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Nine ways to keep your farm vehicles safe

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Power boost for new, cleaner John Deere 6Rs

Tractors, balers and sprayers were the focus of John Deere’s latest launch, with engine updates and emission regulations invariably being the driving factor. James Rickard reports


Leading the launches at John Deere’s latest event were the firm’s replacements for its large-framed 6R tractors, with the 6170R, 6190R and the 6210R all getting updated.


These revisions include more commonality in the controls, increased power, cleaner engines and updated hydraulics.


The models all see a 5hp increase in rated power, giving new model numbers: 6175R, 6195R and 6215R. Each model gets a 40hp boost, via engine management, for pto and transport work.


To meet the latest emissions regulations (Stage 4), John Deere has bit the bullet and included selective catalytic reduction, using AdBlue.


This, the company says, is all part of its building block strategy to cleaning up emissions, complementing the use of high pressure fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation, a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter. Pretty much everything, then.


As a result, the manufacturer says the use of AdBlue is minimal as it only has to clean up the last ‘bits’. This allows for a relatively small, 20-litre AdBlue tank. Service intervals have also increased to 750 hours.


While the 6175R uses a single variable geometry turbo (VGT) to respond quickly to changing conditions, the top two models get series turbos with the second also a VGT.


Transmission options include the semi-powershift AutoQuad, the effectively full powershift DirectDrive and continuously variable AutoPowr.


The DirectDrive now includes the ability to alter the auto-clutching sensitivity with three settings. The box has also been refined for better speed matching when changing range and you can now select up to three gears difference between direction changes.


For example, you can travel forwards in one gear, then automatically jump three gears when you select reverse.


AutoPowr transmission has also seen improvements in efficiency with 50kph now achieved at 1,670rpm.




Updates to hydraulics include depressurisation levers on the rear couplers, allowing pipes to be inserted or removed when pressurised.


Additionally, up to five rear spools with power beyond or six spools without power beyond can be specified.


Following on from the 7R and 8R updates, the 6R’s cab gets a more family feel with more commonality in the controls. This includes a new CommandArm featuring a programmable joystick where tractor functions, such as spools and linkage, can be assigned to various buttons.


Also on the arm is a new touch-screen CommandCenter, featuring tablet-like operation. It now gets more functionality, allowing the user to carry out more operations before needing an additional screen, such as guidance.


With most of the controls placed on the armrest, the seat can swivel further - up to 38-degrees.


Options include various lighting packages, including LED, with the ability to customise two lighting programs into the CommandCenter.


The tractors will be available from November, with prices starting from £116,575.


6R Series specifications 
  6175R 6195R 6215R
Engine Six-cylinder, 6.8-litre, JD Power Tech PVS single turbo Six-cylinder, 6.8-litre, JD Power Tech PSS, dual turbos Six-cylinder, 6.8-litre, JD Power Tech PSS, dual turbos
Rated power 175hp 196hp 215hp
Power with boost 215hp 235hp 255hp
Transmission options 20 by 20 Powr Quad 20 by 20 Powr Quad 20 by 20 Powr Quad
20 by 20 Auto Quad 20 by 20 Auto Quad 20 by 20 Auto Quad
24 by 24 Direct Drive 24 by 24 Direct Drive 24 by 24 Direct Drive
CVT Auto Powr CVT Auto Powr CVT Auto Powr
Maximum rear linkage lift capacity 8,518kg 8,518kg 9,550kg
9R tractors

9R tractors

At the larger end of John Deere’s tractor range, the 9R Series has also seen several updates, including an increase in power plus a new top model.


Ranging from 420-620hp, the five-model 9R articulated range includes the new 9620R, the most powerful tractor John Deere has ever built. Its three tracked 9RT models, from 470hp to 570hp also see similar power increases.


All models up to and including the 9520R/RT get Deere’s own 13.5-litre engine, while larger models are powered by 15-litre Cummins motors. Both engine packages are Stage 4 emission compliant.


Transferring power is a new, improved e18 full powershift transmission, which includes the firm’s Efficiency Manager system designed to optimise engine revs with gear ratio to provide the most efficient operation, says the firm.


Hydraulic flow rates have also been increased, rising to 435 litres per minute.


Up top, a new cab provides a similar environment and operation to the recently updated 6, 7 and 8Rs.


For the top three wheeled machines, a new optional Hydra Cushion suspension system can be specified. The system, found on the front axle, is designed to eliminate power hop and make full use of the power available, says the manufacturer.


For track machines, these can be fitted with heavy duty tracks as an option, said to be 45 per cent more resistant.

Large square balers

Large square balers

Focusing on increased durability and easier maintenance, John Deere has updated its range of large square balers for next year with the introduction of the L1500 Series.


While the current 1424 large square baler, which produces 700mm by 1,200mm bales, will remain the same, the 1433 and 1434 will be replaced by the L1533 (800mm by 900mm) and L1534 (900mm by 1,200mm).


Following the trend of other manufacturers, double tie knotters are a new feature which are designed to reduce the load on the knots, allowing denser bales to be made, says the manufacturer. In addition, two high capacity turbo blowers, originally designed for the firm’s combine harvesters, provide strong airflow to clean the knotters.


On the pickup reel, painted tine bands have now been replaced by galvanised versions, said to offer increased longevity.


Access has also been improved with the introduction of large, full opening shields around the front and top of the machine.


New single deck twine boxes, either side of the machine, have room for 30 spools of twine, six more than before. The boxes are sealed to prevent dirt ingress and feature LED lighting. They also fold outwards to improve access when threading twine.


On top of these are platforms allowing access down either side of the machine.


While John Deere balers are made by Kuhn, many of the updates are exclusive to John Deere. The firm hinted it may unveil an extra density machine, similar to a recent Kuhn model.


Starting price for the new balers is £108,684.


self propelled sprayer

Self propelled sprayer

Replacing its 5430 self-propelled sprayer, John Deere has introduced the R4040i for 2015 with updates to chassis, powertrain and driver comfort.


Redesigned from the ground up, the chassis is now 450mm longer, giving increased traction and better weight distribution, says the manufacturer.


It features dual-strut independent wheel suspension for a smoother and faster ride, and hydraulic track width adjustment as standard.


Hydrostatic final drives and planetary gears provide constant four-wheel traction in both transport and spraying modes, at up to 40kph and 20kph respectively, and have the ability to tow a 16-tonne bowser.


The sprayer can also be operated with two-wheel, four-wheel or crab steering to suit different crop and field conditions, and has a 4.5-metre turning radius.


The machine’s centrally mounted cab is now easier to access thanks to wider opening doors and features a restyled interior with a new corner post display and slimmer dash area for increased visibility.


Standard equipment includes the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 touch-screen display with full spray documentation, IsoBus compatibility and auto-guidance ready. Also standard is Solution Command electronic sprayer control for automatic filling, mixing, spraying and rinsing.


A pendulum boom suspension system includes polyurethane dampers for stability and automatic boom levelling for increased accuracy.


As an option, independent boom levelling provides improved contour-following in uneven terrain.


Powered by the firm’s own 6.8-litre PowerTech PSS engine, the sprayer produces 235hp which rises to 255hp with power management.



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