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LAMMA 2015: Arable equipment

When it comes to arable equipment, LAMMA has always had an impressive line-up. From the smallest manufacturer to large global companies, just about every type of plough, drill, cultivator and sprayer can be found.


Opico HeVa Combi-Disc subsoiler

Designed so the depth of the tines and discs can be independently adjusted on the move, Opico launched a new three-metre mounted HeVa Combi-Disc cultivator.


With the ability to subsoil, cultivate and consolidate all in one pass, the Combi-Disc is an evolution of two HeVa products – the Combi-Lift and the Disc Roller – both of which have been sold in the UK for nearly a decade and will still continue to be available separately.


It comprises five hydraulic reset tines which subsoil to a 400mm (16in) depth. A large tine stagger aims to reduce soil ‘squeeze’ and reduce power requirement, says the manufacturer.


Following the legs are two gangs of 510mm (20in) diameter discs cutting and mixing to a depth of 125mm (5in). Finally, a 700mm (27in) V-profile press roller provides consolidation.


The 3,600kg machine retails at £19,063 plus VAT. (See main picture)


Claydon front press option for Hybrid T drill

Claydon front press option for Hybrid T drill

Claydon Drills introduced a new front press option for its Hybrid T trailed drill, available for both the six and eight meter version.


This, says the manufacturer, further increase the capabilities and versatility of the drill, which can sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land.


Spencer Claydon, commercial director says: “The front press option will be popular with large farmers who operate across a wide range of soils, conditions and crops because it means that they can handle any situation with just one drill, significantly reducing their overall capital investment.”


A key feature of the front press design is that each wheel runs in front of a seeding tine and when operating on uncultivated land the drill is able to accurately follow ground contours. On cultivated land the wheels press the soil firmly ahead of the drilling tines, rather than compacting and/or capping the surface as can happen on drills where the press wheels are mounted at the rear and follow the tines,

says the manufacturer.


Maschio Gaspardo Maga drill

Maschio Gaspardo Maga drill

Featuring variable row width settings from 450-750mm (18-30in), Maschio Gaspardo UK launched its new Maga eight-row precision drill.


Ideal for contractors drilling forage and biogas maize, says the firm, the Maga comes fitted with large, 420mm (16in) diameter double-disc seeding units mounted on parallelogram linkages. This, says the manufacturer, gives greater stability needed for higher speeds and ensures a constant seeding depth is achieved. The Maga is also suitable for drilling in min-tilled soils.


For transport, the mounted machine folds hydraulically for transport to less than 3m (10ft).


Other features include the Muller Precimat control box, double-drive transmission, a 36-litre seed hopper and a 900-litre stainless steel hopper for big bag fertilisers. A 30-litre micro-granule applicator can also be fitted.


Price for the eight-row Maga with 900-litre fertiliser tank is £41,046 plus VAT.


Lamma 2015 machinery show

Click here for more pictures from this year’s Lamma Show


Amazone AD-P Super

Amazone AD-P Super

A grain and fertiliser version of the AD-P Super has been developed by Amazone. Available with 2,000- and 2,500-litre hopper capacities, and in 3-metre and 4m working widths, the power harrow drill combination gets a 50:50 split for its hopper.


With left- and right-hand side hopper sections, and both using electric metering, the AD-P Super can be used as a grain-only outfit, emptying one side of the hopper before automatically switching to the other.


Amazone says the introduction of electric metering on both hopper sections affords a tramlining capability for fertiliser too, which avoids wasting fertiliser in tramline areas.


The grain and fertiliser AD-P Super adds about £9,000 to the cost of the grain-only version.


Amazone TS

Amazone TS

Amazone has developed a narrow-bodied version of its ZA-TS fertiliser spreader to meet the demands of those faced with negotiating narrow lanes.


With hopper capacities of 1,700 and 2,000 litres and the option of a 600 litre hopper extension, the narrower ZA-TS is said to offer all the sophistication of its larger stablemates, but without compromising on technology.


