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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Launching at Lamma 2018: A wide variety of new equipment on show

Lamma is set to be the launchpad for a wide variety of new equipment.


Jane Carley takes a look at just a few of the innovations on display.

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Launching at Lamma 2018: A wide variety of new equipment on show

Loaders and handlers

Loaders and handlers

- JCB is to introduce its new TM420 telehandler offering 32 per cent more load lifting capacity at 4,100kg, plus 200mm of additional lift height at 5.4 metres, compared to the current TM320 model.


New features include an improved cab with instruments providing daily start-up checks from the driver’s seat, LED lighting options and self-lubricating bushes which extend greasing intervals to 500 hours.


The TM420 uses the same 145hp JCB EcoMax engine as on the 3.2 tonne lift capacity TM320 and TM320S.


A regenerative hydraulics circuit gives faster boom lowering for quicker loading cycles and a tougher chassis features larger pins and bushes for the centre pivot and loader.


Heavier-duty JCB axles with permanent four-wheel drive handle the increased payload and up to 26 inch wheels with larger tyres can be fitted.


JCB will also show the new Loadall 560-80 Agri Pro and the JCB 541-70 Agri Pro ‘40’ special edition, plus the latest 419S loading shovel and Teleskid telescopic skid-steer loader.


- First previewed at the 2017 Lamma Event, Manitou’s new MLA-T articulated loader features a centrally positioned cab to improve visibility and comfort, with access from either side.


Lift capacity is 3,300kg with a 5.2m lifting height. The firm’s 2D central articulation point and oscillating rear axle are said to increase stability at full articulation.


The company will also show the MC18 rough terrain forklift, and from the Gehl range, the production version of the T750 telescopic compact loader.



- Claas will introduce the new Scorpion telehandler range built in collaboration with Liebherr, with seven models offering lift capacities from 3.2 to 5.6 tonnes.


These include a new range of features such as engine power management, the firm’s Smart Loading driver-assistance system for fine control of the working hydraulics and overload protection, a fully automatic parking brake, controlled crab steering as a fourth steering option and an all-new cab.


The company will also launch its first wheeled loader range with the Torion, also using Liebherr technology, which includes seven models in three size ranges with load capacities ranging from 3.45 to 12.4 tonnes.


The two largest machines offer loading heights of up to 4.64m, suitable to fill tall trailers or trucks, says the manufacturer.


- The Blaney Motor Company will launch its new L1 10-27 pivot steer loader at Lamma.


Its compact size means the loader can access hard to reach areas while its light weight allows them to be transported using vehicles with less than 3.5 tonnes towing capacity.


The loaders have been designed to be simple to operate, says the firm, with easy to use controls and convenient driver access for tasks requiring frequent hopping on and off the seat.


It is also equipped with a 40hp engine and hydrostatic transmission with four-wheel drive limited slip differential.


A high capacity hydraulic system gives a one tonne lifting capacity plus 2.7m reach, or 3.3m for the telescopic model.

Sprayers and spreaders

Sprayers and spreaders

- Horsch will present its latest generation Leeb GS trailed sprayer for the first time in the UK, offering proven features such as the BoomControl Pro boom system and stainless tanks, but with new configurations and equipment.


The Leeb GS is now available as Eco, CCS (Continuous Cleaning System) and CCS Pro variants, with a 6,000, 7,000 or 8,000 litre stainless steel tank.


The top-level CCS Pro model uses a new electronic system with electrical valves for suction and pressure, plus a range of cleaning programmes which can be operated from the tractor cab.


Boom widths are from 18m to 42m, with six to 42 sections and a choice of boom control systems.



- Chafer has made a number of upgrades to its Sentry and Guardian trailed sprayers including a new boom suspension assembly for improved contour following, allowing the boom to run closer to the ground (below 50cm) for maximum spray efficacy.


The firm’s ePlumbing system has been updated to use CanBus valves which offer operators real time information of the valve’s status and position, during automatic filling, rinsing and general plumbing functions.


