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What would £60 million buy you in farming?

What would you do with £60 million?

Alice   Singleton

Alice   Singleton
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What would £60 million buy you in the farming world? #NationalLottery #lottery

What would you do with £60 million? Here are some ideas #NationalLottery #EuroMillions

With this weekends lottery rollover reaching an estimated £57.8 million, Farmers Guardian found out what £60 million could buy in the farming industry.


From livestock to land, we let our imaginations run wild to find out where we could be after winning this weekend’s lottery.

Borderway record Holstein bull

7,142 Borderway record Holstein bulls

You could buy 7,142 of this record price bull, which attracted the top bid of 8,000gns (£8,400)


Read about the Borderway Holstein bull record

Top specification Claas Lexion combine

108 top specification Claas Lexion combines


At about £553,600, winning the lottery could grab you 108 of these combines.


Read about Claas' latest engine emmission drive


546,448 tonnes of wheat

With the wheat futures for January 16 coming in at £109.80/t this week, you could bag 546,448 tonnes with the £60 million rollover.

Bluefaced Leicester

1,764 record breaking Bluefaced Leicester ram lambs

Breaking the breed record at Hawes in October 2015 reaching £34,000, you could take home 1,764 of these record breaking Bluefaced Leicester lambs.


Aga oven

8,080 3 oven Agas

A popular feature in many farmhouses, winning the lottery this weekend could buy you 8,080 3 oven Agas



Muller Wiseman milk

268,456,375.8 litres of Muller Wiseman milk

Holding its milk price at 22.35ppl, if you won the lottery, you could buy 268,456,375.8 litres of Muller Wiseman milk.


Stay up to date on Muller Wiseman's imminent name change as Dairy Crest deal is completed


409,472t potatoes

Taking the average price of potatoes as £146.53/t, you could buy 409,472 tonnes of them with this weekend's National Lottery.

Fendt 939 Vario

273 Fendt 939 Vario tractors

A top of the range Fendt 939 Vario could set you back £219,612. If you won the lottery, you could buy 273 of them.

Limousin bull

408 of record-breaking Limousin bull, Trueman Jagger

Taking the record in October 2015 at Carlisle, Limousin bull, Trueman Jagger, was bought for a world record 140,000gns (£147,000). If your numbers are chosen this weekend, you could buy 408.


Read back to Trueman Jagger's record-breaking day, here.



476,109,476kg wool

With the average price of wool reaching 126p/kg in December 2015, you could bag 476,190,476kg of it if you won the lottery this weekend.


Border Collie

400,000 Border Collie pups

This week's FG Classified is advertising Border Collie puppies at £150 each. At this price you could buy 400,000 of them after tomorrow's National Lottery.


Visit FG Buy and Sell to see what else is on offer this week

Prime acres

4,000 acres of prime land

Throughout 2015, certain 'hot spots' of land achieved in excess of £15,000/acre (£37,000/hectare). At this price, you could comfortably buy 4,000 acres (1,618.7 hectares) of land.

Catch up on an experts view of what lies ahead for land prices in 2016

Le Chameau wellies

300,000 pairs of Le Chameau wellies

Every farmer needs a cracking pair of wellies to get them through the day.


Taking the average price for a pair of Le Chameau wellies at £200, you could get 300,000 pairs if you won the lottery - enough to keep all the people in Nottingham free from soggy feet! (According to 2011 census data).

Pints of beer

18,126,888 pints of beer

For all the Young Farmers heading to Blackpool for the AGM later in the year, winning the lottery could buy you 18,126,888 pints of beer - working on the average price of a pint being £3.31 in the UK.

Farmers Guardian

20,338,983 issues of Farmers Guardian

And in case you need something to read while you are enjoying your multi-million-pound victory, £60 million would buy you 20,338,983 issues of Farmers Guardian.

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