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On-test: High capacity Teagle muck spreader

Following the addition of two new models, we put Teagle’s high capacity rear-discharge muck spreaders to the test. Richard Bradley reports.

Main Pic

Teagle says its latest Titan 15 and 17 spreaders are ideally suited to high-capacity users.

Teagle Titan 15 specifications

  • Standard volume (heaped): 15.4cu.m
  • Volume with side extensions fitted (heaped): 18cu.m
  • Unladen weight: 6,280kg
  • Length: 7.95m
  • Width: 2.9m (fitted with 580/70 R38 tyres)
  • Overall height: 3.57m
  • Loading height: 2.51m
  • Retail price: £35,550

Teagle has extended its range of rear-discharge muck spreaders with the addition of two higher-capacity models. Launched at Lamma earlier this year, Teagle says its latest Titan 15 and 17 models are suited to high capacity users, such as large farmers and contractors.

Along with extra capacity, the firm has brought in a number of new, efficiency enhancing options, to bring its spreaders in-line with other high-spec machines on the market. The main talking point is the option of weighing and auto-application rate systems, which the firm says can be factory or retro-fitted to any Titan spreader from 2011 onwards.

To get to grips with some of the machine’s features, we headed to the field with a Titan 15 model, in the firm’s Cornish homeland.

Body and running gear

The spreader's sides flare outwards to increase body volume.

Teagle says the body and drawbar on Titan 15 and 17 models have been redesigned and beefed up to cope with the additional weight when compared to its smaller spreaders.

The sprung-drawbar has three adjustable height positions to keep the spreader level and features a bolt-on hitch, so a number of different hitches can be fitted. This also allows hitches to easily be changed or replaced, if required. The spreader’s removable skid features a handy, easy to access stowage point – the firm also offers a jack as an option.

Aiming to keep weight on the drawbar, the axle is placed as far back as possible on the spreader. The 10-stud commercial axle features 406 by 104mm brake shoes, with the stopping force applied by air-over-hydraulic brakes as standard. Standard tyres on the two high-capacity spreaders are 580/70 R38, with the option of larger 650/65 R38 tyres to reduce compaction.

A large headboard is fitted to prevent spillage onto the draw bar.

To increase body volume without having to increase its length or height, the spreader’s sides flare outwards once above wheel height – 300mm side extensions are available as an option to further increase the 15 and 17cu.m machines to 18 and 20cu.m volumes respectively.


When shod on standard wheels and without side extensions fitted, load-over height measures 2.51m, meaning loading with a tractor-mounted or fixed mast loader could be possible.

Teagle says its spreader volumes are calculated for space inside its body for a headed load, and not on maximum weight, as this can vary depending on the material being spread.

Preventing spillage onto the drawbar and pto when loading, a large, angled headboard is fitted to the front of the machine, and sturdy looking metal mudguards are also fitted.

Reducing the chance of unwanted leakage, all seams in the spreader’s body are welded or sealed, with a heavy-duty rubber flap to cover the gap for the moving floor at the front, and a seal on the rear slurry-door.

Spreading rotors and moving floor

Rear-beaters feature a shallow angle for an effective chopping action, and use swinging flails to prevent shock-loading of the gearbox, if any large or solid lumps are tipped into the spreader.

Up-front, a wide-angle pto with a cam-clutch is standard fitment. If you prefer more conventional protection systems, the firm offers a shear-bolt pto as an option. Transferring the 1,000rpm pto to the rear, all drivelines are protected by a majority of steel and plastic guards.

The rear, one-piece gearbox spins the 900mm wide rear-beaters up to 420rpm. Aiming to offer the most effective spread pattern, while still offering a good chopping action, Teagle says different flight geometries were trialled during the development of its Titan spreaders.


To deal with large lumps or solid objects which make their way into the muck, swinging flails are fitted to the bottom of the spreader’s augers. On our test, the Titan did an impressive job of chopping up straw-based muck, and produced an even spread right across its width.

Tom Teagle, UK sales manager says: “While operators are conscious of even application for fertiliser spreaders, it can be overlooked when applying solid muck. During the development of the spreaders we essentially tray-tested them with patches of carpet across their working width, each section was then weighed to ensure we could provide an even spread.”

Large galvanised deflector plates do an impressive job of keeping the spreader's rear-end free from muck.

To extend their working life, beater tips are heat treated and can be turned once worn. To provide more effective spreading in compost and poultry manure, a set of paddles are available in replacement of the standard beater tips.

Keeping the tall beaters supplied with material, the chain and slat floor is powered through the tractor’s double acting spool.


While a mechanical flow rate valve is standard fitment to control bed speed, our test machine came fitted with optional electronic adjuster, which adds £670 to the machine’s retail price. Suitable to mount inside the tractor’s cab, this provides more convenient control of bed speed to adjust application rates.

All Titan spreaders are fitted with two large galvanised spreading deflectors, which do an impressive job of keeping the spreader’s rear-end clean.


Covers drop down automatically when the spreader's slurry door is opened, preventing muck from covering the lights.

Aiming to speed up daily maintenance, all greasing points can be accessed from ground-level, with central greasing points for beater top bearings. Also with maintenance in mind, auger and bed chain gearboxes feature sight glasses for convenient checking of oil levels.

Adjusting tension on the moving floor’s two chains appears relatively simple, with two threaded adjusters at the front of the spreader.

Ensuring the Titan is safe to travel down the road, LED lights are fitted with covers to prevent a build-up of muck. The covers fold down automatically when the spreader’s slurry door is opened.

To provide easy viewing into the spreader, a ladder is fitted which conveniently folds in and out.

Clever Spreading

Teagle now offers its Titan spreaders with a number of accuracy enhancing systems as options.

The first level of sophistication sees four weigh cells fitted to the spreader; two on the axle and two on the drawbar, to inform the operator of the weight in the spreader. This also provides a total amount spread, allowing the operator to calculate an overall application rate.

Stepping up a level, the weigh cells can be linked with GPS, either from the tractor or a built-in system, to calculate where volumes of muck have been spread. This can be logged and referred to for spreading in NVZ areas, for example. Both of these systems require operator input to adjust application rates.

The third, top spec system features sensors for beater and floor speed, which through the spreader’s control system, allows the machine to automatically adjust bed speed to meet desired application rate. The system is IsoBus compatible, meaning the standard control box or an in-cab IsoBus display can be used to set application rate.

Titan History

For a brief time during the early 1970s, the Cornish manufacturer produced its own rear-discharge muck spreaders, but the machine’s production was halted to concentrate on producing more popular side-discharge models.


In 2000, the firm saw demand for higher capacity machines and began importing French-built Le Boulch rear-discharge spreaders.

After 10 years of importing the French machines, Teagle re-launched the Titan brand in 2011, with 10 and 12 cubic metre models. Six to nine cu.m capacity models later followed in 2013, with the latest 15 and 17 cu.m machines taking the Titan range up to seven models.

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