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Suffolk takes top sheep title in the sunshine

On its final summer show outing of the year, a Suffolk ewe lamb from John Sinnett, Worcester took supreme in the sheep inter-breed, being put forward after winning the native lowland championship.

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Catch up on the full sheep results from the Royal Welsh Show

This was the second year Mr Sinnett has been in the top two at the Royal Welsh after taking reserve in last year’s sheep inter-breed at the Royal Welsh with a shearling ewe.


This year’s winner, was a home-bred ewe is by Irongray Black Magic, a ram bred by Roy Hiddleston. It was reserve female breed champion at the Royal Three Counties Show earlier this summer.


The inter-breed judge, Francis Kennedy, a Charollais breeder from Dumfries, described the Suffolk as the most correct lamb he has seen, being ’correct in every way’.

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Reserve inter-breed

Reserve inter-breed

Reserve overall was winner of the native upland inter-breed section - a North Country Cheviot from Gareth Hughes, Llandrindod Wells, Powys.

This home-bred shearling ewe was being shown for the first time, and this marked the first major win for Mr Hughes who is a carpenter by trade and keeps 40 North Country Cheviots, along with 40 Park type and 25 Hill type Cheviots.

This was just his third time showing at the Welsh, and next he will head to Oswestry show.

Reserve native lowland

Reserve native lowland

Reserve in the native lowland section was a Clun Forest two-year old ram from Mike Eckley, Glasbury-on-Wye. Mr Eckley, who is a policeman by trade and keeps 10 Clun ewes, has taken the breed championship at the show for three years in a row.


Bred by Mark Lloyd, Herefordshire and out of a Sarnsfield tup, Mr Eckley bought the ram as a yearling at last year's society sale at Ludlow market for 300gns.


Runner-up in the native upland section was a Kerry Hill yearling ram from 11-year-old Tom Evans, Llanymyach, Powys. The ram, named ‘Woody’ was bought from J.P. Owen’s Woodhouse flock at a breed sale at Ludlow as a ram lamb.


He was reserve inter-breed at this year’s Royal Welsh spring festival. This was Master Evans’ best result at the Royal Welsh and he had got another 10 shows still to go to this year including Oswestry and Burwarton.

Texel champion

Texel champion

In the continental section the winner was a three-year-old Texel ewe from Proctors Farm, Lancaster and shown by flock manager Jeff Aiken.


This ewe was the inter-breed champion at last year’s Royal Welsh Show, and this year took the reserve breed title at the Royal Highland show.


It is by the 40,000gns Scholars Twenty Twelve, and out of a dam by the 50,000gns Haddo Ringleader.

Charolais champion

Charolais champion

A 2014-born Charolais ewe from Adrian Davies took reserve in the continental judging. It was the first show outing for the ewe, which was bought as a yearling from breeder Arwen Thomas at Hereford.


It is by Shamrock Northern Star and is part of Mr Davies’ 120-ewe flock.


Inter-breed (Judge, F.H. Kennedy, Dumfries) W.H. Sinnett and Sons (Suffolk); res., G.P. Hughes (North Country Cheviot).


Inter-breed native upland (F.H. Kennedy) Sup., G.P. Hughes (North Country Cheviot); res., T.R. Evans (Kerry Hill).


Inter-breed continental (F.H. Kennedy) Sup., Proctors Farms (Texel); res., A. Davies (Charollais).


Inter-breed native lowland (F.H. Kennedy) W.H. Sinnett and Sons (Suffolk); res. M. Eckley (Clun Forest).


Inter-breed pairs (R. McKenzie, Ross-shire) Sup., E. and B. Jones (Hampshire Down); res., A.D. and E.E. Richards, and E. and S. Morgans (Beulah Speckled Face).


Welsh Mountain pedigree (B. Roberts, Corwen) Sup. and fem. res. fem., M. Williams; res. and male, J. Earle.


Welsh Mountain hill flock (G. Jones, Conwy) Sup. and fem., T.A. Williams; res. and res. fem., res. male, D. Jenkins; male, T.A. Williams.


South Wales Mountain (L.Howells, Port Talbot) Sup. and male, D. Vicary; res. and res. male, S. and E. Williams; fem., A. Davies; res. fem., S. and E. Williams.


Black Welsh Mountain (D. Rowlands, Anglesey) Sup. and fem., Workman Family; res. and male, G.W. Hughes; res. fem., C. Garn; res. male, E.O. Williams.


Badger Face Welsh Mountain Torddu (D. Harries, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and fem., M. Evans; res. and male, M.J. Jones, res. fem., E.A. Eagles; res. male, H. Williams and K. Phillips.


Badger Face Welsh Mountain Torwen (R.G. Jones, Gwynedd) Sup. and fem., A. Groucott; res. and male, res. male, D. Williams; res. fem., M. Evans.


Balwen Welsh Mountain (B. Price, Hereford) Sup. and male, G. and M. Howells; res. and fem., J. Jones; res. male, Groucott Family; res. fem., D. and M. Hughes.


Welsh Hill Speckled Face (M.E. Davies, Ceredigion) Sup. and fem., J.S. Roberts; res. and male, D. and R. Jones; res. fem., T. and B. Evans; res. male, C. Jones.


Beulah Speckled Face (E. Jones, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and fem., res. fem., A.D. and E.E. Richards; res. and male, E. and S. Morgans; res. male, A. and E.B. Jones.


Hill Radnor (E. Morgan, Powys) Sup. and male, res. and fem, res. male, D.C.L. and C.J. Williams; res. fem., E.V. and P.M. and K.A. Jones.