Equipped with Click TS, Amazone’s mechanical adjustment system for border spreading , the ZA-TS offers buyers the scope to down-spec where electronic sophistication is not always required. The spreader is priced from £13,750.


Vaderstad Carrier

Vaderstad Carrier

Changes to the design of Vaderstad’s Carrier range affords the use of larger diameter discs - 510mm for L and 610mm for XL models.


Key to the larger disc is the integration of a greater serration, to deal with higher volumes of trash.


Available on 4.25m, 5.25m, 6.25m and 8.25m working widths, the revised models can be equipped with hydraulic suspension and an accumulator on the transport axle, to improve ride comfort at higher forward speeds. Greater choice of front tools is now available and includes cross board, cross cut and straw harrow modules.


A revised hydraulic folding system now means the Carriers two halves fold vertically for transport. Prices start from £32,650 for the Carrier L 425.


Bourgoin Dump Wagon

Bourgoin Dump Wagon

PMC harvesters has introduced the Bourgoin dump wagon, a variable height side tip trailer available in 10 and 25 cu.m capacities.


Tip heights from 2.8-4.5m allow the wagon to work alongside a pea or bean harvester and tip into a trailer or bulker on the headland, but the company also suggests that it coul make a useful small chaser bin for cereal growers. With power requirement at around 100hp, it is priced at £20,000.


Niagri Engineering  Forwarding Trailer

Niagri Engineering  Forwarding Trailer

Designed to transport crops from the field into trailers or bulkers at the headland Niagri Engineering’s 15 tonne capacity forwarding trailer has a hydraulic goose neck for gentler handling of of root crops and variable speed moving floor, with vertical sides to the body to prevent  soil building up.


The company says that using a dedicated field trailer keeps mud off the road, while the design allows crops to be transferred into low buildings. Specification includes LED lighting, air over hydraulic brakes and sprung drawbar.


Niagri has also developed specialist maize loaders to transfer maize silage to bulkers, with outputs quoted at 200 t/hr, suitable for AD operations.


PMC Harvesters AR-4BX

PMC Harvesters AR-4BX

PMC Harvesters’ new four-row potato harvester was at work in Britain during the 2014 harvest, designed to offer true four-row handling without narrowing through the chassis.


Powered by a 450hp, 13-litre Scania engine, the 30-tonne AR-4BX is mounted on rubber tracks which are steered via a foot pedal in the cab, with the front wheels steered in the traditional manner. There is a choice of cleaning systems which includes three webs and axial roller systems, and its hopper capacity is 14 tonnes.


Trials in Norfolk and Lincolnshire have shown outputs of 600 tonnes per day for the machine, which has been built by Ploeger in Holland, but is supplied and fully supported from PMC’s headquarters in Norfolk.


TWB Engineering OSR seeder

TWB Engineering OSR seeder

Developed from TWB’s proven soil working components, the OSR seeder is purpose-designed for sowing rape, rather than being an adapted subsoiler. A front disc is followed by a low drift soil loosening leg which can work to 250mm (10in), with a choice of disc or tine coulter with individual steel press wheel.


A packer at the rear firms the seedbed while conditions are right. Seed hoppers of the customers’ choice can be fitted, such as the Techneat Terracast shown, with the addition of liquid fertiliser and slug pellet applicators if required.


In addition to the 4.5-metre model at Lamma, TWB is offering 3m and 4m rigid machines up to 6m, 12-leg versions. Working at 9-10kph (5-6mph), the 4.5m model is well matched by a 360hp tracklayer and is priced at £32,000.


Edwards Farm Machinery Agricola Italiana drills

Edwards Farm Machinery Agricola Italiana drills

Edwards Farm Machinery has supplied precision vegetable seed drills from Agricola Italiana since 1998, but with an expanding range of seeding systems from the Padua-based manufacturer, it is gauging interest from growers of other crops.


