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LAMMA 2015: Grassland and livestock equipment

As the Lamma show continues to evolve, so too does the diversity of exhibitors. Grassland and livestock equipment is no exception, with continuing growth of exhibitors year on year.


Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Twin Express diet feeders

In response to greater demands on diet feeders, Shelbourne Reynolds has upgraded its twin auger Powermix Pro Twin Express feeders to be more durable.


Rather than simply increase the thickness of steel used for tub and auger flights, or improving steel quality, the manufacturer has chosen to do both.


To reduce wear created over time, Twin Express tub interiors are now double skinned up to a height of 775mm, with an additional 10mm thick sheet of S500 grade steel. This, says the manufacturer, provides added protection and wear resistance on the lower sidewall of the entire circumference of the tub, and brings the total sidewall thickness to 18mm.


In addition, the auger flights are now made from stronger S500-grade steel, which is 15mm thick. Replaceable wear pads on the lower auger legs incorporate a 10mm thick stainless steel plate.


The additional steel will add 480kg to the weight of each twin auger machine. Total unladen weights now range from 8,325kg for the smallest 16cu.m model to 9,160kg for the 25cu.m flagship.

Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix Pro Twin Express diet feeders

Shelbourne Reynolds diet feeders

Reco Fella SM 3570 TL KC mower

Reco Fella SM 3570 TL KC mower

Grassland equipment manufacturer Fella has expanded its rear mounted mower conditioner offering with the introduction of a new, additional series.


Three models make up the new range; the SM 3060 TL-KC, with a three-metre (9ft 8in) cutting width and tine conditioner, the SM 3060 TL-RC with roller conditioner, and the firms biggest mower conditioner yet, the SM 3570 TL-KC. All mowers are centre mounted and feature hydro-pneumatic suspension, designed to evenly follow ground contours, says the manufacturer.


For tine conditioner models, conditioning intensity can be controlled by means of a counter comb, which can be adjusted via four different positions.


Tine conditioner machines also feature a crop spreading device as standard.

Kuhn RW1610 bale wrapper

Kuhn RW1610 bale wrapper

Kuhn has developed a twin film dispenser for its RW1610 bale wrapper. Called the E-Twin, the high-speed turntable wrapper uses a single mast which carries two rolls of film. Both rolls dispense film simultaneously through one pre-stretcher, allowing the two layers of film to bond together as they leave the unit with a 60 per cent overlap.


Compared to a twin-satellite wrapper, the advantages are said to include a higher lever of pre-stretch – typically 90 per cent instead of 70 per cent – which means more bales wrapped per roll of film.


The manufacturer says the time taken to wrap a bale is halved compared to traditional single roll turntable wrappers, boosting wrapper output. Expect the RW1610 E-Twin to cost about £16,175.

Krone Swadro TC rakes

Krone Swadro TC rakes

Bernard Krone showed an updated range of the Swadro twin rotor rakes to replace the 700/800/900 series. Feature include a new tine designed to hold the crop better, allowing rotors to be set higher to minimise the risk of soil contamination and a new headstock with v-gearbox and sloping frame which gives a transport height below four metres (13ft) without folding the tine arms.


The three models are the 6.8m fixed width TC680 and hydraulically adjustable TC780 and TC880, which have raking width of 6.8-7.6m and 7.6-8.8m respectively. ‘Plus’ specification on the larger model gives electric rotor lift with height indication on the in-cab control box.

Conor Engineering reardischarge muck spreader

Conor Engineering reardischarge muck spreader

Conor Engineering has introduced its first rear discharge manure spreader range, following customer requests for a higher output spreading solution.


With compact 10- and 12-tonne models, the range features twin vertical beaters with 15mm thick reversible blades and 10mm auger flights, automatic light protectors triggered when the slurry door is open and heavy duty fully welded construction. Options include a sprung drawbar, swivel hitch and wooden or steel greedy boards.


Prices are from £16,000-£22,000.

Tanco Variwrap 3

Tanco Variwrap 3

Tanco’s latest bale wrapper design uses two or three wrapping arms and a loading arm allowing bales to be collected from the side, speeding the wrapping cycle. Designed to handle bales from 1-1.5 metres (3-5ft) in diameter, the wrapper uses an accumulator to provide the hydraulic power for the cut and tie process and a proportional valve to control the speed of bale rotation, maintaining momentum.