Kerry Hill (R.A. Howell, Swansea) Sup. and male, T.R. Evans; res. and res. male, fem., G. Roberts; res. fem., M. Clewer-Evans.


Brecknock Hill Cheviot (A. Lewis, Powys) Sup. and male, res. fem., M. Havard; res. and fem., D. Jerman; res. male, C.A. and R. Joseph.


North Country Cheviot (I. Graham, Lockerbie) Sup. and fem., res. and male, G.P. Hughes; res. fem., J.H. W Pittendreigh.


Derbyshire Gritstone (J. Terry, Warwickshire) Sup. and male, res. and fem., C.V. Chapple-Gill; res. male, res. fem., T.B.T. Chapple-Gill and Daughter.


Exmoor Horn (D. Gregory, Devon) Sup. and fem., T. Atkins; res. and male, S. Westwood; res. fem., R.P. Alford; res. male, D.N. and B.M. Floyd.


Jacob (G. Haworth, Skipton) Sup. and fem. and res. male, D.W. and S.L. Harries; res. and male, R.F. Price; res. fem., R. Edwards; res. male,D.W. and S.L. Harries.


Ryeland (J. Donavan, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and fem., D.D. Lewis; res. and male, N.P. and E.J. Morgan; res. fem., A.J. Robinson; res. male, L. Howell.


Coloured Ryeland (S. Donovan, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and male, res. fem., D. Summerfield; res. and res. male, S.R. and K.L. Bradbury; fem., J. Williams.


Dorset Down (R.J. Hebditch, Somerset) Sup. and fem., D. and V. Fletcher; res. and male, C.R. Burton; res. fem., J. and N. Hepburn; res. male, C.J. and T.A. Ward.


Wiltshire Horn (D. Bevan, Carmarthen) Sup. and fem., R.J. Thomas; res. and male, D. Thomas and Son; res. fem., res. male, B. and H. Thomas and Sons.


Welsh Mule (H. Davies, Llandeilo) Sup., R.A. and W.H.E. Jones; res., W. Jones.


Welsh Half-bred (P. Johnson, Stoke-on-Trent) Sup., E.A. Price; res., J.M. and S.M. Rowlands.


Southdown (R. Williams, Aberystwyth) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. fem., Messrs Wakeman-Dawson and Harmer; res. male, B. Cooper.


Llanwenog (S. Davies, Ceredigion) Sup. and male, res. and fem., res. male, H. Evans; res. fem., G. and W. and I. Evans.


Dorset Horn/Poll Dorset (R. Jones, Devon) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., res. male, D. Lewis.


Bluefaced Leicester (R.K. Bell, Roxburghshire) Sup. and male, res. fem., T.R. Harris; res. and fem., R.G. and R.A. Jones and Son; res. male, E. Owen A’i Feibion.


Zwartbles (R.J. Heigh, Lancaster) Sup. and fem., res. and res. fem., res. male, Clay Farm Partnership; male, S. Inns.


Clun Forest (J.E.T. Jones, Powys) Sup. and male, M. Eckley; res. and fem., res. male, res. fem., D. Knowles and D. Brown.


Lleyn (D.C.S. Alexander, Ayrshire) Sup. and fem., H.M. Wells; res. and res. fem., C. Lewis; male, A.W. Davies; res. male, H.M. Wells.


Border Leicester (A. Stewart, Fife) Sup. and fem., res. male, N.J. and K.M. Summerfield; res. and male, D.R. Jones; res. fem., R. Wrench.


Bleu Du Maine (R. Pilkington, Flintshire) Sup. and fem., res. and male, P. Tait; res. fem., I. Davies; res. male, S. Shone.


Charollais (J. Geldard, Cumbria) Sup. and fem., A. Davies; res. and res. fem., res. male, W. and C. Ingram; male, A.P. and A.J. James.


British Berrichon (M. Barker, Yorkshire) Sup. and male, T. Stayt; res. and fem., G. Beynon-Thomas; res. fem., Windrush Farming Partnership.


Charmoise Hill (D. Eglin, Warwickshire) Sup. and fem., M. and A. Jones; res. and male, res. male, J. and S. Powell; res. fem., R. Powell.


Beltex (P. Hodges, Oxfordshire) Sup. and fem. res. fem., Allan Jackson; res. and male, M. Owens; res. male, Alastair Jackson.


Blue Texel (S. Gibbons, Powys) Sup. and fem., G. Hardman; res. and male, A. Froggatt; res. fem., G. and K. Williams; res. male, G.A. Francis.


Texel (G. Gray, Selkirk) Sup. and fem., Procters Farm; res. and res. fem., W. McCaffrey; male, res. male, Boden and Davies.


Hampshire Down (J. Ritchie, Somerset) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., E. and B. Jones; res. male, Borsey and Sivill.


Shropshire (R. Dorrell, Worcester) Sup. and fem., S.J. Morgan; res. and res. fem., S. Farquhar; male, E. Butcher; res. male, A. Harvey.


Suffolk (J. Pryce, Powys) Sup. and fem., W.H. Sinnett and Sons; res. and res. fem., male, D. Roberts; res. male, J. and L. Griffiths.


Any other pure native upland (P. Williams, Monmouthshire) Sup. and fem., male, H. Williams and K. Phillips (South Country Cheviot); res. and res. fem., res. male, M.N. Williams (North Country Cheviot Hill).


Any other pure native lowland or continental (P. Williams) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem., P. Tait (Rouge); res. male, J.W.S. Brown (Oxford Down).


Lamb carcase (D. Griffith, Shropshire) Sup., D. Davies; res., A.J.P. and W.N. Evans.

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