The six-row PK drill has 450mm (18in) spacings along the 2.55m (8ft 4in) toolbar, so is suitable for precision seeding of oilseed rape. It is fitted with fertiliser hoppers as standard.


In a neat turnaround, the maize version with 750mm (30in) row spacing has recently been sold to a customer in the Vale of Evesham with special discs fitted for sowing green beans.


A new development for vegetable growers is the SN2D-1-200 drill, fitted with a soil loosening leg and twin disc to work in mulch seedbeds.


Agrifac Condor Endurance self-propelled sprayer

Agrifac Condor Endurance self-propelled sprayer

Dutch sprayer maker Agrifac used Lamma to show off its largest self-propelled sprayer, the 8,000-litre capacity Condor Endurance.


Powered by a 320hp Volvo Penta engine, the Endurance is based on an all-new chassis which is said to be longer and stronger than the one used by the previous flagship Condor, the 5,000-litre model.


Endurance can be fitted with a 1,000 litres/min fast-fill pump which is hydraulically raised and lowered beneath the cab floor. Expect boom widths up to 52 metres and a price tag of about £300,000.


Triffit Biomass Trailer

Triffit Biomass Trailer

Triffit Trailers has developed a walking floor trailer for use with biomass crops.


The 36 cubic metre trailer has a body measuring 7.3m long, 2.1m high and 2.3m wide to accommodate the high volume, low density product. Ejection is achieved using a series of aluminium floor planks that are sequenced hydraulically to ‘walk’ the trailer’s contents out of the body, once the back door is raised.


Triffit says the walking floor design allows unloading into low buildings, with a full load taking less than three minutes to eject.


Expect the walking floor trailer to cost around £25,000.


Sumo Mixidisc trailed disc cultivator

Sumo Mixidisc trailed disc cultivator

Available in working widths from 4-7 metres, Sumo launched a trailed version of its Mixidisc disc cultivator.


Previously only available as a mounted machine, the trailed concept has allowed the incorporation of a hydraulically-adjustable set of levelling paddles between the rear set of discs and consolidator roller.


Other features include discs in an ‘X’ formation, preventing crabbing, and parallel lift via the drawbar and rear roller. Disc depth is set by shims on the drawbar ram and pin-adjusted at the rear.


Discs are rubber-mounted in pairs and fitted with scrapers for cleaning. Seeder kits, air brakes and rear drawbar can be specified as options.


A 6m machine starts at £43,275.


Stewart Trailers Roadking

Stewart Trailers Roadking

Looking towards new transport regulations which could see gross train weight limits increased to 37 tonnes, Stewart Trailers showed its new Roadking, road-friendly trailer.


Incorporating three axles along with air suspension and brakes, the MOT-ready, 6.5 tonne trailer has the potential to carry a 20 tonne payload, depending on weight of tractor. Its rear axle also steers to make it more manoeuvrable, using a passive type system which can be locked for reversing.


Standard features include sprung drawbar, grain hatch and roll over cover. Silage sides can be specified as an option.


The trailer is made with a conventional body at the moment, but the firm has plans to build it using Hardox metal, shaving 500kg off its weight, and add it to the Pro Series range.


Depending on options, expect the trailer to cost about £29,500.


Rolland Roll Push ejector trailer

Rolland Roll Push ejector trailer

Entering into the world of ejector trailers, French firm Rolland showed an interesting solution to the pushing mechanism, using a sliding floor plate to take out the stresses associated with push trailers.


At the base of the headboard is a section of floor which slides along the entire length of the trailer. This reduces the initial compression effect you get when the headboard starts to move backwards. When the sliding floor reaches the back of the trailer, it and the headboard tip to completely empty the trailer.


Three models are available from 30-50cu.m capacities, with the two smaller models getting twin axles and the largest getting triple axles.


As an option, 300mm side extensions can be fitted.


Prices start from about £33,000.


Rabe Fieldbird disc cultivator

Rabe Fieldbird disc cultivator

Replacing its long-standing range of Fieldbird disc cultivators, Rabe showed a new generation of the machine, now built using a tubular chassis.


