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Future generation of dairy compete to highest level

Talented youngsters stepped out into the ring and battled fierce competition at the recent annual All Breeds All Britain Calf Show. Farmers Guardian takes a look at the highlights from the weekend.


The highly popular All Breeds All Britain Calf Show was recently held and welcomed the future generation of dairy farmers from across the UK to learn, network and compete.


Taking place at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, the event attracted 23 regional Holstein Young Breeder (HYB) clubs bringing with them nearly 140 Holstein calves.


In total, 360 calves were shown at the event with the inclusion of Guernseys, Jerseys, British Friesians, Dairy Shorthorns, Brown Swiss and Ayrshires.


It was a memorable weekend for Michael Yates, from the Scotland South team, who won the champion showman title resulting in a new record, being the only person to have won this prestigious title three times.


041116 MU p122 123-ABAB Champion Calf Holstein FP1A9491.jpg

Reserve champion showman was Stephanie Whittaker, from Shropshire. It is both Michael and Stephanie’s final year of competing at HYB events.


Having won the intermediate showmanship class, Rosie Dennison, from Lancashire, received the well-deserved title of Honourable Mention Showman.


The classes, judged by leading cattle photographer Jane Steel, were described as some of the highest standard she had seen at this level.


In the calf classes and for the second consecutive year, Bob Lawrence, from the Lancashire club, achieved champion with newly purchased Ingleview Bradnick Honey, while the reserve champion calf was Panda Heart of Gold representing the Devon club which also won red and white champion calf.


The classes were judged by Brian Miller, of the Moorshard herd, Somerset, who sits on the European Judge’s Panel and in previous years has judged 12 of the All Britain Calf Show qualifiers along with the UK National Dairy Event, Welsh Dairy Show and numerous other shows throughout the UK and Ireland.


Teams were also required to construct stands based on the theme of ‘fairytales’ and Lancashire were announced the winners of the weekend.

The award for tidy lines went to the Border and Lakeland club, with Staffordshire taking second place.


041116 p122 123 ABAB Izzy Laird.jpg

Overall, Lancashire’s Showmanship team won first place for their impressive performance throughout the day, while Scotland South were a very close runner up. In the calf team, first place was awarded to Western for their impressive display of calves, with the Shropshire team being placed as runner up.


Lancashire was awarded the best overall team throughout the weekend for its efforts both in and out of the showring, while Scotland South was awarded second place.


Competitors and attendees also showcased their generosity by fundraising via collection buckets for the Louise Hartley Memorial Fund, Farmers Guardian’s livestock reporter and Holstein Young Breeder member who passed away earlier this year.


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For the panel

  • Jodie Nutsford, from the Western Club, was named as the winner of the 2016 Littlestar Award. The award is presented to a HYB member under the age of 17 who has made an outstanding contribution to the breed and the club. The judges praised Jodie for her ideas and enthusiasm for the future of the British dairy industry.


Showmanship results

  • Holstein, Supreme, Michael Yates (Scotland South); reserve, Steph Whittaker (Shropshire).
  • Jersey, Sup., Izzy Laird (Peebleshire); res., Zoe Clear (Surrey).
  • Ayrshire, Sup., Jamie Keenan (Southern Ireland); res., Laura Cornthwaite (Hertfordshire).
  • Dairy Shorthorn, Sup., Harry Davies (Huddersfield); res., David Madeley (Bridgnorth).
  • UK Brown Swiss, Sup., Phil Lockyer (Somerset); Res., Becky Walters (Cornwall).
  • Friesian, Sup., Kyle Ledger (Suffolk); res., Andrea Vale (Suffolk).

Calf results

  • Jersey, Supreme, Rapidbay-UK Grandest Rumour, Izzy Laird (Stafford); reserve, Rapidbay-UK Liquor JG Panama, J. and B. Hudson and B. Ford (Cheshire?).
  • Ayrshire, Sup., Sandyford Vitality Spottie, Smartmove Syndicate (Hertfordshire?); res., Sandyford Provider Heather Honey, K. Norman (Wiltshire?).
  • Dairy Shorthorn, Sup., Bushmills Prophets Petal, John McLean (Northern Ireland); res., Sunrise Wiggo Marcia, Sunrise Shorthorns (Northern Ireland).
  • Holstein, Sup., Ingleview Bradnick Honey, Bob Lawrence (Lancashire);
  • Friesian, Sup., Greenway Harris Victoria, L. Rockett and T. Marshall (Devon); res., Lismulligan Priscilla 54, Adam Lawson (Fife).
  • UK Brown Swiss, Sup., Kedar Wonderment Jana ET, Jonathan Lochhead (Dumfries); res., Sedgemoor Nescardo Trulla; Brian Miller (Somerset).

Showmanship results

  • Junior Holstein showman (12 years and under) 1, Sinead O’Neil (Shropshire); 2, Jeremy Jackson (Lancashire); 3, Harvey Winstanley (Western).
  • Intermediate Holstein showman (aged between 13 and 15) 1, Rosie Dennison (Lancashire); 2, Jodie Nutsford (Western); 3, Rachel Corley (Ireland).
  • Senior Holstein showman (aged between 16 and 20) 1, William Horsley (Border and Lakeland); 2, Zoe Bryson (Scotland South); 3, Dafydd Wyn Jones (North Wales).
  • Mature Holstein showman (aged between 21 and 26) 1, Michael Yates (Scotland); 2, Stephanie Whittaker (Shropshire); 3, Bob Lawrence (Lancashire).
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