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Wider working widths for Kuhn harrow range

The manufacturers power harrows and rotavators get wider and beefed up to cope with higher workloads.

Richard   Bradley

Main Pic

With two new wider models, the manufacturer has updated its HR power harrow range.


The new hydraulic folding HR 6040R and HR 8040R have working widths of 6m and 8m respectively.


Both machines get adjustable rotor speed up to 500rpm and hydraulic adjustment of the roller and levelling bar. The manufacturer’s intelligent monitoring system with in-cab display also comes as standard, warning the operator if the gearbox oil temperatures get too high or if any of the three gearboxes cut out.

The HR 8040R is lofty with a minimum transport height of 4.2m.

To cope with the high power and torque required to drive the machine, all gears, casings and oil systems are strengthened; the 6m version will withstand up to 460hp, and the 8m up to 500hp, says the manufacturer.


Track eradicators are optional and both machines are available with the manufactures Maxicrumbler, Packer PK2 or Maxipacker rollers.


Kuhn claims up to 100 hectares (247 acres) can be worked in a day, just hope at the end of the day you are not traveling under a low bridge, as the 8m machine has a minimum transport height of 4.2m.


List price for the 6m HR 6040R is £40,772, and £51,370 for the 8m HR 8040R.

New HR power harrows


HR 6040R

HR 8040R

Working width



PTO speed



Minimum power requirement



Maximum power suitable



Weight with Maxicrumbler roller



List price



EL rotavator range

Kuhn claims offset rotor/rollers reduce soil ridging down the machine center line.

The manufacturer has also added a new model to its EL rotavator range.


At 6m wide the hydraulic folding EL 402R-600R features a 550mm rotor with 144 carbide coated blades, and is suitable for tractors up to 400hp.


Featuring wider rollers than the machines tilling width, and offset rollers and rotors at the machines centre, this reduces ridging between passes and at the centre of the machine, says Kuhn.


Similar to the HR power harrow range, all gearing components are strengthened to cope with the machine’s heavy workloads. The EL also gets Kuhn’s intelligent monitoring system and a transport wheel as standard.


List price for the EL 402R-600R is £48,950.

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