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LAMMA 2021

ROYAL WELSH SHOW: Clun Forest wins at Royal Welsh for the first time

It was a first-time win for the Clun Forests in the sheep inter-breed rings. A shearling ewe from Anna Pennell, County Durham, had the top title on its Royal Welsh debut.

Inter-breed, native lowland and Clun Forest champion from Anna Pennell
Inter-breed, native lowland and Clun Forest champion from Anna Pennell

Out of a Wrotham ewe from Derek Knowles’ Hertfordshire based flock, the Trewlyrod daughter was purchased by Ms Pennell in September last year and has brought her multiple successes on the circuit, having never been beaten in a breed championship to date.


Reserve and winner of the native upland championship, was a home-bred North Country Cheviot shearling ewe from Ifan Huw Hughes, Caernarfon.


After coming second in its class at the show last year, the Bardnaclaran Topman daughter took this title on its second outing ever. No stranger to the sheep inter-breed rings, Mr Hughes has won the hill inter-breed title four times at the Royal Welsh in the past, last year lifting the reserve hill inter-breed title with a shearling ewe.


In reserve native upland was a Torwen Badger Face Welsh Mountain from Aled Groucott, Gwent. After taking reserve breed champion at the show in 2017, it has taken various titles on Mr Groucott’s local show circuit and resides with his 25-head flock.

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Inter-breed reserve, native upland and North County Cheviot champion from I. H. Hughes, Caernarfon.
Inter-breed reserve, native upland and North County Cheviot champion from I. H. Hughes, Caernarfon.

Reserve in the native lowland section went to a Lleyn shearling ewe from Christine Lewis who has 250 pure Lleyns at Caersws, Powys, on its first show outing. This was Ms Lewis’ best win at the show, having won the breed title on four previous occasions.


It was a successful first outing at the Royal Welsh for Laine Daff and Lillian Waddell, Uplawmoor, Renfrewshire, with the pair taking the continental inter-breed title with a Rouge shearling ewe.


Their ewe, named Bennachie Trina, was bought privately from breeder Pat Imlah at last year’s Turiff show. It is by a French sire and out of Bennechie Ruby Lu. It was breed champion at this year’s Great Yorkshire show and is the only Rouge kept alongside 20 Bleu du Maines.


They also took the Bleu du Maine championship in what was the breed’s national show. This winner was a home-bred gimmer, Greenside Posh Blue, which is by Tighnahich Massey and out of a Windhole ewe. This one was also breed champion at the Great Yorkshire.


Runner-up in the continental section was a Berrichon shearling ram exhibited by Gareth Beynon-Thomas, Swansea.


The ram was bought as a ram last year in a private sale and is part of Mr Thomas’ 250 strong pedigree flock, which is the largest in the country.


Mr Thomas was reserve inter-breed at the Royal Welsh three years ago, and has taken the reserve continental title on three previous occasions at the fixture.

Sheep results

Inter-breed (Judge, J.H. Williams, Anglesey) Sup. and native lowland., A. Pennell (Clun Forest); res. and native upland, I.H Hughes (North Country Cheviot); res. native lowland, C. Lewis (Lleyn); res. native upland, A. Groucott (Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Torwen); continental, L. Daff and L. Waddell (Rouge); res., G. Beynon-Thomas (Berrichon).

Ewe lamb (W. Carson, Co Antrim) Sup., C., A. and R. Jospeh (Brecknock Hill Cheviot); res., E. Sargent (Southdown).

Ram lamb (W.Carson) Sup., D. Lewis (Dorset); res., J.W.S. Brown (Oxford Down).

Welsh Mountain – pedigree (D.A. Williams, Denbighshire) Sup. and male, E. and H.E. Evans; res. and fem., M. Williams; res. male, C. and P. Grove; res. fem., K.S. Lewis.

Welsh Mountain – hill flock (G. Evans, Oswestry) Sup. and male, T.R. Hulme; res. and fem., E. Jenkins; res. male, D. Jenkins; res. fem., D. Jenkins.

South Wales Mountain (R. Millichap, Port Talbot) Sup. and male, res. and fem., Williams Partners; res. male, D.Vicary; res. fem., S. and E. Williams.

Black Welsh Mountain (D. Edwards, Carmenthenshire) Sup. and fem., W. and S. Workman; res. and male, E.O. Williams; res. fem., G.L. Hughes; res. male, D. and R. Rowlands.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Torddu (W. Hughes, Powys) Sup. and fem., res. and male, A. Hemmings; res. fem., W.S. Jeffreys; res. male, C., A. and R. Joseph.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain – Torwen (H. Williams, Carmenthenshire) Sup. and fem., A. Groucott; res. and male, M. Evans; res. fem., E. and J. Jones; res. male, S. and C. Brown.

Balwen Welsh Mountain (S. Bowden, Neath) Sup. and male, H. and M. Williams; res. and fem., N. and N. Owen; res. male, G. and M. Howells; res. fem., J. Jones.

Welsh Hill Speckled Face (T. Bebb, Powys) Sup. and male, res. and fem., S. Roberts; res. male, C. Eifion; res. fem., C. Jones.

Beulah Speckled Face (T. Evans, Powys) Sup. and fem., M.J. and J.M. Price; res. and male, N. Davies; res. fem., I. Richards; res. male, A. and D. Evans.

Hill Radnor (N. Radnor, Salop) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., K.L. and R.E. Jones; res. male, D.C. Jones.

Kerry Hill (A. Brimble, Bristol) Sup. and fem., J. and P. Owens; res. and male, R.F. and D.J. Price; res. fem., K. Esler and E. Simmons; res. male, S. Jones.

