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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Wensleydale leads sheep ring at Dorset

On what was a very soggy second day at Dorset County Show, a Wensleydale from husband and wife team Chris and Emma Stacey, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, and their Phillhay flock was placed inter-breed champion.

A Wensleydale ram from Chris and Emma Stacey, Widecombe-in-the-Moor
A Wensleydale ram from Chris and Emma Stacey, Widecombe-in-the-Moor

This three-year-old ram was bred by John Prescott, Northumberland, and was purchased at Skipton last year for 275gns. It has won a handful of breed championships on the circuit this year and will next go to the Royal Berkshire Show.

Carol and Terry Irwin, Umberleigh, familiar faces in this inter-breed, took reserve with a home-bred two-shear Charollais ewe, Brandywells Prada, which was breed champion at Royal Bath and West earlier in summer.

Out of a home-bred ewe, it is by the home-bred Brandywells Nougat, which was a Dorset, Bath and West and Devon Show supreme champion.

It is in-lamb to Gogwell Rambo, bred by Robert Hopper, Devon, a sire purchased at Worcester last year.

In the beef section, Balbithan Iona, this year’s National Charolais Show champion, from Andrew and Beth White, Swanage, stood supreme for the second year running.

By Chunal Dougie, it is out of Balbithan Dixie, and was shown with its second calf, a May-born bull named Nairn, sired by Goldies Eddy.

Iona’s first calf, MacBeth, sold at Carlisle for 5,000gns.

After it travels to the upcoming Royal Berkshire, it will then be up for sale at the herd’s dispersal, to be held on October 12 at Sedgemoor Market.

Standing reserve was Newpole Just A Minute, a January 2014-born British Blue cow from the Poleshill-based Newpole British Blues.


With a wealth of titles to its name already this year, including reserve breed champion at the Royal Three Counties and breed champion at both Mid-Devon and Dunster, this is their last show of the season.

It is out of Newpole Felicity, which was served with imported Belgian semen of Penache De Centfontaine. The champion was an embryo calf, and has now been contract flushed to calve with its first in spring.

The dairy ring saw Jersey, Whiteoaks Tequila Mell, from West Park Farm, Poole, tapped out as champion.

Scoring 87 points as a second-calver, it calved three weeks ago with its third and is now giving 30kg at more than 5 per cent fat.

Out of Whiteoaks Action Mell, it is a Tower Vue Prime Tequila daughter and was bought privately from Whiteoaks Farming, Derbyshire.

A strong show of pigs saw Sue Fildes, Capton, take top honours with seven-year-old Berkshire sow, Kilcot Mermaid 7, which was swapped as a gilt with Sharon Barnfield, Ross-on-Wye.

A prolific pig for its keeper, it has had 11 litters, consisting of some 110 piglets, some of which have been exported across Europe and Asia.

Reserve was a Large Black July 2016-born gilt, Choller Larkspur 7, from Suzi Westron, Arundel.

charolais pic

Charolais cow, Balbithan Iona from Andrew and Beth White, Swanage.

Blue pic

British Blue cow Newpole Just A Minute from Newpole British Blues, Poleshill.

res sheep pi c

Reserve inter-breed sheep from Carol and Terry Irwin, Umberleigh.


Large Black July 2016-born gilt, Choller Larkspur 7, from Suzi Westron, Arundel.


