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Witherslack Lauthority Annie leads dairy line-up at Westmorland Show

Ben Briggs reports from Westmorland County Show, Kendal, where perfect weather and large crowds made for a great day as the show season edged toward it final stages.

Ben   Briggs

Ben   Briggs
Inter-breed dairy and Holstein champion, Witherslack Lauthority Annie from the Inman family, Kendal
Inter-breed dairy and Holstein champion, Witherslack Lauthority Annie from the Inman family, Kendal

Strong livestock classes once again took centre stage at the bustling Westmorland County Show.


Leading large dairy lines was the Inman family, Kendal, with Holstein second calver Witherslack Lauthority Annie, which was praised during the inter-breed judging for having ‘balance, quality and strength’.


Three months calved, the home-bred milker was giving 50 litres a day for 150-cow herd and handler Wayne Inman said it was their first time back at the show after a break of several years.

Reserve inter-breed dairy and Ayrshire champion, Halmyre Urr Ladybird 455

Standing reserve was the Ayrshire champion Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445 from Keith, Jane and Katie Davidson, Haugh of Urr, Dumfriesshire. Part of a 200-cow herd, it calved its second in June and was giving 37 litres a day. The home-bred VG87 cow had been champion at Dumfries Show and Stewartry this season.


Getting an honourable mention was Dairy Shorthorn Strickley Starbud 48, from Messrs Robinson, Kendal. This year’s show marked 140 years since the Robinson family started exhibiting at Westmorland.

Inter-breed beef and Aberdeen Angus champion, Jerusalem Lady Jane

Topping the beef inter-breed for the first time since 2010 was Bryan Ronan’s Jerusalem herd of Aberdeen-Angus. His winner this year was first-calved heifer with bull calf at foot, Jerusalem Lady Jane. Home-bred and part of a 40-cow herd, it was champion at Cumberland Show this year and caught the eye of inter-breed judge David Thomlinson the moment it walked in the ring.

Reserve inter-breed and Charolais champion, Crookdale Jester

In reserve was 17-month-old Charolais bull Crookdake Jester from David and Sharon Miller, Wigton. Led by son David, the Goldies Unbeatable-sired bull was a home-bred animal out of Crookdake Gypsy. Part of a 15-cow herd, it will be sold at Stirling bull sales this autumn.


In the Simmental ring, H.R. Carter and Son, Wigton, took the title with Gerrard Belinda 49, a seven-year-old cow with bull calf at foot which had also been champion at Cumbrland this season and last. While in the Herefords A. and P. Massey, Bury, continued a good season by taking the title with 19-month-old heifer Hollyvale 1 Lydia. Home-bred, it had also been champion at Garstang and Poynton.

Lowland terminal sire and Charollais champion

In the sheep championships, the lowland terminal sire title went to Jonathan Norman, Cockermouth, with a home-bred Charollais gimmer shearling out of a ewe which won the title here last year. Part of a 30-ewe Charollais flock, it has been reserve at Penrith and Dalston this year and achieved a good placing at the Great Yorkshire.

In reserve was 13-year-old Gregor Hiddlestone, Shawhead, Dumfries, with his home-bred ewe lamb. Part of a 12-ewe flock, the animal was picked out in breed judging for the tightness of its wool.


Top of the lowland non-terminal classes turned out to be exactly the same as last year. Taking the title was a home-bred Bluefaced Leicester aged ram from the 25-ewe flock of Philip Dawson, Kentmere, who repeated his 2014 success. The Dawsons also run a sizeable Swaledale flock.


Standing reserve was Chris Gibson, Endmoor, Kendal, with his Teeswater mature tup. Its first time out this season, Mr Gibson runs 20 Teeswater ewes, 1,000 Mashams and 400 Dalesbreds.


In the upland inter-breed a Blackface gimmer shearling from H.W. Birkbeck, Kirkby Stephen, took the title, with Paul Murray, Frizington, in reserve with his Jacob ewe.




Inter-breed (O. Harries, Llanelli) Sup., J.D. Inman and Sons, Witherslack Lauthority Annie (Holstein); res., L. Davidson and Sons, Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445 (Ayrshire).


Dairy Shorthorn (I.R.G. Collins, Dewsbury) Sup., Messrs Robinson, Strickley Starbud 48; res., Messrs Robinson, Strickley Barrington Dot 22.


Holstein (J. Lawson, Cockerham) Sup., J.D. Inman and Sons, Witherslack Lauthority Annie; res., Messrs Dennison, Denmire Goldwyn Marcie.


Ayrshire (B. Tomlinson, Loughborough) Sup., L. Davidson and Sons, Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445; res., D. and C. Sanderson, Sanderson George Evergreen 310.


Jersey (J.T.C. Reader, Brackley) Sup., M. and D. Wilson, Hallstone Precision Jasmine; res., G.M. and D.J. Pye, Bayview Action Hope.






Inter-breed (D. Tomlinson, Carlisle) Sup., D. Ronan, Jerusalem Lady Jane (Aberdeen-Angus); res., D.A. and S.M. Miller, Crookdake Jester (Charolais).


British Blue (J. Dunn, Okehampton) Sup., R. and E. Pattinson, Topside Isla; res., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croft Ends Georgia.


Simmental (R.H. Walker, Swadlincote) Sup., R.H. Carter and Son, Gerrard Belinda 49; res., J.D. Loftus, Blackpool Fernando.


Aberdeen-Angus (J. Price, Hereford) Sup., D. Ronan, Jerusalem Lady Jane; res., O. Tunney, The Moss Krispy Girl.


Limousin (I. Nimmo, Lanark) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Maybe Cute; res., Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfell Park Jade.