Brecknock Hill Cheviot (T. Phillips, Powys) Sup. and fem., res. fem., res. male, C., A. and R. Joseph; res. and male. D.G. and B. Thomas.

North Country Cheviot (K. Stones, Richmond) Sup. and fem., I.H. Hughes; res. and male, res. male, G.P. Hughes; res. fem., D. Griffiths.

Derbyshire Gritstone (J. Eggleton, Yorkshire) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. male, J. Bowden; res. fem., A. and A. Thomas.

Exmoor Horn (K. Branfield, Somerset) Sup. and fem., D.N. Floyd; res. and male, res. fem., S. Routley; res. male, J. Acland.

Jacob (B. Webster, Fife) Sup. and male, K. Gaskell; res. and fem., D.W. and S.L. Harries; res. male, D.J. Price; res. fem., L. Trumper and Family.

Ryeland (S. Gray, Herefordshire) Sup. and male, D. Lewis; res. and fem., A. and E. Parry; res. male, A.J. Robinson; res. fem., A. Davies.

Coloured Ryeland (C. Bateman, Brecon) Sup. and fem., E.J. Robinson; res. and male, S. and Z. Unwin; res. fem., res. male, D. Summerfield.

Dorset Down (J. Legg, Dorset) Sup. and male, D. Lewis; res. and fem., J. and N. Hepburn; res. male, A.W., F. and E. Evans; res. fem., C.R. Burton.

Wiltshire Horn (R. Hamilton, Merseyside) Sup. and fem., res. and male, B. and H. Thomas and Sons; res. fem., res. male, R.J. Thomas.

Welsh Mule (S. Bennett, Powys) Sup., T. Evans; res., A. Jones. NOTE TO SUBS - NO MALE, FEM etc.

Welsh half-bred (R. Owen, Denbigh) Sup., E.A. Price; res., T. Price.

Southdown (G. Hughes, Aberystwyth) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. fem., Messrs Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer; res. male, T.R. Davies.

Llanwenog (L. Jones, Devon) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. male, H. Evans; res. fem., J. Davies.

Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset (R. Hole, Dorset) Sup. and male, res. male, D. Lewis; res. and fem., R. and D. Rossiter; res. fem., G. and E. Jones.

Bluefaced Leicester (B. Dallyn, Devon) Sup. and male, T.J. and L.S.R. Griffiths and G. and C. Morris; res. and fem., E. Owen a’i feibion; res. male, R.G. and R.A. Jones and Son; res. fem., J. McLeod.

Zwartbles (A. Coombs, Somerset) Sup. and fem., res. male, S. Inns; res. and male, C. and C. Clark; res. fem., M. Rowlandson.

Clun Forest (R. Vincent, Oxfordshire) Sup. and fem., A. Pennell; res. and male, I.T. Davies and Son; res. fem., M. Davies; res. male, C. and A. Meredith.

Oxford Down (M. Johnson, Northamptonshire) Sup. and fem., L. and B. Parry; res. and male, res. male, J.W.S. Brown; res. fem., J.W. and M.F.S. Brown.

Lleyn (M. Cursiter, Orkney) Sup. and fem., res. male, C. Lewis; res. and male, H.M. Wells; res. fem., A.W. Davies.

Border Leicester (R. Whitcombe, Hampshire) Sup. and fem., R.A. George; res. and res. fem., D. Roddy Jones; male, P. and C. Tippetts; res. male, D. Roddy Jones.

Bleu du Maine (S. Norman, Somerset) Sup. and fem., L. Daff; res. and male, J.W. Stables; res. fem., M. Heard; res. male, I.J. Davies.

Charollais (D. Cowan, Co Down) Sup. and fem., C. Sercombe; res. and male, res. male, D. Curran; res. fem., B. and G. Ingram.

Berrichon (B. Irvine, Aberdeenshire) Sup. and male, G. Beynon-Thomas; res. and res. male, B. Evans; fem., B. Evans; res. fem., C. Morse.

Beltex (H. Hughes, Powys) Sup. and male, res. male, A. Jackson; res. and fem., P. and C. Tippetts; res. fem., A.D. Bishop.

Blue Texel (A. Froggatt, Staffordshire) Sup. and fem., res. fem., res. male, P. and C. Tippetts; res. and male, G.K. Williams.

Texel (D. Corfield, Oxfordshire) Sup. and fem., T. Evans; res. and res. fem., Procters Farm; male, J.B. Joseph; res. male, M. Alford.

Hampshire Down (M. Adams, Gloucestershire) Sup. and male, J. Borsey and M. Sivill; res. and fem., res. male, R.A. Rundle; res. fem., E. and B. Jones.

Shropshire (P. Bird, Derbyshire) Sup. and male, A. Harvey; res. and fem., S.J. Morgan; res. male, E. Butcher; res. fem., S. Farquhar.

Suffolk (E. Davies, Carmarthen) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., W.H. Sinnett and Sons; res. male, R.B. and G.M. Morgan.

Herdwick (M. Fox, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., M. Parry; res. and male, res. fem., res. male, Pittard family.

Any other pure native upland breed (M. Gittins, Powys) Sup. and fem., res. fem., res. male, Launder Farm; res. and male, A. Pennell.

Any other pure native lowland or continental (M. Gittins) Sup. and fem., L. Daff, and L. Waddell (Rouge); res. and res. fem., male R. and V. Grinnall (Dutch Spotted); res. male, M. Rowlandson (Dutch Spotted).

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