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On test: Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor / Alo MF 946 loader

 In-cab it is spacious and light, although it is slightly let down by poor fit and finish of plastics.


Cab and controls - 9/10

A relatively low-mounted cab and wide opening doors provide good access to the 5455. In-cab it is spacious and light, although it is slightly let down by poor fit and finish of plastics.


The dash is simple, providing plenty of information, and its controls are very well laid out and intuitive.

Our test model was fitted with the manufacturer’s comfort pack, which includes air conditioning, air suspended seat and a passenger seat. Cab suspension is also now an option on this model.

Loader usability - 8/10

The 5455 came equipped with an Alo loader, badged up as MF 946. It was the only one with a hydraulic block connector, which helps with unhitching. It also had boom suspension and parallel linkage.


Taking this loader on and off is fairly straightforward. Unlike the others tested, though, this loader has to rise up and over its mounting brackets, rather than just sliding out forwards. Its locking mechanism also fouls the tractor’s front fenders when reversing away and the block coupler also has nowhere to be stored.


The electric socket is in a bad position too, situated just behind a hot exhaust stack. However, the manufacturer has rectified these issues on its newer models.

The view to this loader’s tool carrier is also hampered by a fat cross-member, which does not help when hooking up to attachments.


As a loader tractor - 10/10

The 5455’s party piece is its twin pump function, which produces 100 litres of oil flow per minute. This has a big impact on the loader’s response and speeds up cycle times. Because of this, the Fergie hardly has to rev (only peaking at 1,100rpm when mucking a building out) to make the loader work, thus saving fuel.


However, the twin-pump function cannot be engaged until the tractor has warmed up to 2degC.


The 5455’s Dyna-4 transmission is easy to use, providing 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. These can all be selected, without the clutch pedal, using the T-bar lever on the right-hand console or the Power Control lever, which incorporates speed selection and shuttle control. Aggressiveness of the shuttle can also be adjusted via a small knob on the console.


A sloping bonnet, small curved fenders and a transparent roof also offer superb visibility.

Engine and maintenance - 9/10

Under the revised one-piece, and now fatter, bonnet resides a 4.4l Perkins motor producing 112hp (rated) and 125hp (boosted). It provided very smooth power delivery with plenty of torque for our tasks.


Unfortunately, thanks to its electronics, Massey Ferguson recommends you let the tractor boot up for a few seconds before ignition when you turn the key. This in itself is annoying, but we do not understand why, if it is so important, the tractor lets you start straight away.


Rear end - 9/10

The 5455 has quite a substantial looking rear end, complemented by a Dromone pick-up hitch. It is clear this tractor would be at home performing any operation. Drop-links and stabilisers are also simple to adjust.


Hydraulic power comes from a twin-pump, open centre system (43 litres/min and 57 litres/min) to supply up to four, mechanically-controlled, double-acting spool valves.


Our test model was fitted with 75mm assistor rams, producing 6,000kg of lift capacity.


FG Verdict - 45/50

With just about everything going for it, the Massey Ferguson is quite possibly the quintessential loader tractor - good hydraulics, good visibility and a good transmission.


But, as good this tractor is, the manufacturer cannot rest on its laurels - the Deutz was not far behind, and with the new short wheel-base 6R models from John Deere and a new Arion series from Claas arriving this year, it will soon have some more competition.


If a top-spec functional loader tractor is what you are after, then this is it. Base retail price for the tractor is £54,000, the loader is £7,400.


Massey Ferguson 5455 tractor

  • Engine: 4.4-litre, four-cylinder Perkins
  • Power: 105hp (rated), 125hp (boosted)
  • Torque: 463Nm (max)
  • Transmission: 16 forward, 16 reverse four-speed semi-powershift
  • Pto speeds: 540, 540E, 1,000 and 1,000Erpm
  • Hydraulic flow rate: 43 litres/min (pump one) and 57 litres/min (pump two)
  • Rear-linkage lift capacity: 6,000kg with optional assistor rams
  • Wheelbase: 2,460mm
  • Base weight: 3,900kg
  • Tyres: Firestone 540/65 R34 (rear) and 440/65 R24 (front)
  • Service intervals: 400 hours
  • Alo MF 946 loader
  • Lift capacity at full height: 1,600kg
  • Maximum lift height: 3,800mm
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