The steering system on ‘e’ spec machines has also been updated to include sensors mounted oo the sprayer itself, increasing steering sensitivity and assisting tractor following.



- Amazone will show its new UF 2002 mounted sprayer which offers boom widths up to 30 metres, and the option of either up to 11 part-width sections or individual nozzle shut-off using the AmaSwitch electric nozzle control.


It also features a new, close-coupled, flush-fronted 2,120 litre spray tank and grey 350 litre fresh water tank which offers sufficient clean water for when using the FT1001 front tank.


Performance of the front tank has also been improved with faster transfer rates via the FlowControl system which automatically fills, mixes and transfers the contents of the front tank back and forth where necessary to ensure a homogenous mix and optimum weight distribution between front and back axle without any input from the operator.



- KRM is to bring a new M-Line of fertiliser spreaders featuring a redesigned chassis to increase load capacity by up to 20 per cent, but also to ensure all surfaces are angled to prevent fertiliser being trapped for easy cleaning - capacities are from 3,750 to 5,500 litres.


Fully sealed LED rear lights and reflective warning boards boost road safety.


Extensive use of stainless steel and a plasticised powder paint finish are designed to offer long life protection.

Forage and muck equipment

Forage and muck equipment

- Pottinger will be introducing the Novacat A9 triple mower combination which shares many features with its 10m cut sibling. On this model, overall cutting width of either 8.92m or 9.18m can be manually configured.


The mowers’ cutterbar is equipped with the firm’s ‘Tri-Drive’ gear technology, said to offer a clean cut in heavy conditions.


In addition, Pottinger’s patented ‘Y Drive’ gear train offers vibration-free pto shaft drive, along with externally mounted slip clutches which can easily be accessed for maintenance.


The Novacat A9 is available as a plain disc mower, with the Extra Dry tine conditioner or RCB rubber roller conditioner.


Functions such as independent mower lift and sequenced transport position folding are operated via the in cab Direct Control controller with LCD display.


- Tanco’s 1400-V high speed wrapper is the latest version of the company’s 1400 trailed round bale wrapper, with the addition of auto-loading.


Other features include Tanco’s telescopic cut and start, direct gear drive to the satellite arms and a variable proportional hydraulic control.


The 1400 also offers a low centre of gravity chassis, which positions the bale forward of the axle for maximum stability, says the manufacturer.


- Anderson Group is launching a bale collecting trailer which can pick up wrapped round bales from the field on the move without damaging the wrapping, it says.


The RBM2000 PRO trailer uses a lifting arm which features a bale detector that initiates the loading sequence as soon as the arm contacts the bale.


The trailer can carry 20 bales and loading time is typically 20 seconds per bale. The operator can adjust bale spacing to cater for differing bale lengths.


Bales are unloaded by tilting the trailer rearwards and pushing them off with the headstock, so they land on their end ready for stacking.


- John Deere will show the latest 8000 Series self-propelled forage harvester, equipped with a new generation HarvestLab sensing system.


Introduced in 2007, HarvestLab was the first NIR (near infra-red) sensing system in the industry to measure silage dry matter and enable automatic length of cut adjustments, says Deere. The system can now be used for maize, grass and manure sensing.


HarvestLab 3000 is said to require less maintenance, operate in a wider range of temperatures and feature a much bigger data storage capacity of 2GB, compared to the previous 32MB.


It also has a more operator friendly web interface when used for stationary measurements away from the forager.


John Deere is also introducing the new 490 Plus 12-row rotary drum maize header for 2018.


This double-folding header provides better visibility during transport, and is specifically designed to feed high horsepower foragers working in high-yielding crops.


Other new products on show for the first time at LAMMA will include the S700 Series automated combine and V400 Series variable-chamber round baler.


- Joskin will be showing an updated version of its Volumetra tanker with the new Vacu-Storm Pump concept, which combines a vacuum pump for suction and a centrifugal pump for emptying/feeding the rear implement.


