoc Mr Burns daughter out of Riverdane Strawberry Red.



Steph Whittaker and James Doherty, Shrewsbury had the Jersey champion with Bluegrass Vindications Harp. The two-year old heifer-in-milk was bought by Mr Doherty as baby calf for Miss Whittaker as a birthday present. It has just been named reserve All Britain two-year



Out of Bluegrass Barbers Harpist, it is by Vindication CJCC JHIF and is yielding 25kg after calving in October.


Heifers went on to dominate the line-up, with another, this time Clifton Tequila Bracken from Steven and Claire Bland, Cumbria in reserve. The home-bred Tower Vue Prime Tequila daughter, out of Clifton Blackstone Bracken was led by daughter Lizzie and was shown giving 24kg after calving in January.


It’s full sister, jointly owned with Robert Hunter, Lanarkshire was junior champion at the Royal Highland Show last year.

Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss

Both the champion and reserve honours for the Brown Swiss breed were awarded to Robert and Sheila McColm, Wigtownshire.


Led by daughter Lorna, it was Soulseat Jublend Beatrice, a prolific show winner for the McColm family which was tapped out in top spot. It was champion at the Brown Swiss national show at the Livestock Event, UK Dairy Day and Stranraer Show last year.


Classified EX93 and in its third lactation after calving in June, it is giving 26kg daily at 5.43 per cent butterfat and 3.77 percent protein.


In reserve, this time with Robert on the halter, was Soulseat Jackpot Dee. Calving with its first calf in January, it is giving 28kg daily and is a Super Brown Jackpot daughter, out of the VG88 Soulseat Zola Dee.

British Friesian

British Friesian

Adam Lawson, Fife then went on to take the double for the British Friesian breed. First was his champion, the sixth calver, Lismulligan Priscilla 41. The EX92 home-bred Deangate Prince 2 daughter, out of Lismulligan Priscilla 35 took the same title here last year and was champion at the Livestock Event in 2011.


It calved in January and is giving 38kg daily.


Reserve was Mr Lawson’s second calver, Skyhill Rocket Pauline 2, bought at the Skyhill dispersal two years ago as an in-calf heifer.


It was honourable mention here last year and calved in September, shown today still giving 25kg per day.



Champion of champions (H. Van Exel, California and B. Phoenix, Canada) Supreme, R. Bown, Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6.

Ayrshire (B. Phoenix) Sup., R. Bown, Loukat Lucky; reserve, G.G. Baynes and Son, Marleycote Brown Nell 20.

British Friesian (H. Van Exel) Sup., B. Lawson and Sons, Lismulligan Priscilla 41; res., B. Lawson and Sons, Skyhill Rocket Pauline 2.

Brown Swiss (H. Van Exel) Sup., R. and S. McColm,  Soulseat Jublend Beatrice; res., R. and S. McColm, Soulseat Jackpot Dee.

Dairy Shorthorn (H. Van Exel) Sup., McLean Family, Marleycote Princess Jill 31; res., G.G. Baynes, Marleycote Songstress 17.

Holstein (H. Van Exel) Sup., R. Bown, Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6; res., R. Bown, Richaven Rapture Rebecca.

Jersey (B. Phoenix) Sup., S. Whittaker and J. Doherty, Bluegrass Vindications Harp; res., S. and C.L. Bland, Clifton Tequila Bracken.

Red and White (B. Phoenix) Sup., A and J. Whittaker, Knowlesmere Adventure Dream Red; res., R. Veitch, Riverdane MB Strawberry Red.

Junior championships

Ayrshire (B. Phoenix) Sup., A. Rimmer, Sandyford LR Bunty; res., A. Struthers, Glenmuir Glencairn Jaunita.

Brown Swiss (H. Van Exel) Sup., T. Lochhead and Sons, Kedar Alaska; res., M. and R. Harper, Inspired Proud Tequila.

Dairy Shorthorn (H. Van Exel) Sup., S. Dixon, Shaunlea Geri 6; res., I.R.G. Collins and Partners, Churchroyd Fay 11.

Holstein (H. Van Exel) Sup., B. Yates, Holmland Atwood Marie; res., A. and J. Whittaker, Knowlesmere Shadow Diamond.

Red and White (B. Phoenix) Sup., Riverdane Holsteins, Riverdane Barbwire Adventageous Red; res., A. and J. Whittaker, Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red.

Jersey (B. Phoenix) Sup., A. Holliday and S. Wake, Erie Gammon Mamie J; res., B. Yates, Logan Tequila Glamour.


Overall (C. Swale, Lancashire) Sup., W. Horsley; res., B. Lawrence; hon. men., A. Hunter.


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