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Yates family clinches top dairy title at Dumfries Show

With attendance up on the previous year and over 1,000 beef, sheep and dairy entries battling it out, Dumfries Show was a hive of activity. Louise Hartley reports.

Louise   Hartley

Louise   Hartley
Dairy champion

Describing Dumfries and Galloway as the premier dairy area in Scotland, inter-breed dairy judge, Richard Beard, Malvern, eventually gave his championship honours to Brian and Michael Yates, Castle Douglas, with their second lactation home-bred Holstein cow, Logan Sid Edie VG88.


Calving in February and giving 45kg daily, it was third in its class at both the Royal Highland and Royal Welsh Show this year.


Out of the EX91 Logan Igor Edie and by Pine-Tree Sid, it secured the Yates’ fifth Holstein championship in a row at Dumfries.

Reserve dairy champion

Close behind in reserve was Jonny Lochhead, Mouswald, with his second lactation Brown Swiss cow, Old Mill Wonderment Sunset.


Three months calved and giving 31kg daily, it is a direct daughter of eight times World Dairy Expo grand champion Old Mill E Snickerdoodle.


Bought as a two-month-old calf from the Swiss National Sale, it was reserve champion at the recent Livestock Event.


Holstein judge, David Booth, Lancashire, gave his reserve honours to Brian and Valarie Davidson, Grenta with the third calver, Errolston Black Flower.


Mr Beard tapped out another of Jonny Lochhead’s Brown Swiss’, this time PTT Jet Minogue as reserve in the any other breed section.


James Mattinson, Wigton, commanded the Ayrshire ring and made Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445 from Katie Davidson, Castle Douglas, his champion.


The first time shown second calver was one-month fresh, giving 35kg. It is by Halmyre Urr Lieutenant, which is a son of the Davidson’s 2008 Royal Highland champion and Dumfries inter-breed winner Halmyre Urr Louise 175 EX94.


Reserve Ayrshire went to brothers Bill and Roger Lindsay, Lanark, with sixth lactation Barr Sandy Rose 56.


Dominating the Jersey section for the third year running, Hew Howie, Stranraer, took the top spot, this year with Wellhouse Action Spry.


The third lactation March calver was retaining its title from the previous year and was third in its class at the Royal Highland this year.


The Yates family also had reserve in the Jersey section, with the yearling heifer, Logan Tequila Glamour, the pick of Jersey judge Matt Pye, Carnforth.

Inter-breed beef

Inter-breed beef

The beef section saw Jim and Patrica Goldie, Annan, triumph with their one and only Charolais cow on-farm, the April-2013 born Monaduffhouse Ingotgold.


Given as a christening present to the couple’s son, Jim, from his uncle and godfather, Alex Ross, Co Longford, it was making its show outing after standing second at the Royal Highland.


Out of Monaduffhouse Dolly, it is out of the AI bull Doonally.


The Goldie's also dominated the Simmental section taking both the champion and reserve positions, leading with their heifer, Newbiemains Eclypse.



Of the four other breeds tapped forward by inter-breed judge, Fred Murray, Wooler, it was the prime cattle section winner which clinched reserve.


The 27-month-old Limousin cross lightweight heifer, Havin A Hoolie, from Alister and Liz Vance, Newton Stewart, was champion at the recent Stranraer Show and class winner at last November’s LiveScot.


This is the second year running the couple have secured reserve inter-breed beef champion.

Also in the final line-up was the May-2007 born Limousin cow, Maybe Cute, from David and Rosemarie Cornthwaite, Lockerbie, Colin Rodger, Dumfries, with his April 2011-born Aberdeen-Angus cow Joylady Erica L221 and Doug Ross, Dumfries, with his Galloway heifer.

Inter-breed sheep

Inter-breed sheep

Powys judge, Brian Davies, took centre stage in the well-attended sheep section, giving his top honours to the Charollais gimmer, Loaning Foot Ozzy from Ben Radley, Dumfries.


By Parkgate Hurricane and out of a Paddy Power ewe, it was reserve breed champion at Dumfries and second at the Royal Highland last year and breed champion at Ayr Show this year.


A three-shear Berrichon du Cher ewe from John Cockbain, Keswick, was tapped out in reserve.


Securing its first championship after winning classes at Cumberland and Penrith shows this year, it won its class at Dumfries as a gimmer three years ago.



Also highly commended was the champion Texel, a home-bred Cairnam Tavish gimmer from Douganhill Farm’s Brian McTaggart, Castle Douglas.




Inter-breed (Judge, F. Murray, Wooler) Supreme, J. and P. Goldie, Monaduffhouse Ingotgold (Charolais); reserve, A. and E. Vance, Havin A Hoolie (Prime).