While the new range uses a similar disc arm to its predecessor, there is now the option of three disc sizes: 460mm, 510mm and 560mm (18in, 20in and 22in). Discs are individually rubber-mounted and can be offset to account for wear, maximising disc use, says the manufacturer. To prevent wear, all disc bearings are 100 per cent sealed.


Also new is the extra space between the last set of discs and the roller. This allows soil to settle before it is consolidated, rather than throwing soil at the roller. Roller option types include crumbler, steel rings, rubber rings, and packer.


Several versions of the cultivator are available, from 3m-wide mounted machines, up to 6m semi-mounted. At Sima, the firm will also unveil a 9m fully-trailed machine.


Starting price for a 3m machine is about £12,000, depending on roller.


Knight Bednar toppers

Knight Bednar toppers

Ranging from 2.5-metre working width mounted machines up to 7m-wide trailed units, Knight launched a range of rotary toppers, able to handle everything from grass to heavy brash.


Built by Czech firm Bednar, the trailed versions fold for transport with their folding wings able to work from a vertical position down to 20-degrees below the horizontal position.


Cutting height adjustment of the trailed machines is done via shims on the main lift rams, with the drawbar also lifting for a parallel movement of the cutting deck.


All models feature galvanised cutting deck canopies and replaceable wear plates on the underside. There is also the option of two blade arrangements – single edged for light conditions such as grass, and double blades, one stacked on top of the other, for more aggressive mulching in stubble conditions, for example. Counter blades can also be fitted.


Power requirement for a 6m machine is 150-200hp, which retails at about £21,000.


Cultivation Solutions Genesis drill

Cultivation Solutions Genesis drill

Continuing its work in controlled traffic farming, with experience gained from its Rapidlift and RLM HD products, Cultivating Solutions has plans to launch its own drill, specifically designed with large working widths in mind.


The modular design allows for working widths from eight metres up to 13.3m, with each module comprising a shallow working tine, two gangs of discs, paddles, single disc coulters, tyre packer and levelling tines.


All elements of the module can vary its working depth, with the ability to do this automatically via prescription maps.


Unlike most large drills, which either have to fold vertically or in a gull wing style for transport, Cultivating Solutions’ drill pivots through 90 degrees on the drawbar so it can be pulled from one end. This also means hopper size and shape is not compromised, allowing for a 6,000-litre capacity.


To follow contours, each module is suspended giving 600mm (2ft) of travel.  


Trials are underway this summer, with full availability expected for 2016.


Joskin Drakar Catena trailer

Joskin Drakar Catena trailer

Replacing its previous range of Drakar push trailers, Joskin has reinvented its ejector trailer concept with a new roll off floor design.


Instead of the headboard hydraulically pushing material out of the trailer, the trailer now uses a large belt floor which is hydraulically rolled up like a carpet at the rear of the trailer.


The headboard also moves with the floor, with the floor returned to the front of the trailer via a hydraulically driven chain. This third hydraulic motor and chain can also aid unloading if the load is heavy or sticky.


This concept, says the firm, makes unloading much easier compared to normal push trailers and avoids compression of material and excessive stress on side walls.


Other key features include plastic walls and hydraulically adjustable side extensions.

Models range from 24cu.m capacity up to 47cu.m, with prices starting from about £35,300.


Claydon Drills Hybrid drill updates

Claydon Drills Hybrid drill updates

Claydon has made a number of updates to the Trailed Hybrid drill, which is in full production for 2015.  A new front press wheel section improves performance on cultivated or min-till seedbeds but with the wheels lining up with the seeding units, still works in a strip till system.


Hydraulic depth control means that working depth across the machine can all be adjusted from the front. The electronics are now ISObus compatible, allowing four different products to be controlled via individual channels when using the company’s ISO terminal, with variable rate capability and integrated cameras.


