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RL results reveal 0.5t/ha drop in barley yields


Initial AHDB recommended lists trials reveal winter barley is currently yielding around 0.5 t/ha below the national five year average. 

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How does your barley yields compare with RL trials? #barley #MyFGHarvest

Winter barley harvest results 2016

2012-16 average 2016 average Croft on Tees, North Yorkshire Welbourn, Lincolnshire Cowlinge, Suffolk
Control average 9.32 8.85 9.6 7.43 9.52
Cassata (C) 92 90 85 95 91
KWS Glacier (C) 103 101 100 101 102
KWS Meridian (C) 103 106 105 106 107
SY Venture (C) 96 96 102 92 94
Volume (C) 106 106 108 106 106
Bazooka 109 109 112 111 104
Belfry 107 110 112 112 105
California 99 101 102
Craft 98 94 93 91 97
KWS Cassia 99 100 96 103 100
KWS Infinity 103 101 104 100 98
KWS Orwell 104 106 106 108 104
KWS Tower 102 100 96 103 101
Surge 103 104 98 108 108
Talisman 96 94 96 92 93
Funky (candidate) 107 106 102 113 105
KWS Creswell (candidate) 103 99 97 105 97
Rubinesse (candidate) 96 91 92 93 89
Sunningdale (candidate) 109 107 113 105 103


Source: AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds



Harvest results have started to come in from AHDB Recommended Lists (RL) trials in north Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk.


So far, the overall yield average of 8.85 t/ha (3.6t/acre) for 2016 is down on the five year average of 9.32 t/ha (3.8/acre).


Looking at the annual trends, the average yield is lower than 2014 and 2015, but up on 2012 and 2013.


See also: Yield and quality continues to disappoint


In 2016, the six-row feed varieties are topping the yield tables with hybrids Belfry and Bazooka.


Bazooka has also performed best based on the five-year average, achieving 109 per cent.


The two-row feed variety KWS Orwell, which is the highest yielding two-row on the current RL, has achieved 106 per cent, with Surge performing well at 104 per cent.



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