Charolais (R. Green, Clitheroe) Sup., D.A. and S.M. Miller, Crookdake Jester; res., J. and E. hunter, Millbridge Insense.


Highland (I. Anderson, Cumnock) Sup., S. and E. Haley Milis 2nd of Earn; res., J. Carr, Makayla of Marrick Park.


Red Poll (D.C. Blunt, Milton Keynes) Sup., R. and R. Clowes, Admergill Duke; res., H. and T. Mancey, Moreton Lady Blythe.


Hereford (R. Shaw, South Wirral) Sup., A. and P. Massey, Hollyvale 1 Lydia; res., R. Jackson, Barbern 1 June 350.


Longhorn (S. Gray, Ledbury) Sup., N. Luckett, Wellhead Nolly; res., S.D. Horrocks and Son, Lowoaks Kimba.


Beef Shorthorn (J.P. Ramsay, Auchline) Sup., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends Dido; res., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends Hollie Melody.


Any other breed (S. Gray, Ledbury) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Lady Silverbell 8th of Gall-Way (Galloway); res., A. Plumbley and Co, Gerddi-Bluog Rhino Gwen 5th (???).


Commercial beef (P. Parrot, Aylesbury) Sup., N.E. Slack, The Real McCoy; res, N.E. Slack, Elsa.






Lowland terminal sire inter-breed (Panel of judges) Sup., D. and J. Norman (Charollais); res., G. Hiddleston (Suffolk).


Lowland non-terminal sire inter-breed (Panel of judges) Sup., P.L. and J. Dawson (Bluefaced Leicester); res., C. Gibson (Teeswater).


Upland inter-breed (Panel of judges) Sup., H.W. Birkbeck (Blackface gimmer shearling); res., P. Murray (Jacob ewe).


Beltex (B. McQuaid, Co Down) Sup., A.E. Story; res, H.C. Jewitt.


Charollais (R. Hopper, Tiverton) Sup., D. and J. Norman; res., J. Stott Jnr.


Hampshire Down (M. Osmond, Nether Wallop) Sup., J. and G. Galbraith; res., J.R. Craig.


Suffolk (C. Jenkinson, Kirkby Stephen) Sup., G. Hiddleston; res., A. Blair.


Texel (S.R. Symes, Chorley) Sup., P.K. and R. Woof; res., J. Robinson.


Bluefaced Leicester (D. Raine, Hawkshead) Sup. and res., P.L. and J. Dawson.


Lleyn (J. Morton, Penrith) Sup., J.A. and R. Geldard and Sons; res., M. Harris.


Masham (D. Wallis, Marske) Sup., M. and B. Allen; res., J.K. Gorst and Sons.


Mule (P. Elliot, Mungrisedale) Sup., R. Batty; res., P.L. and J. Dawson.


Teeswater (P. Le Cornu, Whitby) Sup., C. Gibson; res., G. Horner.


Zwartbles (C. Cromie, Ballynahinch) Sup., R.J. Heigh; res., T. and G. Blamire.


Badger Face Torddu (J. Jones, Colwyn Bay) Sup., V. Crew; R. Powell.


Blackface (P. Coulson, Hexham) Sup. and res., H.W. Birkbeck.


Dalesbred (P.D. Bowdin, Skipton) Sup., J.M. and J.J. Dawson; res., J.M. Wilson and Sons.


Derbyshire Gritstone (J.D. Eggleton, Holmfirth) Sup., S. and P. Scrivin and Son; res., J. Redfearn.


Hebridean (D. Newborn, Gunnerside) Sup., C.G. and K.E. Heeley; res., D. Braithwaite.


Herdwick (G. Allen, Plumpton) Sup., I. Benson; res., A. Hartley.


Jacob (S. Harrison, Grange-over-Sands) Sup. and res., P. Murray.


Kerry Hill (R. King, Prestatyn) Sup. and res., Y. Brown.


Lonk (J. Brewer, Bleasdale) Sup. and res., S. and P. Scrivin and Son.


North Country Cheviot (W.I. Hepburn, Hawick) Sup., T. and K. Bell; res., C.L. Guy.


Rough Fell (S. Chapman, Kirkby Lonsdale) Sup., T.L.B. and J. Knowles; res., E. and K. Bland.


Shetland (J.M. Trotter, Hexham) Sup., P.D. and A. Playfair; res., R. Mason.


Swaledale (M. Ewbank, Harrogate) Sup., A. Lancaster; res., T.A. and J.A. Dixon.


Rare breeds – primitive (D. Kinsman, Windermere) Sup., J. and A. Lane (North Ronaldsay); res., M.B. and H.R. Platts (Manx Loaghtan).


Rare breed – non-primitive (I. Close, Embsay) Sup., Messrs Tattersall (Wensleydale); res., Messrs Coupland (Oxford Down).


Any other pure breed (J.R. Fozzard, Goole) Sup., I. Hartley (Blue Texel); res., B. and J. Dawson (Border Leicester).





Inter-breed (B. Mulkeen, Wigan) Sup., A.J. Walton, Deva Nancy 914 (Duroc); res., S.R. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Golden Ball 3 (Tamworth).


Traditional breeds (B. Mulkeen) Sup., S.R. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Golden Ball 3 (Tamworth); res., B. Merry, Pinehurst Fairlady 22 (Middle White)


Modern Breed (B. Mulkeen) Sup., A.J. Walton, Deva Nancy 914 (Duroc); res., A.J. Walton, Deva Jerry 954 (Duroc )


Middle White (B. Mulkeen) Sup., B. Merry Pinehurst Fairlady 22.


Saddleback Breeders Club rosette, J.R. and M.L. Wreakes, Victoria Lottie 195A.

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