Claydon was also gauging customer reaction to new tool options – a low disturbance tine for blackgrass control and a front disc for use when spring drilling into cover crops.


Landquip 4536 Multidrive demount

Landquip 4536 Multidrive demount

Landquip built its first demount sprayer for the Multidrive FC skid unit in response to a request from Scottish contractor Crop Services.


The 4500 litre capacity sprayer has been fitted with the customer’s existing 36m Pommier aluminium boom and features a 450 litres/min pump and stainless steel pipework to apply fertiliser at up to 1500 litres/ha via umbrella jets. Spray application control is via the new Arag Delta 80 system, and the positioning of the tank gives a 50/50 weight distribution over both axles when full.


The spray pack is fully demountable, allowing Crop Services to fit a lime spreader body to the Multidrive unit, and the price is from £58,000.


Meredith Engineering Fertiliser Bogie

Meredith Engineering Fertiliser Bogie

Irish manufacturer Meredith Engineering has developed a bogie system for fertiliser spinners, based on farm experience. Models can be specified for spreaders up to the largest six-tonne capacity units, with options including tandem axles with flotation tyres, brakes and lighting systems.


Ground pressure is reduced and the spreader remains level as the hopper empties, maintaining spread pattern. High quality components include bronze bushings and 70mm (2.7in) heavy-duty stub axles, while a shot-blasted powder paint finish offers protection from abrasive fertiliser.


Prices are from £3,200-£6,450.


Sly Agri Strip Cat

Sly Agri Strip Cat

Sly Agri showed a new version of the Strip Cat strip till cultivator paired with a Kleine sugar beet drill for strip till drilling of beet. Benefits include reduced wind blow on sandy or fen soils, with the stubble protecting the emerging crop as well as the reduced cultivation costs.


The trailed 6m, 12 row Strip Cat matches up well with the drill and can also be fitted with seeders to establish companion and cover crops alongside the beet.


Sly Agri has 11 machines working in the UK, split between cultivations for maize, OSR and beet, and early customer reports include yields of 100t/ha.


Deutz Agrovector 33.7 telehandler

Deutz Agrovector 33.7 telehandler

Deutz has filled out its Agrovector telehandler range with the 33.7 – a machine viewed as an entry-level 7m telehandler.


Sitting below the range-topping 37.7, the new model offers a 3.3 tonne lift capacity and a maximum lift height of 7m.


Powered by a Deutz TCD3.6 litre engine using a diesel oxidation catalyst to meet emissions legislation, the Agrovector 33.7 is available in two power ratings – 100hp and 120hp.


While the 100hp version comes with a four-speed powershift transmission, the more powerful model gets a six-speed powershift.


Banked grease nipples simplify daily and weekly maintenance requirements, while features such as hydraulic coupler depressurisation, auto reversing fan, boom float and four-digit security code add to the functionality of the machine.


The Agrovector 33.7 is priced from £63,000.


Househam intelligent transmission system

Looking to boost fuel efficiency on its Merlin range, Househam Sprayers has developed a hydrostatic transmission system which behaves like a tractor’s CVT gearbox.


Called HITS (Househam Intelligent Transmission System), the innovative drive system uses electronic management to link the sprayer’s proportional pumps, motors and engine control together.


Doing so has given the capability to vary engine speed according to load, rather than run the sprayer continuously at full throttle. It means the sprayer’s road and field modes can benefit from Power, Normal and Economy modes, offering preset reduced engine revs when full power is not required.


Cruise control and traction control are features of the new transmission system, as is the ability to drive the sprayer using either a foot pedal or joystick control.


HITS is an £8,500 option on Merlin self-propelled sprayers.


Househam’s 100th Merlin sprayer

Househam’s 100th Merlin sprayer

Househam Sprayers sold its 100th Merlin sprayer at Lamma 2015.


To mark the manufacturing milestone – the first Merlin was produced in Oct 2012 - the 4,000-litre, 24m self-propelled sprayer features gold coloured wheels and cab roof.