Galloway (D. Wilson, Newton Stewart) Sup., J. and S. Ross, Beauty 1437 of Romesbeoch; res., Troloss Farms.

Belted Galloway (C. Montgomarie, Cumnock) Sup., B. and J. Landers and Son, Cairnsmore Hamish; res., J. Taylor, Tobergill Rowan.

Aberdeen-Angus (C.S. Fletcher, Appleby-in-Westmorland) Sup., C. Rodger, Dalcrest Joylady Erica L221; res., C.R. Graham and Sons, Carruthers Eric The Star.

Highland (J. McKechnie, Stirling) Sup., A. and M. Fitzsimon, Bhanna Prionnsa 2 of Knockendon; res., C. Cuthbertson, Allt Ruadh of Crannich.

British Shorthorn (J. Rowell, Cumnock) Sup., Thomson, Roddick and Laurie, Sandwick Celtic Rose; res., B. and J. Landers and Son, Cairnsmore Hunter.

British Blue (A. Kay, Straiton) Sup., K. Blackwood and D. Davidson, Blackstane J’Adore; res., K. Watret, Solway View Irresistable.

Charolais (I. Millar, Port of Monteith) Sup., J. and P. Goldie, Monaduffhouse Ingotgold; res., A.K. Brooke, Elrick Herbal.

British Simmental (I. Millar) Sup., J. and P. Goldie, Newbiemains Eclypse; res., J. and P. Goldie, Newbiemains Diamond Jubilee.

Limousin (I. Millar) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Maybe Cute; res., J. Forsyth, Midbishopton Iron Maiden.

Any other breed (J. Rowell, Cumnock) Sup., D. Irving, Enterprise Logan (South Devon); D. Irving, Enerprise Lowther (South Devon).

Prime (S. Bett, Stirling) Sup., A. and E. Vance, Havin A Hoolie (Limousin cross); res., A. Bothwell.

Commercial (S. Bett) Sup., A. and M. Fiztsimon.



Inter-breed (R. Beard, Malvern) Sup., B. Yates, Logan Sid Edie (Holstein); res., J. Lochhead, Old Mill Wonderment (Brown Swiss).

Ayrshire (J. Mattinson, Wigton) Sup., L. Davidson and Son, Halmyre Urr Ladybird 445; res., D.M. Lindsay, Barr Sandy Rose 56.

Holstein (D. Booth, Lancaster) Sup., B. Yates, Logan Sid Edie; res., B. and V. Davidson, Errolston Black Flower.

Jersey (M. Pye, Carnforth) Sup., Wellhouse Jersey, Wellhouse Action Spry; res., B. Yates, Logan Tequila Glamour.

Any other breed (R. Beard, Malvern) Sup., J. Lochhead, Old Mill Wonderment (Brown Swiss); res., J. Lochhead, PTT Jet Minogue (Brown Swiss).



Inter-breed (B. Davies, Powys) Sup., B. Radley (Charollais); res., Messrs Cockbain (Berrichion du Cher).

Cheviot (A. Fleming, Hawick) Sup., W.N. Douglas; res., R. Paton.

Blackface (J. Hamilton, Dunbar) Sup., W. Ramsay and Sons; res., I.R.S. Bond.

Suffolk (J. Fleming, Carluke) Sup., G. Hiddleston; res., W. and M. Haining.

North Country Cheviot (D.T. Pittendreigh, Pencader) Sup., C.R. Graham and Sons; res., J. Jackson.

Bluefaced Leicester (R. McKie, Castle Douglas) Sup., A. McQuistin; res., A. Bastian.

Texel (D. Fleming, Biggar) Sup., Douganhill Farms; res., Messrs R.D. Fleming.

Scotch Mule (A. Lockhart, Thornhill) Sup., J. and A. Brown; res., G. Allan.

Charollais (H. McBratney, Co. Down) Sup., B. Radley; res., J.D. Clanachan.

Beltex (R.T. Wood, Biggar) Sup., J.L. McMillan; res., A. and J. Campbell.

Lleyn (J. Dugdale, Settle) Sup., J. Kingan; res., Farmstock Genetics.

Ryeland (A. Davies) Sup., A.J. Robinson; res., Messrs S. Maddock.

Coloured Ryeland (A. Hunter, Castle Douglas) Sup., S. and J.E. Fisher and M.J. Hoggarth; res., L. White.

Zwartbles (A. Baillie, Larkhall) Sup., A.J. Thorburn; res., Messrs Smith.

Berrichon du Cher (B. Irvine, Fraserburgh) Sup., Messrs Cockbain; res., F. Barbour.

Any other continental pure bred or cross (H. McBratney) Sup., C. Rae; res., H. Robb.

Any other native pure bred or cross (D.T. Pittendreigh) Sup., F. Bell; res., J. Graham.

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