iOSR: Precision farming focus for OSR: Light exposure

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With oilseed rape growers reporting crops, for the most part, having established strongly and come through winter well, thoughts have turned to how to make the most of the potential for the coming season, according to Syngenta technical Light exposure manager James Southgate.

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He advocated iOSR growers should be looking to build on crop structures to ensure they made best use of available sunlight. “Last year really highlighted the issues of low light capture through a dull growing season, which reflected in disappointing yields at harvest.

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“However, growers can manage the height and shape of plants with Toprex PGR treatments to ensure light can penetrate to lower leaves, to convert into the energy reserves which will drive yield.”


Mr Southgate detailed results of research trials and growers’ experiences which showed application at early stem extension (GS31) would prove the most effective in suppressing extension of the main raceme and encouraging even plant development with a more efficient open structure.


“Furthermore, the treatment synchronises the plant’s development and flowering, so you get a visible consolidation of the flowering period into a shorter time span.


“There is less light reflectance by the yellow flowers, which means more energy is available for the plant green leaf area to utilise and drive higher yield.”

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