These two pumps are mechanically driven through a pto-shaft via a reinforced monobloc transmission box, directly from the tractor.


The centrifugal pump offers flows up to 10,000 l/min, said to be ideal for spreading across large widths or handling thick slurries.

Drills and cultivators

Drills and cultivators

- Kuhn will be showing the Venta 4030 + HR 4040 combination seed drill. The power harrow element – HR 4040 – uses straight blades and a Duplex gearbox, enabling rotor speed to be adjusted according to soil conditions.


The Venta seed drill features a 1,800 litre seed hopper and seeding rates can be set from the tractor cab from one to 430kg/ha.


Kuhn’s Seedflex system uses widely offset double discs mounted on a parallelogram for seeding in conditions from ploughed to min-tilled land. Following press wheels control seeding depth and ensure good soil to seed contact for consistent germination, adds Kuhn.


Tillage and seeding depths are adjusted independently via a roller frame design which effectively separates the two elements.


The Venta 4030 + HR 4040 is suitable for use with tractors with a power output of up to 320hp.


- JC Machinery will show an upgraded Vredo overseeder.


Both the Agri Twin and Agri Air series feature the new Crop Drill System (CDS) which allows the machines to sow cereals directly into stubbles at a 15cm row distance, as well as being used for grassland overseeding.


Vredo overseeders are equipped with the Dual-Disc System which covers the seed with soil to protect it from external predators and extreme weather conditions, for quick germination and deep rooting.


- New from Vaderstad is an 18-row version of the Tempo precision drill.


The Tempo L18 will be available with row spacing down to 500mm, making it ideal for planting crops such as oilseed rape and sugar beet, says the company.


The Tempo L18 can also be adjusted down from 18 to 12 seeding, with the 12-row configuration offering row spacings between 700-800mm, suitable for crops such as maize, and sunflower.


- J Brock and Sons turns its attention to drilling with the launch of the Farmet Falcon, which includes models from 3 to 8m and a choice of 4,000 litre grain-only or 6,000 litre grain and fertiliser tank.


Modular design allows different toolbar options, from discs to power harrows, to be selected and swapped during the season.


Two seed metering units can be set up to sow two different seed types at once, via disc coulters or at 75cm spacings via precision seeding units.


- A new wider 5.5m trailed He-Va Combi Disc will be on show for the first time on the Opico stand.


With a new option to add twin 600mm V-Profile rollers, this latest 5.5m version is designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass, with the roller adding effective weather-proof consolidation, says Opico.


Both the depth of the subsoiler legs and discs are hydraulically adjustable from the tractor seat.


- Claydon will use Lamma to launch its new TerraBlade Inter-Row Hoe, after showing a pre-production model at Cereals.


Designed as a low cost, mechanical method of controlling weeds in band-sown crops, the Claydon TerraBlade removes weeds from the unseeded strip between the rows, clearing up any weeds missed by chemicals, or in crops where these products cannot be used, reducing the return of weed seeds.


Four working widths from three to 6m match those of Claydon’s Hybrid drills and are equipped with up to 20 tines mounted on a parallel twin-bar frame.


Hourly outputs of 1.5 to three hectares (3.7 to 7.4 acres) are said to be achievable, with minimum power requirements from 30hp to 60hp.


Weight of the machines are from 450kg to 550kg, which fold to 2.71m for transport.


- Weaving Machinery adds the new ultra-low disturbance LD Top Soiler which offers a heaving action to relieve compaction in the top 230mm of soil.


It is designed for use in no-till or min-till systems but is also said to be effective at reducing compaction in conventional systems.


The narrow spacing of the carbide-tipped loosening legs allows soil movement across the full width of the machine.


The Top-Soiler is constructed from high grade steel with a heavy-duty frame, carbide faced loosening legs and lifting wings, with shear bolt leg protection.

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