The sprayer was purchased by MH and AH Conner from North East Yorkshire.

Merlo Multi Farmer

Merlo Multi Farmer

Merlo has redeveloped its Multi Farmer to provide greater lift capacity at the three-point linkage, plus additional spool valves to help the handler deliver a wider repertoire with field duties.


Compared to the previous Multi Farmer, this latest offering packs a rear linkage offering a 7.1 tonne lift capacity (up from 3.6 tonnes) and the arrival of a fourth double acting spool valve.


A two-speed pto continues to be offered, though changing between 540 and 1,000rpm speeds is now achieved from the comfort of the handler’s cab.


There are two models of Multi Farmer - the MF40.9CS and MF40.7CS - offering lift heights of 9m and 7m respectively, from the use of two-stage and three-stage telescopic booms.


Common to both models is a four-tonne lift capacity at the forks and the use of a 156hp Deutz turbocharged diesel engine. Power goes to all four wheels through a CVT-Tronic two-speed hydrostatic transmission with auto-shifting function and 40kph road speed.


Shod on 600/55 R26.5 tyres, the Multi Farmer range is priced from £101,000.


Merlo P50.8CS telescopic handler

Merlo P50.8CS telescopic handler

Merlo continues to modernise and extend its telehandler range and the latest to benefit from the Turbo Farmer 2 cab is the P50.8CS.


Packing 156hp from its Deutz four cylinder turbo-diesel engine, the P50.8CS offers a five-tonne lift capacity and 7m lift height. A lower power rating of 120hp is also available.


Key features include hydraulic cab suspension, and 40kph travel speed from its CVT-Tronic two-speed hydrostatic transmission with auto-shifting function.


With optional pto and trailer hitch, expect the P50.8CS to cost around £87,400.


Great Plains cover crop concept

Great Plains cover crop concept

Designed to help control grass weeds and improve yields, Great Plains showed a specially configured test unit with the ability to establish a small seed cover or companion crop alongside oilseed rape.


With trials already underway with various agronomy groups, the 3m mounted machine comprises five of the firm’s ST tines with low disturbance legs at 575mm spacing, to create a root zone down to 250mm. These are followed by a light-duty levelling board to create a shallow tilth for a cover or companion crop and a bespoke spaced roller which consolidates only the seeding zone, leaving the soil in-between undisturbed.


Following the roller, a set of double disc openers deliver accurate placement of seed in two rows at 200mm spacing (100mm either side of where the tine has been and within the consolidated zone).


A twin hopper arrangement applies seed for either a companion crop within the oilseed rape rows, or a cover crop between the rapeseed rows, or across the whole profile.


Following further trials throughout 2015, Great Plains will evaluate the technique and its potential either as an option on existing machines or as a dedicated new unit.


Pottinger Synkro cultivator

Pottinger Synkro cultivator

Techneat Apollo pulse UV disinfection

Using technology from the utilities industry to purify water, Techneat has adapted the ultra violet (UV) light disinfection method to apply to potatoes.


Initially developed for seed potatoes, the firm says it can use the tech on ware spuds going into storage.


Where the technology gets clever, is the use of pulsed UV light which produces spikes of intense energy, energy which bacteria cannot cope with and subsequently is eradicated.


The firm has been developing the technology for the last five years and says it has seen a dramatic reduction of infection in potatoes, particularly blackleg.


To work, crop is fed into a hopper and travels along rollers, before it is then zapped by intense UV rays. Expect throughput rates of eight tonnes per hour with seed potatoes, and up to 18 tonnes with ware potatoes.


Techneat also reckons it has potential to disinfect eggs, salads, fruits and meats.


KRM launches Unika flail topper

A larger diameter rotor and a change in flail design are said to be features of KRM’s new Unika topper range.


In working widths of 2.3m and 2.7m, and suitable for front and rear-mounting, the new topper design has been developed for high volumes of material often encountered with infrequent mowing.


