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Promoting careers in agriculture

Today, Farmers Guardian, along with leading industry organisations, is proud to launch year two of our #ThisisAgriculture campaign.


Over the next 12 months we will be working together to fly the flag for British agriculture and the vast career opportunities it brings, taking these messages beyond our industry and supporting the existing work already being undertaken.


Important factors for the work environment:

  • 49% Power and Prestige
  • 92% Helping others
  • 92% Intellectually challenging
  • 93% Opportunity
  • 98% Fun or pleasant work environment
  • 85% High income
  • 98% Job security

Farmers Guardian has united with 18 key industry stakeholders from across the farming sector to launch the second year of #ThisIsAgriculture, to promote the diversity of careers within the agricultural industry.


It follows on from our collaborative work undertaken over the last 12 months, which has seen the campaign reach out within the industry and beyond to make jobseekers aware of the exciting opportunities agriculture can offer.


Attracting new blood into the industry is now a major issue, with agriculture rarely sold as a rewarding career choice within schools.


The #ThisIsAgriculture campaign was shaped following a survey which identified the current perceptions of a career in agriculture and the trends and attitudes among young people coming into employment.


The results were surprising.


Just under 2,000 individuals across the UK, aged 18-35, said job security, career progression, helping others, working for an employer they can respect and achieving a work/life balance are key requirements when applying for jobs.


Worryingly, the survey also high- lighted a lack of understanding about the opportunities around what agriculture can offer, with only 5 percent of respondents recognising there were engineering or science-related careers available to pursue.


Just 7 percent made a connection between agriculture and environmental careers.


These key messages were high- lighted in strategic alliances we formed with industry bodies to see where we can work together to shape the political agenda and drive educational reform to promote agriculture to a non-farming audience.


The findings also influenced a unique video we launched on March 4, as part of National Careers Week, which became part of a comprehensive PR campaign leading to wider press and radio coverage.


Building on the success of our year-one project, #ThisIsAgriculture will continue to progress four main objectives:


  • Supporting the agricultural industry in attracting and retaining good staff through the provision of monthly analyses looking at current trends, demographics and speaking with professionals and consumers inside and outside of the field


  • Collaborate with industry stakeholders to continue promoting the existing work being undertaken to educate non-farming audiences and promote agriculture


  • Lobbying work with other stakeholders to promote the industry at policy level

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Industry unites

FARMERS Guardian has joined forces with 18 leading organisations from across the industry to continue the progression of the #ThisIsAgriculture campaign and promote the industry and wealth of career opportunities there for the taking. We speak to some of our sponsors about why they decided to become part of the next chapter:

  • "We are excited to join forces again to endorse the huge diversity of careers and opportunities available for the next generation" STUART BOOTHMAN, managing director, Cogent Breeding
  • "By utilising the reach of the readership of the community and associated agricultural universities, G’s hopes fresh new talent will be attracted to the company" CHARLES SHROPSHIRE, managing director, G’s
  • "It is our responsibility as employers to highlight the opportunities available that stretch beyond direct farming" BEN MILES, head of customer strategy, BASF
  • "Attracting, developing and retaining the highest calibre candidates into our industry is one of the biggest challenges it faces" STUART GOODISON, managing director, De Lacy Executive
  • "Connecting with the next generation has never been more important. #ThisIsAgriculture has the power to listen, learn, influence and educate through multiple channels" DUNCAN MURRAY-CLARKE, managing director, The Ad Plain
  • "Brooksby Melton College is honoured to be involved with #ThisIsAgriculture. We have been teaching agriculture to Leicestershire’s farming community for generations at our campus, so it is at the heart of everything we do" DAWN WHITEMORE, principal and chief executive, Brooksby Melton College
  • "John Deere is passionate about promoting agriculture as an exciting and rewarding industry to work in, and one which is continually evolving through the use of cutting-edge technology to produce food, fibre and energy for the world" CHRIS WILTSHIRE, branch tactical marketing manager, John Deere
  • "In 30 years in agriculture, I have never seen such an exciting time to enter the sector, as farming embraces new technology and the challenge of exploiting digitally enabled infrastructure" ANDREW WALKER, operations director, ADAS

Getting involved

HERE are a few ideas on how you can get involved:

  • Join in #Farm24 Host a school visit
  • Talk to your local groups Promote your farm, staff and work on social media using the hashtag #ThisIsAgriculture
  • Enter our British Farming Awards
  • Help showcase the pool of talent in the industry and nominate an individual who stands out from the crowd to be featured as part of our campaign.
  • Contact Danusia Osiowy, on

Watch the video: #ThisIsAgriculture

As part of National Careers Week, held in March, a video was launched showcasing agriculture at the cutting edge of modern technology and at the forefront of innovations in key areas, such as IT, forensics, engineering, automation and design.


About #ThisisAgriculture Campaign

About #ThisisAgriculture Campaign

Farmers Guardian has joined forces with 21 key industry stakeholders from across the farming sector to launch a new campaign, #ThisIsAgriculture, to promote careers in agriculture.


The challenge of recruiting is not a new one. Attracting new blood into the industry has always been an issue, with agriculture rarely sold as an exciting option into schools.


However, with the pace of technological change rapidly widening the skills gap and Brexit looming, the need to drive change within the industry has intensified greatly over recent years.


Building on the learning from the #ThisIsAgriculture survey, this initiative will work to educate the wider world about the wealth of opportunities available within the sector, as well as dispelling common myths about careers in agriculture.


We will also be collaborating with industry bodies and our industry partners to see where we can work together to shape the political agenda, drive educational reform and provide learning resources.


The campaign will also be sharing information with readers about how to attract – and retain – the right staff for farming businesses across the UK.

Get involved with #ThisisAgriculture or for more information

Visit the #ThisisAgriculture Hub

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