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Ten things you will always find in a young farmer's wardrobe

From AGM shirts to the checked variety, our very own young farmer and machinery enthusiast Alex Heath talks us through the classics you will always find in a young farmer’s wardrobe.

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Ten things you will always find in a British young farmer's wardrobe

1. Schoffels - and lots of them...


The young farmer’s staple accessory when going out. Easily recognisable as a fellow farming enthusiast. Most have an array of colours.


2. A check shirt for each colour of the rainbow


The young farmer’s signature style. A group stood around the bar is quickly identified by the amount of checks present.


Dress them up, dress them down, most will have a colour for every occasion with blue and white gingham being a solid choice.


3. Half a dozen AGM shirts


These humble yet wit adorned garments have seen it all. Garnering a smile from those in the know, these easily identify where someone is from.


With the demise of the AGM, will these become a forgotten relic of the glory days of Blackpool, Torquay and further afield?

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4. Jeans


One pair for work and one pair for best, but often they are the same ones. It’s amazing what a hot wash will do to denim. Grease, muck and calving juices are swiftly removed and ready for a night on the tiles.


5. A selection of tweed coats for winter


A must have in winter, be it for shooting in or just for a flavour of countryside.


6. Belts: big buckles or fancy leather


Often sporting a tractor logo, or ingeniously a bottle opener, the belt is a must have for the young farmer.


Your dad would have given you a piece of bale twine if you were not wearing one, saying ‘you’ll get cold in your kidneys’ when your trousers were low.

7. Dealer boots


A pair for work, market, family occasions and going out.


Everyone needs a few pairs of decent dealer boots. Nothing completes a young farmer outfit like a leather upper, rubber soled boot.


Scruffy for work, tidy for market and highly polished for family, the unsung hero is the one that gets repeatedly drowned in cider and black every weekend.


8. Shades


Because no silage snapchat is complete without a shiny set of lenses.


A glossy set of sunglasses make you look like you mean business. On the road they’re helpful blocking out the sun (and ‘haterz’).


And they hide your bloodshot eyes after six cans of Red Bull and 22 hours at the grass.


9. Hats galore


Straw, baseball or beanie. The young farmer’s favourite freebie at the local show. You probably have hundreds emblazoned with your favourite tractor manufacturer or local feed supplier.


10. All of the fancy dress from bygone years


Heaped in a sad looking pile at the bottom of the wardrobe these outfits have seen way too much, from dances and AGMs.

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