The larger diameter rotor is said to deliver a higher tip speed than other models in the KRM range, leading to an improvement in cutting quality with thick, dense material. The Unika flail topper range is priced from £6,175.


Liebherr 542 wheeled loader

Construction equipment firm Liebherr showed off an ag-spec wheeled loader, badged the L542. The 163hp four-cylinder machine uses a hydrostatic transmission to offer fuel savings, says the firm, compared to conventional torque converter and powershift transmissions.


Equipped with a high-tip four cubic metre bucket and shod on 750/55 R26 tyres, the L542 is priced at £145,000.


Umega shows multi-function trailer

Lithuanian trailer manufacturer Umega used Lamma to gauge reaction to its multi-function trailer, the PI-20.


Offering a 20-tonne capacity, the twin axle ejector trailer offers a range of demountable rear door options, allowing the role of the trailer to be adapted to different tasks.


In addition to the standard rear door with grain chute, the PI-20 can be fitted with a grain chaser attachment and the option of two muck spreader rear door systems.


The high-specification PI-20 includes a following axle, sprung drawbar, air brakes and rear under-run protection. The PI-20 is priced from £34,500, with the chaser attachment costing a further £1,500 and the spreader attachments adding a further £2,500 to the price.


Mzuri offers Rehab

Not quite the kind of rehabilitation that some pop stars and celebrities might be familiar with, Mzuri’s Rehab is a low disturbance subsoiler combined with a Stocks Wizard seeder, creating a combination suited to oilseed rape establishment and cover crop establishment.


Unlike traditional subsoiler-based seeding systems, the Mzuri Rehab uses coulters to ensure narrow band sowing of seeds. This, says the company, ensures that seeds are placed more precisely in a shallow layer of soil rather than being dropped into a void created by a subsoiler leg.


Subsoiler legs and coulters follow each other and rows are spaced at 600mm intervals.


The five-leg, 3m implement is said to require a tractor of 120hp to operate, and the seeder section can be demounted, says Mzuri, enabling the two components to be purchased separately. The Rehab subsoiler costs £15,275, while the seeder unit costs £13,549.


Dale Drills Eco4 drill

Dale Drills has developed a toolbar version of its Eco min-till drill with front-mount hopper.


The Eco4 can direct drill or sow in conventionally prepared seedbeds and offers variable row spacing from 125mm (5in), for cereals, up to 500mm (20in) for OSR.


Its low draft tines are positioned with generous stagger to work in trashy conditions and are tipped with tungsten carbide. Coulter mounting is via a parallel linkage for contour following and to maintain seed placement in all conditions.


Working widths of three to five metres are available with power requirement from 150hp. Prices are from £27,000.


AMIA Sfoggia Discover precision drill

Agri Market Insight and Access (AMIA) presented the Discover and Sigma precision drill ranges from Sfoggia.


The drills feature the Elektra control system, allowing setting and calibration of seeding, fertiliser and microgranular systems from the cab via a single electric control box. As well as ease and convenience of set-up, the Elektra system eliminates the use of gearboxes and chains.


Seeders up to 24 rows can be controlled in this way, with the system sensing the seed type and adjusting the singulation disc accordingly to avoid doubles or misses. The Discover range offers hydraulic row width adjustment to suit a wide range of crops, and future developments include a combination machine using Sfoggia’s strip till cultivator for one-pass strip till drilling.


KRM Tempo Tracker spreader control

In addition to its current section control system for its range of spreaders, KRM has taken the precision placement of fertiliser a step further with the introduction of Tempo Tracker.


Available on any of the firm’s spreaders with Standard or Dyanamic section control, Tempo Tracker also takes into account working speed, to alter the timing of shutter opening and closing speeds at the headland.


This, says the firm, has a massive impact on fertiliser placement, as most section control systems and automatic shut-off systems are based on a fixed point of reference. So to avoid delayed or premature shutter actuation, Tempo Tracker adjusts this point of reference to compensate how long it takes the shutter actuators to operate.