Hydraulic and electric controls are housed in a central top panel, allowing a service engineer to quickly replace a faulty unit, cutting downtime, says the manufacturer. Linkage- and loader-mounted versions are ideal for contractors, while a static model will follow for use in the yard.

Fliegl muck spreader

Fliegl muck spreader

German trailer-maker Fliegl has entered the rear-discharge muck spreader market with an ejector-bodied spreader.


The hydraulically-operated ejector mechanism is said to be more reliable and more robust than traditional chain and slat floor designs. Used in conjunction with on-board weigh cells, the operator needs only to input the required application rate and the spreader control box takes care of ejecting the load to match forward speed.


The galvanised spreader range is available in 12, 14 and 20cu.m capacities, and with the addition of greedy boards, each model’s capacity can be boosted by a further 30 per cent.


Options include weigh cells, following axle, sprung drawbar, hydraulic and air brake systems. Expect the 12cu.m model to be priced from £30,000.

Pottinger combi wagon

Pottinger has replaced its Europrofi forage wagon range with the Europrofi Combiline models.


The three-model range comprises the 45-10, 50-10 and 55-10 models, with capacities of 45, 50 and 55cu.m respectively.


Developed as a combi-wagon, Pottinger says the models can be used as forage trailers.


Pottinger’s general manager Shaun Groom says: “Shod on 560 or optional 710 tyres, the Combiline makes a great trailer for maize or energy crops. Compared to a trailer, the Combiline has axles in the middle of the chassis, giving good balance and improved manoeuvrability.”


In forage wagon guise, the range delivers a 39mm (1.5in) chop length and a hydraulically-operated knife lock system allows the operator to swap blades midway through the day, making full use of the double knife, twin blade design adopted by the Combiline.


Power requirement is from 130-220hp, with the 50-10 model being priced from £66,825. 

Imabe Iberica high density balers

Spanish biomass baler manufacturer Imabe Iberica has expanded into the forage sector with a range of high density machines which produce large bale packs fastened with polypropylene twine rather than the industrial steel bands.


Loose crops from Lucerne to dehydrated sugar beet pulp are processed in stationary or mobile yard machines to provide maximum density packages for shipping in containers.


Bale sizes from 40x40cm to 115x80cm can be produced, and the company is looking for UK distributors.


Votex used Lamma to show a prototype butterfly-style topper that uses three rotary toppers to create a 10m working width.

Using a 4.3m front-mounted topper, the rear hydraulically folding frame allows a pair of 2.7m or 3.0m toppers to be fitted. The rear frame affords 1m of lateral adjustment to account for overlap.


The Supercut design provides metal skirting around the blades, which increases the vacuum effect beneath the bed to lift blades of grass and create a much neater finish than non-Supercut versions.


The Votex triple topper combination costs £35,000.

Twose Grassland Subsoiler

Twose Grassland Subsoiler

Designed to make its mounted grassland subsoiler more versatile, Twose has produced an aerator which can be fitted onto the back of the machine’s flat roller.


In tandem with the three subsoiling legs and flat roller, the addition of the aerator allows for a one-pass grassland rejuvenation system, with deep and surface compaction both being alleviated at the same time. However, if conditions change and the aerator element is not required, this can be decoupled.

Keenan Orbital muck spreader

Keenan Orbital muck spreader

Those of you with a half decent memory may remember the Keenan Orbital muck spreader. Well, due to demand, it is back.


One of the Orbital’s major plus points is material is moved from the rear of the machine to the front, as it empties. Particularly for hills, this has the advantage of putting positive weight onto the tractor, providing increased traction.


The spreader is essentially a half barrel shape, with muck pushed from the rear via a hydraulic mechanism into a rotating flywheel, which mulches and spreads to the left-hand side. Rate of muck applied can be varied by the speed of the pushing mechanism, while a hydraulically adjustable deflector plate alters spread pattern.


The 12-tonne capacity machine also features a slurry allowing to handle liquid or solid manure.

Blaney Agri Wipeout 2

Savings in chemical use are generating interest in weedwipers and Blaney Agri’s Wipeout 2 linkage-mounted models offer the capacity to treat larger pasture as well as their traditional upland farming application. Weed wiping also extends application windows as it is unaffected by windy conditions.


Models are 4.5-8.5-metre working width in twin or triple gang format and twin rollers increase wetting while minimising drips, protecting clover in the sward.