Inter-breed (Judge, D. Smith, Exeter) Supreme, West Park Farm, Whiteoaks Tequila Mell (Jersey).
Any other dairy (D. Smith) Sup., West Park Farm, Whiteoaks Tequila Mell (Jersey); reserve, West Park Farm, Mardi Gras Heather (Ayrshire cross Holstein).
Holstein and British Freisian (D. Smith) Sup., D. Forsey, Excellence Bradnick Clarisa; res., L.G. Bagg and partners, Moorshard Elude Amanda.
Inter-breed (panel) Sup., A. White, Balbithan Iona (Charolais); res., Newpole British Blues, Newpole Just a Minute (British Blue).
Native pure-bred (M. Cowell, Ashreigney) Sup., Long Ash Speckle Park, Long Ash Ciesta; res., Long Ash Speckle Park, Long Ash Double Up.
Belted Galloway (J. Hodge, Okehampton) Sup., G. and G. Galloway, Southfield Curiousity; res., D. and G. Galloway, Marstone Magical Mystery.
British Blue (B. Birch, Stafford) Sup., Newpole British Blues, Newpole Just a Minute; res., Newpole British Blues, Newpole Lomu.
Any continental (N. Brown) Sup., A. White, Balbithan Iona (Charolais); res., A. White, Balbithan Lupin (Charolais).
Commercial (B. Birch) Whitehouse Farm Partnership, George; res., L. Brunt, Monty.
Devon (M. Kay, Carlisle) E. Roper, Forder Abbey Kate 13; res., P. Gay, Bagnell Mermaid.
Dexter (M. Kay) A.A. and K.M. Reed, Whitestone Phoenix; res., J. Hansford, Clarence Kate.
Hereford (L.J. Soloman, Truro) Sup., I. Jennings, Cornbel 1 Newton; res., R.A. Mitchell, Lanscombe 1 Olive.
Lowline (R. Hartshorn, Telford) Wessex Lowlines, Wessex Calgary; res., Wessex Lowlines, Wessex Desiree.
South Devon (P. Laity, Truro) Sup., J.C. and A.M. Coward, Copella Bryony.
Rare and minority (C. Horton, Cirencester) Sup., P.M. and D.S. Ford, Sherberton Bailey; res., Brymore Academy, Woolcombe Forrester.
Longhorn (B. Llewellyn, Llandeilo) D. Phillips, Longash Mandy; res., Birtshill Dexters, Warns Olive.
Inter-breed (L. Anderson, Christchurch, and S. Hamer, Lewes) Sup., C. and E. Stacey (Wensleydale); res., Brandywells Charollais (Charollais).
Charollais (J. Osborne, Bude) Sup., Brandywells Charollais; res., M.H. Miller.
Dorset Down (J. Tory, Blandford) Sup., D. Wilkins; res., J. Swain.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset (S. Driver, Glossop) Sup., M. Bagwell; res., J. Angus.
Greyface Dartmoor (A. Rickson, Honiton) Sup., C. Nugent; res., R. Gatrill.
Hampshire Down (J. Birkwood, Grimsby) Sup., L. Heywood; res., J. Barnard.
Jacob (G.A. Jones, Stockbridge) Sup. and res., C. Slee.
Lleyn (P. Hale, Tiberton) Sup., M.H. Miller; res., P. Eckett.
Portland (C. Cassie, Lutterworth) Sup., O. Lake; res., S. Poulton.
Primitive (C. Cassie) Sup., C. Stacey (Hebridean); res., Marywell Primitives (North Ronaldsay).
Coloured Ryeland (J. Webb, Tenbuy Wells) Sup., Jenny Hughes; res., S. Rowe.
Ryeland (J. Webb) Sup. and res., H. Price.
Shetland (A. Harwood, Horsham) Sup., S. Thwaites; res., D. Gill.
Suffolk (R. Mayo, Weymouth) Sup., G. Beckley; res., P. Brooks.
Texel (D. Farmer, Petersfield) Sup and res., I. Andrews.
Valais Blacknose (G. Tucker, Launceston) Sup., D. Hodge and J. Walters; res., C. Slee.
Any other pure-bred (A.G. Selway, Stalbridge) Sup. G. Tucker (Southdown); res., S. Martyn (Border Leicester).
Any other continental pure-bred (A.G. Selway) Sup., C. and L. Beck (Beltex); res. G.B. Renfree (Blue Texel).
Any other rare or minority breed (S. Stevenson, Taynton) Sup., C. and E. Stacey (Wensleydale); res., K. Best (Devon and Cornwall Longwool).
Any cross-bred (J. Cranton, Wareham) Sup., East Orchard Farm (Lleyn cross); res., J. Hoskin and sons (NZ Suffolk cross).
Inter-breed (panel) S. Fildes, Kilcot Mermaid 7 (Berkshire); res., S. Westron, Choller Larkspur 7 (Large Black).
Modern breed (D. Hobbs, Wimborne) Sup., M. Brown, Whitecross Beautiful (Large White); res., H. Loveless, Portbredy Lena (Duroc).
Any other traditional (J. Newth, Castle Cary) Sup., B. Wills, Chilthorne Actress 4 (British Lop); res., S. Westron, Vanilla Woodlands Lady 3 (Middle White).
Gloucester Old Spot (J. Newth) Sup., M. Smith, Cosscoombe Primrose 11; res., Kilcot Sambo.
Oxford Sandy and Black (J. Newth) Sup., C.J. Sully, Quantockhills Clave 799; res., Quantockhills Dutchess 580.
Berkshire (J. Newth) Sup., S. Fildes, Kilcot Mermaid 7; res., Rockwood Rare Breeds, Kilcot Ambassador 18.
Large Black (J. Newth) Sup., S. Westron, Choller Larkspur 7.
Tamworth (J. Newth) Sup., A.J. Brown, Valstock Princess 1791; res., Valstock Princess 1721.
Saddleback (J. Newth) Sup., M. Brown, Whitecross Dinah; res., M. Brown, Freestone Dinah.
Kunekune (J. Newth) Sup., W. Sully, Quantock Sally 73; res., Kincroft Tutaki 5.

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