For example, if a tractor is fairly moving, as it approaches the headland the shutters will need a greater distance to operate if excessive overlap with the headland is to be avoided. Conversely, shutter actuation can be activated at a later point to avoid under spreading when travelling at slow speeds.


As well as new machines, the system is available for older machines, free to download.


Standen Engineering portfolio extension

Greatly extending its product offering, Standen Engineering showed a large array of new rotovators, power harrows and mulchers.


Of note was the Delta TF 280, on show, capable of handling 280hp. Available in working widths of 4.6m, 5.0m and 6.6m, it can be fitted with C or L type rotor blades and hydraulically folds and locks for transport.


Standard equipment includes a two-speed gearbox, Cat III linkage, swinging lower links and rear lights for road transport.


Various rollers can be fitted including cage, spiked and packer types, with either manual or hydraulic depth control adjustment.


As an option, an oil cooling kit, quick blade release system, front sod breaking discs and a front ripper can be specified.


Depending on spec, price for a 5m machine is about £25,000.


Brock arable equipment

Famous for its used machinery business, J Brock and Sons have now ventured into producing their own arable equipment, including rolls and cultivators.


An interesting machine on its stand was the Cross Consolidator. As the name suggests, it is designed to be towed behind a cultivator, or as a standalone trailed unit behind a tractor, and leaves a ridged finish with ridges perpendicular to the direction of travel. This, says the manufacturer, provides a more resistant surface to weather elements along with preventing surface run off of applied seed, for example.


While a cage roller can produce a similar effect, the Cross Consolidator uses rotating paddles which are less susceptible to blockages in sticky conditions.


Working widths range from 4.5m to 12.5m, with prices starting from £14,900 for a 4.5m machine.


He-Va trailed subsoiler

He-Va’s range of cultivation equipment has been further expanded in the UK with the launch of a trailed subsoiler, available in working widths of 5m and 6m, with nine and 11 subsoiler legs respectively.


Like its mounted counterparts, the new machine features low draft legs and points which lowers the hp requirement and diesel usage, says the manufacturer.


The V formation of the subsoiler legs also reduces soil squeeze and further contributes to a lower hp requirement. It is rated for tractors of up to 600hp.


Machines are designed with a large under-frame clearance; depth control is adjustable hydraulically from the tractor seat; and both hydraulic reset and shearbolt protection versions are available.


It comes as standard with 200mm-wide cast steel points, or alternatively it can be fitted with 120mm and 350mm points.


Also standard is a 700mm V Profile roller, front wing support wheels, and a heavy duty frame which folds to a 3m transport width.


A 6m, 11 leg machine with shearbolt leg protection and a 700mm V Profile Roller retails at £41,424 plus VAT.


Opico micro granule boom applicator

Opico displayed a Micro Pro 16 boomed applicator – suitable to fit onto small tractors of 80hp and upwards.


The lightweight chassis and suspended 12m boom allows micro-granules to be spread as a separate operation to maximise application output and optimise timing, says the manufacturer. It is also available as a trailed chassis for towing behind utility vehicles or similar.


Opico’s James Woolway explains: “Precision is absolutely key when applying micro-granules like Avadex to a crop. The Micro Pro 16’s individual metering and double-overlapping spread pattern ensure that distribution is precise. In addition, application rate can be

precisely controlled via radar and electronic metering.” 


A 12m boomed applicator costs £13,931 plus VAT.


JC Machinery Raycam fertiliser spreaders

JC Machinery has added the Raycam fertiliser spreader range to its portfolio, comprising pendulum and spinning disc machines.


Built in Spain, the spreaders are positioned as a straightforward, competitively priced option, built using quality components such as polyester injection moulded hoppers and stainless steel gearboxes.


There are two ranges of pendulum spreaders from 500 to 1,000 litres and 1,000 to 1,650 litres capacity, while spinning disc models go up to 2,500 litres and offer 24m spread widths. Prices are from £4,350. 


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