Ground drive allows the gangs to follow ground contours and improved software gives greater control of applications for further savings.


A 4.5m twin gang model is priced at £6,500.

Lely Splendimo PC 280

Lely has added a 2.8-metre version to its Splendimo PC trailed mower range, featuring the new QIII bed offered on larger models with larger discs allowing the knives to rotate through 360 degrees.


A pivoting gearbox makes for easier coupling and manoeuvring, and the lift rams are also used to control ground pressure, adjustable from the cab.


Conditioning is via steel fingers, pivoting on steel bushings for an extended working life and improved safety, and swath width is adjustable from 0.8-2m. Power requirement is from 70hp.

Pharmweigh Auto Drafter

Pharmweigh is exhibiting its 12-volt DC Auto Drafter which can be customised to meet sheep or pig producer requirements. Made from stainless steel, it is silent and easily portable. A manual version is also available.


Both versions are EID-enabled and in a unique feature, Pharmweigh indicators will pick up non-read or failed/missing eartags.


Haygrove livestock housing

The newly-launched Haygrove Arc has been designed to provide a low cost, easy-to-build housing for livestock, machinery or general farm storage. It comes in 9m, 12m and 15m (30ft, 40ft and 50ft) widths and has a steel frame with an extra tough canvas cover.


Each arc is constructed in modular sections and can be built to suit individual requirements.


The arc requires no concrete base, is pinned to the ground and is fully portable and easy to self-build. It can be supplied open-ended or there are a number of door options. Cost is about £45/sq.m.


Enegis animal bedding

A new product from Enegis is a high quality animal bedding made from high grade Irish peat blended with lime, which is being marketed as an alternative bedding for cubicle housing.


It is easy to dispense and is kind to slurry equipment as it is non-abrasive and has fine particles. A product is added to the peat to reduce microbes in bedding helping reduce mastitis and somatic cell counts.


It provides a comfortable bed for cows, increasing lying time and milk production. Environmentally friendly, when spread on land it will improve soil quality and aid grass management.


Glendale Engineering Drenchmaster

The Drenchmaster from Glendale Engineering is a lightweight one-way race system which is easily moved with an ATV or UTV and can be added on to a handling race.


Brushes set at a 45-degree angle on its inside ensure sheep can only move one way. It is fully adjustable, has a shredding gate and allows the operator to perform multiple operations with ease. Cost is £1,750 plus VAT.


Davies Implements Octoposts

Octoposts are Swedish-manufactured fencing posts which are octagonal-shaped to make them easier to stack and handle and provide a flat surface for fixing.


Made from slow-grown Swedish pine, they are kiln-dried, then pressure heat-treated with creosote. This provides a life expectancy of more than 40 years, and with a manufacturer guarantee of 25 years, makes them cost effective compared to conventional posts.


The company also produces Octorails which have overlap jointing on the rails making fixing to posts easy and adding strength.


Moocall alerts

Moocall Sensors provide calving alerts to any mobile phone. A device is attached to the cow’s tail which monitors spinal movement and contractions, and when they reach a certain threshold, sends an alert to a mobile phone, followed by another an hour later.


It has an embedded multi-roaming M2M sim which will work in low signal areas. It suits all breeds and is adjustable to any tail size. No

additional hardware is required and it has a rechargeable battery which lasts for 30 days. Cost is £202 per unit with an annual data charge of €200 (about £154). 


Future Grass Technology launches its largest zero grazer

County Carlow-based Future Grass Technology has revealed its largest zero grazer. Called the GT Super 160, the tri-axle machine offers a carrying capacity of around nine tonnes of fresh grass.


The machine uses a 2.1m Galfrey twin drum mower to cut grass and feed it into a transport elevator, which pushes the crop upwards into the body of the machine. When full, the load is ejected using the zero grazer’s moving floor conveyor.


Creator Jim Barren says the zero grazer is gentle on grass, which helps to maintain quality, ensuring freshly cut grass remains appealing to livestock for up to 24 hours.


“Our zero grazing system offers ultra low ground pressure, and this means farmers can start cutting earlier at the start of the growing season and stay zero grazing for much longer at the end of the season, allowing them to make greater use of grass in place of silage,” he says.


The GT Super 160 requires a tractor of 120hp and costs from £37,000.

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