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VIDEO: A Fantastic 24 Hours in Farming : relive #Farm24

FARMERS Guardian’s 24 Hours in Farming campaign ended at 5am this morning (Friday, August 21) having taken centre stage on a global platform.

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Did you take part in #farm24? Relive it all here! #fuelledbyfarmers

If you managed to miss out on the action of 24 hours in farming, it's all here for you to see #farm24

#farm24 was views more than 23 million times-carry on supporting our farmers! #fuelledbyfarmers

Supported by BASF, the campaign aimed to show the world what UK farmers do over the course of a normal day. Its success was always going to be reliant on wide industry support and UK farmers did not disappoint, with more than 5,000 posts on Twitter and other social media platforms throughout the event.


Their efforts ensured our hashtag #farm24 was trending at number two on Twitter for most of the day and latest figures confirm #farm24 was seen more than 82 million times on Twitter alone.


The continuous stream on FG Insight, reporting the day’s events as they happened, saw usual traffic levels to the website more than double.


In addition, FG staff did more than a dozen radio and television interviews, including one for Australian radio station ABC, and the story was picked up by regional and national newspapers.

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24 hours in farming - a guide to getting involved 24 hours in farming - a guide to getting involved
24 Hours of Farming - relive it all here! 24 Hours of Farming - relive it all here!
Defra launches Rural Productivity Plan as #farm24 begins Defra launches Rural Productivity Plan as #farm24 begins

A word from the sponsor...

A word from the sponsor...

Take a look at what taking part in 24 Hours in Farming meant to our sponsor BASF and their reason for getting involved here

If you didn't know...

If 24 hours in Farming managed to slip under your radar, take a look at what our aim was and how people got involved here

What was it all about?

Take a look at what inspired the idea behind 24 hours in farming and how we wanted to bring all sectors from the agricultural world together here.

Relive the experience all over again

Relive the experience all over again

If you did manage to miss all the action, you can read the day’s live feed here.

Relive the 24 hours with our video overview!


A great response to 24 Hours in Farming

With millions of people viewing our hashtags plus thousands of photos being sent through, the success of #farm24 was unbelievable!




24 facts about 24 Hours

  1. #farm24 recieved over 82.1 million impressions
  2. Prime Minister David Cameron endorsed the campaign from his Twitter account with 3.7m followers
  3. FG editor Emma Penny was interviewed on Thursday’s Look North TV show
  4. Although only a 24-hour event, the initiative has been six months in the planning
  5. BASF’s Jane Craigie joined staff at FG HQ for the 3pm-9pm slot
  6. 11 FG staff manned the 24-hour rota to keep the live feed on going throughout
  7. FG news editor Ben Briggs was interviewed for Australian radio station ABC
  8. There were seven selfies of FG staff on the live 24 Hours in Farming feed
  9. Scottish sheep and dairy farmer Andrew Paterson was the first to tweet on our live feed at 5.04am
  10. #farm24 trended in the Twitter top 10 throughout the 24 hours, reaching number one at one point
  11. There were almost 5,000 posts on Twitter
  12. There were 217 on Instagram
  13. And, there were 86 posts on Facebook
  14. Australian and US farmers began adopting the hashtag #farm24, they loved the idea so much
  15. FG staff were locked out of the building until just before 5am on August 20, due to a problem with the alarm system, and had to launch 24 Hours in Farming on laptops from a picnic blanket on the doorstep.
  16. Defra used the occasion to announce the first-ever Rural Productivity Plan, which includes a promise to triple food and farming apprenticeships in rural areas
  17. Sponsor BASF recorded nine videos to be played throughout the initiative
  18. Even HM Treasury got in on the act, promoting #farm24 to its 220,000 followers
  19. More than 24 doughnuts, six Danish pastries and numerous packets of biscuits, sweets, crisps and hummus were consumed by FG staff (and only five beers and half a box of strawberries)!
  20. FG editor Emma Penny had just four hours sleep in 30 hours over the two days 24 Hours in Farming took place.
  21. There were more than 500 posts on the live feed
  22. 907 items appeared on our Media Wall at the bottom of live feed on
  23. Just 17 anchor farmers were primed to take part throughout the day
  24. The last person to tweet was dairy farmer James Robinson from Strickley, Cumbria, at 4.59am
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