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Brexit round-up: Brush up on the arguments from both sides


The ultimate Brexit hub: Know your options.

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Tomorrow is the big day - brush up on your #Brexit knowledge with @FGInsight

The FG #Brexit hub - we bring you the arguments for and against


With tomorrow's vote looming, it can be hard to decipher what the facts really are.


Here we have arguments both for and against to make sure you have an in-depth insight from either side.

Farming's big Brexit decision


The outcome of Thursday’s (June 23) EU Referendum vote has huge implications for farmers. Alistair Driver summarises the big dilemmas.


What are the UK trading options?


We look at what sort of trading arrangements the UK could put in place if we vote to leave.


What are the trade implications for farmers leaving EU?


Alistair Driver considers what it could mean for UK agriculture’s multi-billion pound global trade links.


Would UK farms lose access to labour outside EU?


We examine the role Europe plays when it comes to access to labour and the options for sustaining it post-Brexit.


In or Out, Government must ensure UK farmers remain competitive in EU


With the outcome of Thursday still impossible to predict, NFU president Meurig Raymond says the UK Government has a big role to play in fighting for farmers, whichever way the British public votes.

2020 farm vision: What should farm support look like?


If you could start with a blank sheet of paper, what sort of agricultural support policy would you put in place from 2020? We put this question to the experts.


What would replace CAP?


UK farmers receive about £3 billion a year under the Common Agricultural Policy. Would Brexit put this funding at risk or represent an opportunity to forge a better UK policy?


Brexit would damage UK and Irish farmers


The president of the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) insists UK and Irish farmers would benefit from the UK staying in the EU.


Paterson and Hogan: Should we stay or go?


Oxford Farming Conference: Former Defra Secretary Owen Paterson and EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan traded blows on the merits for UK farming of leaving the EU.


The David Cameron Interview


The Prime Minister visited a Welsh farm on Friday to discuss the EU referendum. He told FG a Conservative Government would continue to support UK farmers but said the risks in terms of trade were huge.


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