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How to spot BSE and what farmers can do to prevent it



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VIDEO: Export trade fuels Cheffins' May machinery sale

Continuing to benefit from the favourable exchange rate, Cheffins’ second-hand machinery auction on May 8 saw sales dominated by mainland European buyers.


Nearly 400 tractors were entered into the machinery sale.

A large line of vintage Massey Fergusons were entered into the sale.

This tidy Valtra sold for £22,000.

Unbelievably, this Ford 8240 sold for a price of £2,500.

Making the top price on the day was this Fendt 828 Vario, which sold for £61,000.

This Massey Ferguson 6490 sold for £22,800.

This Deere 7930 sold for £43,200.

Fetching a price of £19,000 was this Fendt 716.

This MF 5465 Dyna-4 sold for £15,300.

  • Tractor line up
  • Massey line up
  • Valtra
  • Ford 8240
  • Fendt 828
  • MF 6490
  • JD 7930
  • Fendt 716
  • MF 5465
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This month’s Cheffins machinery sale, sponsored by Farmers Guardian, saw strong tractor prices largely driven by European buyers competing with UK dealers, says Bill Pepper, Cheffins director.

In addition, as new tractor registrations continue to stall and UK farmers look to cut costs and buy second-hand rather than new, UK dealers are consistently having to bid against the export trade, adds Mr Pepper.


“We had nearly 400 tractors entered and, as we have seen in recent months, anything which had been carefully looked after attracted the money, even if it was an older machine.

“Most of the high value sales were for the export trade, with buyers from Holland, Spain, Southern Ireland and France continuing to dominate the bidding.”

Top sellers

Top priced tractor of the day was a 2013 Fendt 828 which was entered by a local farmer and sold to a UK dealer for £61,000. Following this, Dutch buyers were out in force, picking up a John Deere 6210R for £53,500 and a 2007 Case IH 310 with only 3,200 hours on the clock for £37,000.

New Holland models were also popular on the day, with a 2012 T7.210 with 3,900 hours selling for £33,000.

Spanish buyers made a dent in the John Deeres on offer with a 2004 6820 and loader selling for £19,500, a 2007 6430 making £22,000, a 2004 7920 making £28,000 and a 2004 6620 fetching £18,000, all of which are set for the mainland.

Other lots

Sudanese, Kenyan and Lebanese buyers were also out in force, looking for older machines and buying more than 20 tractors, most of which were Massey Fergusons. These included:

  • 165: £3,000
  • 590: £3,000
  • 699: £5,000
  • 240: £7,500
  • 698: £8,500
  • 375 with 1,400 hours: £10,500
  • 390Twith 3,700 hours: £10,200.
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